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There are so many things happening behind the scenes here at SGS and even a little SECRET that I’ve been holding back for some time!  I thought I would dedicate this post to updates and all of the activity happening at SGS headquarters.

First of all, I would like to welcome our newest addition to the Schoolgirl Style team!

Introducing…Brandi Kalinin!

Brandi is our new shipping manager.  If you buy a shippable item from SGS, Brandi is the girl that fills your order! She is also responsible for store inventory and making sure that your product gets to you in a timely manner.  Brandi is also fantastic with social media, so she’s been teaching me a thing or two about Twitter and hashtags!  She has been such an asset to Schoolgirl Style and I love having her on our team!



Brandi has had many different work experiences over the past twenty years, including retail management, child care, product sales, and restaurant management. She became involved with Schoolgirl Style when her husband of fifteen years (Rick) introduced her to Melanie, his graduate school classmate and friend. Brandi is the mother of two school age children, Corena (12) and Wade (10). Being a working mom is not easy, but Brandi enjoys the diversity inherent in her Schoolgirl Style responsibilities. Brandi also enjoys creative hobbies, especially loom knitting, gardening, music, horror movies, and pop culture in general. In addition to providing quality, personal child care for the past eight years, co-leading her daughter’s Girl Scout troop and co-coaching her son’s little league team speak to Brandi’s dedication to enhancing children’s lives. Brandi is excited that Schoolgirl Style affords her the opportunity to further fulfill this dream.

Welcome, Brandi!


We are working away on brand new products and designs here at SGS!  I know that I normally unveil new products throughout the year, but I plan to try something different.  I’ve made the decision to show off all of my new creations at the end of March.  Believe me, I will not disappoint!  We have some amazing products in the works!  Many surprises will be coming your way!



Since my taste changes CONSTANTLY, keeping the same blog design for two years has been incredibly hard for me!  I am so excited to announce that I have a brand new design in the works!  WOOHOO!  My blog designer, Lauren, from Restored 316 Designs has worked really hard to create my crazy ideas and dreams!  Since I’m just a tad bit picky, it has taken a little longer than what we anticipated. (Thank you, Lauren, for putting up with me!!!)  We are almost there and it will be revealed soon!


I’ve made a couple comments here and there about our house hunting adventures!  In case you didn’t know, all of my photo shoots take place in my children’s playroom.  To do a photo shoot, I typically have to spend hours cleaning out the room and making sure I have a clean slate to set up my classroom.  Not only is it a BIG pain, but my kids no longer have any place for their toys.  With all of my inventory and photo shoots, we are busting out at the seams!  I would love to have my own room, specifically for my photo shoots.  It would be great to be able to work on it a little at a time, then just shut the door behind me.  We are looking forward to eliminating a big source of chaos in our lives.  So, stay tuned…we may find the perfect house soon and I will definitely give you a house tour!



Surprise!  Karen is expecting a baby!  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am for her!

In case you are new to SGS, Karen was the teacher that was badly injured in the Oklahoma tornado.  I traveled to Oklahoma this summer to decorate her classroom.

More exciting news…I found my cell phone with the photos of Karen’s class makeover!  Take a look at the photos that never made it to my Oklahoma post…








*Karen picked out my black Chevron Chic collection and poms, daisies, and lanterns from the Schoolgirl Style Shop!


I can’t thank you enough for all of your well wishes for my son.  In case you didn’t know, he broke his knee the second week of school.   Nope, wasn’t football or sports…it was air guitar.  If you knew my son, this is so typical.  He just finished his monologue in drama class about how he falls all the time.  Well, what do you know?  He fell AGAIN, but this time it was serious.  He missed three weeks of school and returned in a wheelchair.  We are six weeks into his injury and he is improving daily.  He is now out of the wheelchair, but struggles to navigate through his large high school on crutches.  He has physical therapy several times a week and it has helped tremendously. 

We are finally on the mend, thank goodness!



We are thrilled to have a new addition to our family!  Meet our  nephew, Jackson!


*Photo courtesy of E.C. Campbell Photography

Look at that sweet face!  We are so in love with this little guy!

When the missing cell phone reappeared, I found these photos of Jackson’s baby shower and thought I would share. 

I used my By the Sea theme for the shower.  Check out how darling everything looks!






As most of you know, I took the position as Creative Consultant at Creative Teaching Press last fall.  Well, at the end of August, I made the decision to resign from my position.

I spent the last year traveling all over the country, decorating my heart out, and meeting so many wonderful people.  I had the opportunity of a lifetime and I’m so grateful for the experience. 

All of my time and energy will now be spent on developing new products and designs for my Schoolgirl Style customers.  I’m so excited about all of the possibilities and new beginnings!


Well, you made it through my lengthy post!  Hooray!  Now, go and enjoy your well-deserved day off!



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  1. Maria Manore says

    Wow, you have been BUSY! I don’t know how you manage to keep up with everything and always stay so fabulous. I can’t wait to see what surprises you have in store…

  2. Ronda Walton says

    Good luck, from all your other endeavours I know you will succeed at this. P.S. I am so excited to Ger about Karen expecting. She is amazing example teachers. Proud to be.a part of that group

  3. Tina Neilson says

    Hi Melanie – I loved reading all about your adventures and seeing your amazing designs. I am the teacher that won the amazing gift card final prize and I have loved putting my room together. I am hoping to send you pictures soon and am wondering what would be the best way to get them to you. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all. Best wishes toward all your new adventures with SGS! Cheers

  4. Shelby says

    I love all the decorations!! I was wondering how did you get the tissue paper Pom poms to stick to the bulletin board? Thanks 🙂

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