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The outline of growth began with UPRINT pieces I created late at night after a full day of teaching – to partnerships that offered my products in preprinted format online and in stores – to now producing my preprinted products on my own!

I know it can get a little confusing, all the categories we have floating around on, so let’s dive into the details to help answer any and all questions! My hope is to answer all product questions as you get your room ready for another beautiful school year!

UPRINT: Think of these little darlings as the OG of Schoolgirl Style, but still very much loved! These products are ALL DIGITAL – they will fly into your inbox, NOT to your doorstep. These products can only be purchased on the Schoolgirl Style online store.

Most of the UPRINT products will have “{UPRINT}” at the end of their listing. But sometimes when you click on a product, you will see the option to purchase either DECOR TO YOUR DOOR or UPRINT. In this case, you would select the UPRINT option, then add it to your cart. Purchasing a UPRINT product follows this flow: 

1) Once you purchase your UPRINT file(s) it will be emailed to the email you have provided at check out. 

2) Download and save the file to your computer, or to a Drive, then start exploring all the goodness! 

3) Our 2022 collections {and all future collections} have an *IMPORTANT file included in every UPRINT piece. Part of this file contains the printing instructions, specific to the file – WHOOP WHOOP!

4) Print and decorate to your hearts’ content! 

DECOR TO YOUR DOOR: Think – products you could buy at your local teacher store – products that are ready to pepper your walls with love, with minimal prep {maybe some punching out, or lamination if you want}.

On the online Schoolgirl Style shop these products will not have any labeling like those of UPRINT OR UCUT. And as I mentioned with UPRINT, sometimes when you click on a product, you will see the option to purchase either DECOR TO YOUR DOOR or UPRINT. In this case, you would select the DECOR TO YOUR DOOR option, then add it to your cart. Purchasing a DECOR TO YOUR DOOR product follows this flow:

1) Meander through the SGS site and fill up your cart with DECOR TO YOUR DOOR product (OR come visit us in Flushing and LITERALLY fill up your cart)!

2) Check out using an email you check often.

3) As soon as our amazing warehouse packs and mails your bundle of classroom goodness, you will get an email with shipping and tracking info! 

4) Doorbell rings – and VOILA – SGS products delivered to your door #happydance

UCUT: This is our NEWBIE category and I love it SO much! She’s BFF’s with DECOR TO YOUR DOOR {aka very similar, in that it will get mailed to your front door} but will require some scissor work before peppering your walls with happiness.

WHY? I LOVE creating and integrating these big, beautiful pieces into makeovers by enlarging cut-outs at a print shop – BUT it is so expensive! UCUT is my solution so teachers can get those STATEMENT PIECES into their spaces at a glorious price! Purchasing a UCUT product follows this flow:

1) Find the Statement Pieces that make your heart pitter-patter and add them to the cart! Our amazing warehouse will prep and ship your box with a little slice of heaven!

2) Wait on your tiptoes for the arrival of your SGS delivery #happydance

3) Pop some popcorn, grab a glass of wine, put on your fav show and cut-out your beautiful Statement Pieces! FYI: there is slight creasing from folding the product for packaging purposes – SO you can laminate FIRST if you wish!

4) Head to your classroom, stop by Starbucks and make those walls smile! 

There you have it – three options – created in the hope of providing teachers with the materials they need to make their classrooms shine and inspire! 

I hope this clarifies their purposes as you use them to get your room for another WONDERFUL school year!




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