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The Owl Collection–Part Two

Your desk should not be overlooked when decorating your room.  Your desk area should be your little “happy place” in your classroom.  I’ve included pretty baskets, frames, flowers, and subtle owl décor to create a cohesive and cute look dedicated to your little space!




My WELCOME banner used in a different way!


Another cute tree from Creative Teaching Press


Baskets from Target


A vintage blue canning jar, pink ribbon, pretty pencils, and some pink flowers makes this a cute little arrangement for your own desk!eccampbellphotography_schoolgirlstyle_owls10


Desk lamp from Target


Owl Word Wall labels…





Tags were created to coordinate with the Thirty-One bags!  You can order your own bag from Natasha Rachell, our very own Schoolgirl Style Thirty-One Consultant!



Every desk needs a “Keep Calm And Teach On” print from Schoolgirl Style!  Owl photo is included in the WELCOME banner package…


Owl print is included in the WELCOME banner package.  Use the print on each end of your banner and add a coordinating owl print to your desk for a super cute accent!


Vintage blue canning jars holds supplies.  Use a cute label and ribbon to decorate your jar.



The Owl Theme is definitely one of my favorite collections!  I adore this bright color combination.  The whole collection just says “happy” and “fun!”  I would LOVE to be a child walking into this classroom everyday! 

*All items can be purchased in the Schoolgirl Style Shop   

details owl theme


The Owl Collection by Schoolgirl Style – Pennants, banners, tags, labels, cutout owls, owl signs, number tags, book basket labels, nameplates, *Polka Dot Lanterns will be available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop soon!  Stay tuned!

Photography by E’lisa Campbell from E.C. Campbell Photography!

Tree from Creative Teaching Press!

Green rug, lamp, table baskets, pencils, owl decor – Target

Bird cage  – Hobby Lobby

Ribbon – Michaels

Flowers – Dollar General

Frame – T.J. Maxx

Pillows – Pier 1

Green apple – Homegoods

Thirty-One bags – Natasha Rachell

Pink Pom – Available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop soon!

Keep Calm Print – Available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop

Blue jars – garage sale (sorry!)


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  1. Tara says

    I went online to purchase the theme, but all I found were the little owls and the name plates. Will the whole thing be available later today? AND, can I purchase the whole thing in a package? I thought you said it would be available, but I wanted to make sure.

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Tara!
      I am so happy that you are waiting for my theme! Yes…I am working on it right now! It should be all be up in a couple hours!

    • Jennifer says

      I would love to purchase the whole theme also! I have bought some patterns already and there is more? I would love to see part 1.

  2. Ashley says

    Would it be a silly question to ask if all of the nametags, etc. are programable? I also would like to know when the whole package willbe available! I love this, and it already has my gears turning for next school year!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Ashley!
      When you say “programmable” are you talking about being able to add your own text? Unfortunately, because it is a PDF file, you cannot add text after you download the product. Hope that helps you! 🙂 Yes, it is available now!

      • Deanna Riddle says

        I hope this isn’t a dumb question, but when you send the file do you send the tags blankand then we just hand write the names or do we send you the names of the kids to print them on the tags? I’m assuming its the first, but just thought I’d check!

        • SchoolgirlStyle says

          Hi Deanna!
          It is the first. I wish I had more time to do free text for everyone. I am actually hoping that I will be in a position to hire someone part time to do that sort of thing. Not there yet, but hopefully soon! 🙂

          • Deanna Riddle says

            That’s OK! Thanks! I was just wondering because I didn’t know if I could go ahead and order it now or this summer, or if I’d have to wait until I got a class list or something, so that just means I can order it sooner and get started sooner! 🙂

          • Terry Rogers says

            Btw, you can copy/paste the pdf into Word, add a text box where you want to type, format the textbox by making the line no color and it will disappear. Type away. print!
            There you have it!

          • SchoolgirlStyle says

            Awesome! I think I will share this on my blog this evening! Thank you so much!

        • Kathryn Morgan says

          Wow, this owl set is beautiful! I wish I was this talented. I have already started collecting owls for next year, so winning this would be awesome!

      • Ashley says

        Yes, that is what I meant. How would you suggest adding students’ names, etc? I have difficulty getting text color to match, etc. if I add text on my own to a label. Also, what font is it that you used with theme, and where can it be purchased?

        • SchoolgirlStyle says

          You are fine! 🙂 If it were me, I would just use colored markers and add their names. If you want to type it out and glue it to the tags, I used the font called “Wish I Were Taller.” That font actually came with the program that I use. You can google it and I bet you can find it free somewhere. I completely understand the whole text matching – I struggle with that myself. The colors I used didn’t have a name, I just clicked on a color wheel with about a hundred colors – I have to play around with it a little. Hope that helps! 🙂

          • Beth says

            I love your stuff! Adorable! What program do you use to create all of your goodies??
            Great job!!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Tina!
      Thank you so much! Did you get my email about losing your last email to me? I just didn’t want you to think I forgot about you! 🙂

      • tina says

        I did get it and I have actually started a response about 15 times but get interrupted every time. Thank you SO much for the advice. I think I will totally cover my purple carpet wall with paper and create different bulletin boards and wonderful schemes of things all over it. I am also excited to use your hot glue method on other walls; cinder blocks are a killer when it comes to hanging items. I am hovering between the polka dot and the bird color scheme. Do you think this owl theme is to young for 6th graders? Because i LOVE it too. I am so excited for next year now! Thanks Melanie for all your wonderfulness!

        • Miss K says

          I’ve found that painter’s tape is FANTASTIC for hanging things on cinder walls (and other surfaces) and it’s gentle on any paper so all around a lovely tool to have in the teaching/decorating arsenal.

          • SchoolgirlStyle says

            I’ve never heard of that! Thank you so much for the tip! I definitely plan to try that.

  3. Barbara Barnes says

    I love your bright owl theme, but I think I am going to hold off until your rainbow. I just love bright colors.

  4. Stacey R. says

    I love it! Just moved states and am on the hunt for a teaching job for next school year! If I can get a job I’m totally getting this set!

  5. Amanda Hall says

    How do you manage the expense of setting up each theme? They are very pretty. My class is already owl themed. I cant wait to add these precious critters!

  6. Courtney says

    Looks amazing! Do you, by chance, have an ocean theme in the works? I have an ocean theme now and would love to switch to this one but I can’t find a cute flag to go with it. We have flags outside our classroom featuring our themes and a cute owl flag is hard to find.

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Courtney!
      I do…but it won’t be available until early August. Hopefully that will give you enough time to get ready for the school year.

  7. Heidi says

    This is unrelated to your post, but I just saw you as the featured shop in the Teacher’s Notebook email! Yay!!! I hope it creates a lot of traffic and new followers for you. 🙂

  8. Molly says

    I love, love, LOVE, this theme! I have already purchased almost half of the collection from your shop and am an incredibly happy customer! I am teaching first grade for the first time next year and think that all the color is fantastic for that age group. Thank you for creating such great products that are outside of the box and so stinkin’ cute!!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Molly!
      You just made my day! Thank you for taking the time to email me and let me know that you like them! I agree, they are super cute!!! Enjoy! ~hugs~

  9. Tricia says

    What type of printer do you print your materials on? I am always on the hunt for a great color printer!! or does the type of paper matter as well?

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Tricia!
      I have an Epson printer, but I just upgraded to a fancy Canon Pixma Pro. I needed something that could handle all of my printing! I haven’t used it yet, but I have heard great things about it. You can use white card stock, but I find that satin photo paper from Staples is the best. The colors are so vibrant!

  10. Beth says

    WOW!! I just found your website. My daughter and I are riding outt a storm in kansas or else we would be running out tohobby lobby! I just got a new teaching position and I want an owl theme I am super inspired. U rock and I will be blog stalking! 🙂

  11. Kristi says

    I love this theme! Where can I find the trees on the Creative Press Website… I looked, but can’t seem to find them!

  12. Ms. M says

    Oh my there is more? I adore the chevron baskets from Target. I miss out on them and am really sorry about it.

    Ms. M

  13. Trina Locke says

    Hi! I am in love with your owl theme. Could you give me more information regarding the owl lamp you found at Target? I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      I just checked it out, Patti! Thank you so much for the kind words!!! 🙂

  14. Terry Rogers says

    I know I’ve read it, but can’t seem to find it again…where did younpruchase the letters that say, “Look Whooo’s in…”?

  15. Jennifer says

    Hi, Melanie. I just downloaded all the owl labels and stuff. I was wondering how you get the cute lettering on them?

    • Terry says

      Scroll UP and read my previous post about how you can type on them! It’s dated May 20th, but it’s after a post on April 5th…

  16. Kristen says

    Hi there! I saw and fell in love with your owl collection and decided that would be my theme next year. I bought all your items togo with that theme. I am having so much fun finding coordinating stuff! There is one thing I’d like to see, though, and that’s letter cards (like your cards for the welcome banner) so I can make headers for my bulletin boards! Is there any way you could add those? Thanks!!!!!! Keep up the fabulous work!

  17. Crystal says

    Hi, I just purchased most of your owl collection, it’s so impressive! I was wondering where you got your green picture frame? I love it and really, REALLY, really want one! It goes perfectly with the colors I will be using in my class this year.



  18. Emily says

    I was interested in purchasing the Owl Word Wall Labels, but do you have these available with both the Capital and Lower Case letter???


  19. Katrena Gregory says

    Hello Melanie,
    My theme for next school year is going to be owls. I am in the process of collecting things for the theme. I just love your designs and ideas. I really like the text and different color lettering you put on each for the student’s names. I realize that I cannot use the same font you did but, how did type the student’s names on the owl cut outs? In addition, can you type on any of the items that are blank in the packages? Thanks for your help. Your work is wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
    Katrena : )

  20. Lindsay says

    Hi! Your owl theme is fantastic! I have had an owl theme for the past two years and I cannot wait to incorporate your wonderful ideas. Do you have any plans of including a birthday owl chart or an idea for displaying birthdays with owls?


  21. Andrea says

    Hi!! I am a first year teacher and stumbled upon your site. I have been looking everywhere for the frame you have the keep calm print in–is there any more direction on where to find it?!!

    • Elizabeth Tierney says

      Andrea, I have seen the green frame at Target in Southern California. It might be on line too!

  22. Gin says

    I can’t find where you put the website and font you used for the owl collection. I ordered most of it and love it

  23. Tammy Meyer says

    I LOVE this owl theme…sooo cute! 🙂 I’m wondering what the measurements (length & width) are of the big owls that you have hanging on the chairs? And the measurements of the smaller owls? Maybe I’m missing them somewhere…
    Thank you, Tammy

  24. Teri says

    Hi I purchased the little owl pdf file and it will not allow me back into your site to print them. Am I doing something wrong? Please email me and let me know how I can print these. My name is Teri Albritton not sure if you can see where I purchased it two days ago. Thanks!

  25. M Wren says

    I am looking for the font that you used on the writing center banners and the crayon jars in your owl theme….I love that loopy “w”

  26. Karen Colbert says

    I can’t find the owl banner letters anywhere. Did I overlook them? Can you help? Also, I love the purple polka dot rug in the CTP catalog. Where did you find it?

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      The rug is from the Pottery Barn Outlet. The banner letters are there…just double checked! 🙂

  27. Sarah says

    Hello! This is my first year teaching and I have wanted to do an owl theme for a while and now I am positive after looking through all of this! I am trying to think of an idea to connect my owl theme with a “Star of the Week” type of student recognition.. do you have any ideas?
    Fabulous site!

  28. Jamie Grahlfs says

    I wanted to share that I found some blue tinted mason jars at World Market!!
    Thanks again for all the great decorating ideas, I am so excited to start school this year!

  29. Ivette says

    I just purchased your owl collection. Its beautiful. I have a question can i make the items smaller some are too big? also the labels have one of each color on each page, i only want to use the pink and lime ones. Can i copy and paste to another page where i can only print the colors i need so i dont waste ink. Thanks
    lOVE IT ALL!!!!

  30. Joan Krogman says

    Do you have any tips for adding text to the scalloped owls. I have successfully added text to everything else, but the scallops won’t let me! Help :-)! School starts soon!

  31. Mandy Masterson says

    I LOVE the owls and I’m using them all over my classroom. I was wondering if there was a way to view more than the 5 owls at a time so that I could program all of my kids names, save to my jump drive, and then take it to staples to print? As of now I can only save 5 at a time.

  32. valerie says

    Hi..any plans to make the owls primary colors? ..would love to mix and match with the apple colors.


  33. Sara says

    Hi Melanie,
    Your work is absolutely beautiful. I am so inspired by your owl theme! I just wanted to share that I saw blue tinted mason jars at Target in the kitchen department this evening. They were with other canning/jelly jars on the end of an aisle. I was also very excited to find the owl lamp was still available in store. Happy shopping!!

  34. Angela says

    I love love love this set!!! I do have one question…with the name plates…how did you get them to stand up….normally I would just fold over to make a tent but since there are two plates to a page, there is no way to do that. Any suggestions would be appreciated!! Thanks

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Angela!

      Melanie folds them as well. She just leaves the nameplate blank on the other side.

      Schoolgirl Style~Kandin

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