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Hooray for Hollywood!


hollywood classroom theme by Schoolgirl Style

Hollywood Inspiration:  This has been one of my most requested themes since the beginning of Schoolgirl Style.  When I envisioned a Hollywood theme, I always thought of a color combo of red and black.  Quite frankly, the whole thing was turning me off.  It felt too typical…too predictable.  I enjoy being different, so I held off on this collection.  Request after request kept coming in, so I knew that 2015 was the year that I needed to really sit down and focus on this theme…you wanted it, so it was time to deliver!

I pulled together about every color combo I could think of…nothing ever seemed to feel “right.”  Then one day, I had all of my borders in front of me and it finally came to me….turquoise.  I ADORE red and turquoise together!!!  Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner?!?!  I finally had it…red, turquoise, black, gray, and pops of yellow!  The end result…a fresh, MODERN Hollywood collection that is going to blow you away!

Seriously, this has to be one of my favorite collections of ALL time!  Not only is it an awesome color scheme…the pieces in this collection are to die for!  My graphic designer and I created movie cameras, film reels, film strips, stars, awards, popcorn boxes and pocorn, a movie marquee, movie tickets…AHHHH!!!  Too many items to list!  PLUS…the patterns are SO trendy and cute…polka dots, chevron, stripes, and stars.  You will have one of the cutest classrooms in the school with this collection!

Are you ready for the tour?




I told you these were cute!  I used striped straws, tissue paper, styrofoam, a polka dot gable box (in the SGS Shop), and our cutouts to create this adorable centerpiece!  The award cutous are editable…perfect for your student’s names.


Here is another cute centerpiece!  Create a “Walk of Fame” with these editable cutouts!



The alphabet line mimics Hollywood lights.  We created our alphabets in manuscript print, cursive, and D’Nealian.


Ahhhhh!!!  LOVE this so much!  There are so many creative ways to create bulletin boards and display student names with our editable cutouts!  The polka dot box can also be purchased in the SGS Shop!


My graphic designer created the MOST adorable “clappers.”  Each one either has a polka dot, chevron, or striped pattern.  Customize these any way you would like for a super creative bulletin board or door display!


We used the popcorn cutouts to display our “popcorn sight words.”  Each kernel is editable, so the possibilites are endless!



The filmstrip cutout was designed to either use as a bulletin board border or a cutout.  I stapled the filmstrip together and gave my board a 3D effect by making the filmstrip look like it was cascading from the film reel.  This is one of my favorite parts of this room!


The double daisy adds a touch of cuteness to your bulletin board.  Add an adorable polka dot clapper to the daisy to top it off!  This is a great option for those teachers that aren’t allowed to hang anything from the ceiling!

We have the biggest selection of lanterns in the SGS Shop!


Red and white striped popcorn boxes are also sold in the SGS Shop!  Use these cute boxes to hold any of your office supplies or student supplies…and it’s a creative way to pull your theme together!


One of my favorite parts of the room…the movie marquee!!!  I typed into the cutout, saved it on my thumb drive, and took it to Staples and had it printed out on an 18 x 24 sheet of paper.  By now, the Staples employees know me very well when I come in.  When I went to pick up my sign and calendar, one of the girls that works in the copy and print center told me that this was by far, her favorite thing that I’ve ever brought in to have copied!!!  I had to agree.  This IS pretty awesome!  You can customize this any way you would like AND if you want it bigger….you have that option!


Each collection comes with coordinating paper to make these adorable supply cans!


These super cute, yellow arrows came from Target



This bold rug comes from Ikea…only $19.99!  This is a MUST for your Hollywood themed room!


Check out these glitter clothespins!  We carry these in turquoise, gray/silver, lime green, and hot pink.


Our new 2015 collections all come with calendar sets!  Each set has a calendar grid, calendar numbers and special occasion pieces, bulletin board accents, Days of the Week poster, and 12 month headers.  I saved the calendar file to a thumb drive, took it to Staples and had them print each piece out on an 18 x24 sheet of paper.  Laminate for durability, then use Velcro to attach each piece to your calendar.


Underneath the table are our new “Get Organized” totes!  I love these and have them in every color in my own classroom.  Our new totes are listed in the SGS Shop…





Star cutous are included in this collection too!  These would be adorable sprinkled throughout your classroom, on windows, or your classroom door…


The red “R” sign came from Hobby Lobby!  They were on clearance, so go get yours before they sell out!







We also have NEW multipurpose baskets in the SGS Shop!



Did you see the awnings?!?!  How cute are these?  We now have these adorabable bulletin board additions (and in different colors/patterns)!



Create an alphabet line by hanging our new alphabet letters on a coordinated ribbon.  Use pretty glitter clothespins to attach…LOVE!



*Photos courtesy of Anna Rello Photo in Waterford, Michigan

Have you checked out our coordinating planners yet?

 April, from A Modern Teacher created the cutest planner to coordinate with this collection.  We are now selling April’s planners in the Schoolgirl Style Shop.  To check them out, click HERE

A Modern Teacher Hollywood Planner

To learn more about April’s planner, click on the video below…

Would you like to win the the entire “Hooray for Hollywood!”  Collection?  This is a seriously AWESOME giveaway, so make sure to enter!

You could win:

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2.  A roll of coordinating paper from Pacon

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4.  Six poms/lanterns of your choice from Schoolgirl Style

5.  The “Hooray for Hollywood!”  coordinating planner from A Modern Teacher

To enter, follow the directions on the Rafflecopter below! Winners will be announced on April 27th!  Good Luck!
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  1. Maggie says

    AMAZING! Love the color combo, clappers, the trophy, all of it. This would be so cute in the classroom.

  2. Mels says

    What a fun collection. I can totally see this in an upper elementary room and the kids being super stars! The turquoise is a brilliant touch. Definitely not boring.

  3. Michelle Barry says

    love this! Super cute!! I also love all the names from some of my favorite movies!!!! Great job!!!

  4. Melissa says

    It may be nearing the end of the year, but that didn’t stop me from jazzing up my existing Hollywood theme with your collection! I am in love with the pops of turquoise and can’t believe I’ve never used the double daisy before! You’re a superstar!

  5. Angela Rissler says

    This is an absolutely ADORABLE theme!!! The colors are so bright and vivid and it really just POPS!! Can’t wait to use this for Teacher Appreciation week at our school since it’s a Hollywood theme 🙂 And I am curious…it does say the winner of the Hollywood Collection is “Angela R.”….any chance that is me??

  6. Tara redd says

    Do you ever have free shipping codes or promo codes?? I love your style!! You are so talented!! Also, can you buy just pieces of your Hollywood collection and not the entire $49 set?
    Thank you so much!! Tars

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Tara! We will be listing individual pieces shortly. We do send a promo code out with your first purchase. 🙂

  7. ian says

    i love itt but id didn’t see any bordetete i saw the regular border is there something different with this

  8. Kellee says

    Hey, I might use this for my speech therapy classroom next year – I love the turquoise film strip border!! When can I buy??

  9. Jamie Hildebrand says

    I love this theme and a few others I can not decide yet!
    I had a question in the Hollywood section where you have the Marquee R what is in the big popcorn containers? Paper?
    Some things I found to add : 1. Modern Littles chevron fabric bins but are not the highest quality.
    2. Plastic bins with lids chevron at Walmart black, Big Lots blue, Target pink
    3. Smaller letters that operate by battery at Jo Ann Fabrics

  10. Michele Slusher says

    I love this! My classroom is painted robin’s egg blue, so I’m scared the turquoise would clash. What do you think?

  11. Dana C. says

    I am doing a Hollywood theme for my 2nd grade classroom this year, and LOVE your collection!! Now how do I choose?! I wish I could just purchase it all!! 🙂

  12. Shea says

    I am definitely using this collection for my classroom next year! Do you know when you’ll have the azure bordette back in stock?

  13. Kayla says

    Hi, I can’t find the tickets or the popcorn in the collection I bought. It’s the only two things I can’t find. Thanks

    • Carolyn Carver says

      I had the same issue. I emailed the customer service and was able to get the tickets but not the popcorn bucket yet. I was also missing the binder covers and spines. Just contact customer service and they should get back to you quickly. I got the tickets the day I emailed but am still waiting on the covers. She’s usually crazy fast about helping so I’m sure you’ll have it in no time. 🙂

  14. Denise May says

    I LOVE this! I already have a Hollywood theme but would like to incorporate your ideas. I was curious to see what sizes you used for the double daisy. Were they the same size and the smaller one just not expanded or is the smaller one actually smaller? Thanks, Denise

  15. Ashley says

    Love this! I am looking for the coordinating turquoise on Pacons website and they don’t have any called that. What shade is this exactly? Is it teal?


  16. Tasha Markham says

    I have been looking everywhere for Oscar Statue cutouts! These are amazing! However, I don’t see them in the store….please help!

  17. Lauren says

    Hi, I recently purchased this hollywood collection. When I went to have the calendar printed online at staples the cost was coming out really high like 70 dollars. Maybe I am not looking at the right oversized prints… thank you!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Lauren!

      It typically costs me about $30 to have all five pages printed. I use just plain white paper and have each page printed on an 18×24 sheet of paper. Yes, $70 is WAY too much!

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