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Industrial Chic Classroom Decor Collection


Introducing…Schoolgirl Style’s “INDUSTRIAL CHIC” Classroom Collection!

Industrial Chic by Schoolgirl Style

I adore the show “Fixer Upper” on HGTV.   If you are anything like me, I live for Tuesday nights when Joanna reveals her breathtakingly beautiful designs.  On the weekends, I find myself hoping that I can find a Fixer Upper marathon on T.V. that I can watch for hours.  I dream of a house with warm woods, easy, comfortable furniture, and lots and lots of shiplap!  I’ve studied every makeover, picture, paint color, and accessory I’ve seen on the show.  I visit Joanna’s site almost every single day.  You can say that I’m a little obsessed with this design trend at the moment.


Visiting Joanna’s store, Magnolia Market, is high on my bucket list.  I dream of driving a UHaul down to Texas and filling it up with treasures.  I’m hoping that my Texas friends will invite me down to stay and we can spend a few days exploring my little heaven on earth!


What I love most about this decorating style is the warm, homey feeling you get when surrounded by all of these earthy elements.  Pair it with a black and white color scheme and you have the most beautiful, calming, neutral environment.


One day, I had the idea of incorporating all of these elements into a classroom theme!  Why can’t we take home decorating trends and bring them into the classroom?  Our classroom is our second home, right?  This is when I came up with the idea of doing a Fixer Upper inspired classroom theme!


I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was about this one!  I began to take notes on all of the elements I would need to bring this decor collection to life!


First things first…SHIPLAP!  We created this gorgeous calendar with a shiplap background, along with nametags, nameplates, and several other pieces included in this collection!

DESIGN TIP!  Use the shiplap background paper included in this collection and take it to a local printing company to enlarge as bulletin board paper.  Yes, you can have shiplap walls in your classroom!  *Use standard paper for this to keep the cost down.  This will probably cost less than a roll of bulletin board paper.


We paired the shiplap with chalkboard and reclaimed wood to create that warm, vintage feeling throughout the collection.


I added trendy desk accessories from Target to bring some color into the room.  I chose a robin’s egg blue, turquoise, and a grass green color to compliment the black and white color theme.

Use a vintage globe, old books, and some industrial looking accessories to bring this theme to life!  The calendar set is also included in the decor package.  *I went to Office Depot and had each page enlarged to an 18×24.  I used standard white paper to keep the price down.  Laminate for durability.


We used small doses of burlap on some of the coordinating pieces to bring another natural element into the collection.  The glass caddy was actually found in the bathroom section at Target.  I loved the clean lines and the metal accents on this piece.


Gold accessories also looked great.  The gold scissors from Target…best scissors I have EVER used!


The green and white storage bins are from The Land of Nod.  I adore the pop of color with this collection!


These vintage circles are one of my favorite pieces in this collection.  I also created a smaller version for you to use to adhere to magnets for student numbers.


Adding greenery and flowers throughout your classroom is another way to incorporate natural elements into your space.  I purchased these flowers from Magnolia Market.


In addition to the chalkboard, vintage numbers, shiplap, and reclaimed wood, we created bulletin board letters that look like wooden vintage stamps.  Use the letters for your doors, bulletin boards, and to create custom banners throughout your classroom.2016-04-29_0014

Chalkboard is a MUST if you are creating a vintage inspired room.  The alphabet line is simple, but stunning in a black and white theme.  The alphabet cards above the whiteboard have a shiplap background with a simple chalkboard border. *The alphabet line was taken to Office Depot to be enlarged.  I asked the print technician to make the alphabet line 6 inches tall.  I used a standard white paper to keep the cost down.


I am a little obsessed with quotes.  I am even more obsessed with quotes on a vintage board with reclaimed wood!  These are pretty enough to use in your home! *I had these quotes enlarged on a 11×17 sheet of standard white paper.  If I used them in my classroom, I would probably enlarge them even more to make a statement in my space.


I adore the simplicity of a classic black and white classroom.  I chose blues and greens to compliment my design, however, any color can be used.  I have to tell you…coral looked AMAZING with this collection!  I used coral in another room this season, so I had to fight myself not to use it again.  I also considered a lavender color too.  It was SO difficult to choose.  The best thing about this decor pack…it looks great with anything.  If you get tired of a color, change it up the next year to something different for a fresh look!



These are the 7 inch vintage stamp bulletin board letters…super cute!  Ahhhhh!  LOVE them!  Is it weird to get that excited over decor?!?

Here’s a little shot of the papers that are included in the collection…

Mason jars are a MUST!


2016-04-29_0022 2016-04-29_0023
2016-04-29_0025 2016-04-29_0026

I also created wood reclaimed directional arrows to use throughout your room.  These are editable, so you can use them to label different things in your space and to help with classroom managment procedures.


I should probably mention the bulletin board paper that I used:  Pacon created this pretty black and white moroccan paper.  I love how bold and graphic this background is.  It also reminded me of a few episodes where Joanna used a pretty black and white tile floor and backsplash in her designs.  In addition to the moroccan paper, I used Pacon’s new chalkboard bulletin board paper…LOVE this!


Instead of a typical pennant, I chose to use the vintage lightbulb to drape throughout the room.  You will see these at Magnolia Market and at Joanna’s home.  I’ve included the standard pennant banner in burlap and chalkboard if that is more your style, but I really loved this concept…totally different than anything you normally see and super fun!


I used a simple white with black polka dot border and paired it with a classic black and white striped border.  It looks great with all of the solid black chalkboard pieces in the collection.

2016-04-29_0030 2016-04-29_0031

Shiplap labels…


Lanterns, round daisies, borders, and tassels can be purchased in the Schoolgirl Style Shop…


Another view of the room…love the contrast of the black and white!


Both the alphabet cards and the alphabet line come in cursive and manuscript fonts.


I almost forgot to mention the metal letter cards!  I LOVE these too!  Our “Industrial Chic” room wouldn’t be complete without an “industrial” element!  We created these metal letter cards to create words or sayings throughout your classroom.   The cards have a reclaimed wood border and a shiplap background.  

These beautiful posters were also created with a chalkboard background with white letters!  Honestly, I couldn’t decide which design to use…I LOVED both!


We mimicked the moroccan background paper with these nametags.  We also have a moroccan style nameplate to coordinate.

2016-04-29_0041 2016-04-29_0042


The end result is simply stunning.  For those of you that are looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, this is the collection for YOU!  Add vintage books, twine, wire and wooden baskets, industrial accessories, flowers, and greenery for a classic and comfortable feeling in your space.

Each one of your students becomes a member of your school family the day they walk into your classroom door.  Why not create an environment that feels like home?  I am sure that many children would love to spend each day in this cozy space!

Happy Decorating!



Fonts:  Tuesday Script and KG Primary Penmanship

To purchase the “Industrial Chic” classroom decor package, visit the Schoolgirl Style Shop! Schoolgirl Style Shop –

Tassels, lanterns, borders, daisies on bulletin board:  Schoolgirl Style Shop –

Green striped storage bins:  The Land of Nod –

Desk accessories (lamp, glass caddy, pencils, thank you cards, binder, gold stapler, gold scissors, gold jar, gumballs, binder clips, globe): Target –

Flowers: Magnolia Market –

Bulletin board paper: Pacon –

Photos:  E.C. Campbell Photography in Clarkston, MI –














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  1. I love this! It’s such a neutral collection that really could be accented in endless ways. Great job Melanie!

  2. Ah…I love it! This year I have yellow and grey, last year I had vintage pink chic, and now you’re telling me I need another design? 🙂
    Beautifully done.

  3. LOVE! I used your I ♥ School black and white collection two years ago (my favorite!), added touches of your chalkboard set last year, and now…this set will complement perfectly! Thanks Melanie for all your inspiration!

  4. I’m sure you’ve answered this in another post/design…but, where is the white table (that is holding the green/white stripe baskets from Land of Nod) from? I’m loving this design!!! Have the perfect place for that type of table too. Thank you!

    • Hi Jessica!

      Those are from the Martha Stewart Collection from Home Decorators. Hope that helps!

      • One more question…any chance that you are going to list this on TPT in your store? I received a giftcard from TPT & would LOVE to buy this set, but I don’t see it in your store right now. 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Love this, partner teacher and I are looking to do Harry Potter themed room. Are you going to be doing anything like that? We have loads of ideas but looking for any help we can get.

  6. I think what I love most about this collection is it’s versatility. The B&W offers the opportunity to pair with any other accent color. It is so customizable and well I am a huge fan of the dots and stripes. <3 Love it.

  7. Are the papers included in the collection bulletin board papers or other types?

  8. Hi! I just purchased this collection and LOVE it! Is the light bulb banner included? I didn’t see it! Thanks!

  9. I LOVE this collection! my classroom is white with a yellow stripe so I am mixing burlap and sunflowers into it too! Quick question, what brand is the table lamp? I am trying to find it at target and have been slightly unsuccessful at finding it. I always copy your exact border so thank you for all the wonderful pictures and perfect detail! Also, where are the black bins from? I haven’t been able to find those either. Thanks!! 🙂

  10. Hi!
    Where did you take the shiplap paper to be enlarged as bulletin board paper? and what size did you use?


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