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Cute Classroom Inspiration – Lisa Schender from Bayside Queens, New York

Don’t you love looking at other teacher’s classrooms? I know I do! Lisa Schender from Bayside Queens, New York, was nice enough to send her classroom pictures to Schoolgirl Style for all of us to admire. Lisa is a 5th grade teacher and is known for her “over the top” classroom themes. She enjoys the excitement that everyone feels when they see her creations for the first time. Currently, she has a pink and green polka dot classroom. I LOVE that she isn’t afraid to use pink! You can tell that her classroom reflects her personality – something that I think we need to consider when decorating our space. She also included photos of several different themes from past school years. I think you will agree that Lisa definitely isn’t lacking in the creativity department! I had so much fun viewing her photos – I am sure you will too! Great job, Lisa!


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  1. Amber Moore says

    Oh my gosh, this is AMAZING! Do you rent your services becuase I would pay you a million dollars in Monopoly money to come do my room, Lisa. You are so so so creative! Love, love, love everything. But your reading area with the pink and green is to die for. Great job! Melanie, thanks for posting. 🙂

  2. Andrea says

    Looks great, but how do you keep it up on the wall? I struggle to keep even the simplest thing on the wall.

  3. Lisa Schender says

    Hello Amber & Andrea,
    Thank you girls for all your compliments! and thank you to Melanie for sharing my photos!..;) Amber my ultimate goal is to open a business that enables me to help teachers decorate their classrooms… it’s truly a passion of mine and I love Melanie’s site!…my reading area is made up of small carpets and pillows I purchased at Target. I love the idea of using small rugs and arranging them to fit your classroom space! I have 32 students so I try to make it cozy for everybody to learn!.. also they are easier to wash vs. one giant carpet! The students also use them for group/partner work around the classroom. They move them to where they prefer to work…it actually motivates them more! and Andrea to answer your question I work with glue guns and staple guns often!… I glue directly to the wall! The custodians don’t love it so much but, the glue actually peels off the wall easily when removing the paper! Try it… the glue gun holds almost everything!… Thanks again girls…. Lisa

  4. Kristy says

    Hello Lisa. I amd putting my room together right now and I am changing my whole color theme. I have used primary colors for the last 9 years and thought I deserved to treat myself to all new stuff for my 10 year anniversary. I am going with black/white, and tropical pink, blue, and green. Your word wall letters would be just what I need for my word wall. Where did you get them???

    • Lisa Schender says

      Hi Kristy,
      My word wall letters I purchased at a teacher store. I remember them coming in a package, like all the other giant punch out letters. I can’t remember the company that made them. It might have been creative teaching press or something “Frog Street” teaching co. Look around, I’m sure you can find them! I love those letters! Good Luck! Lisa..xo

  5. Tayana says

    OMG! This is awesome. How do I make a travel theme as dramatic on my outside wall? And I thought “I” was creative 🙂

  6. Tayana says

    Lisa, you’ve inspired me! Where do you get the best deals on tissue paper sheets? Please don’t say school supply room 🙂

    • Lisa Schender says

      Hi Tayana,
      I actually get the best deals for tissue paper at a $.99 store. I go to many different ones and try to get the brightest colors. Last year I was very lucky finding the colors I wanted for cheap! Good Luck decorating!..xo Lisa

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