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Flamingo Inspiration:  I’ve had this theme in my head for years.  I LOVE everything and anything FLAMINGO.  The pretty pink bird has become a fashion icon in clothing and decorating for years.  Wanting to offer something different (and fashionable) in classroom decor, I knew that I had to create the most gorgoeus flamingo collection for all of those trendy teachers that appreciate good design.

When it came down to actually designing the collection, we didn’t just stop at flamingos…we did something EVEN better.  My graphic designer and I decided to do something that we haven’t seen in classroom decor ANYWHERE…we used watercolors to create the entire theme.  The whole collection was hand painted!  I couldn’t believe how beautiful it turned out…truly stunning!  If you are a Lilly Pulitzer fan, this theme is for YOU!

We came up with two collections…one with bright colors, and the other collection is in a very chic black, pink, and white combination.

Enjoy the tour!

Flamingo classroom decor by schoolgirl style collage


For those of you that have followed me for a long time, you know that I love to keep my bulletin boards cohesive by using the same paper and border throughout my room. When you see these pictures, don’t think that I’ve changed my decorating style.  I made the decision to use different paper and borders on each bulletin board to show you different color combinations that you can use in your own classroom.  I sell so many really cute borders that I wanted you to see some of the possibilities!



This paper color is called Sunset Gold.  I’ve never used it before this collection, but really love it.  I tried a regular orange paper with my printables, but it looked too flourescent with this particular collection.  The Sunset Gold color was a perfect match.


I LOVE this poster that comes with this collection!  You can save the file on your thumb drive, take it to a local print center (I like Staples), and have it printed out any size you would like.  This particular poster only cost a few dollars to have printed.  You can also print the poster out on regular photo paper and frame it for your desk or wall!


You can create this super cute pom by using a large 19 inch pom.  To create the yellow center, you can purchase a 14 inch yellow pom, cut it in half, and fan it out to make it look like a real flower!



This collection comes with a set of watercolor letters and symbols for you to create your own banner(s) to personalize your classroom.  I happen to love the hashtag with this set!


The papers in this collection are gorgeous!  Create your own supply containers by using the paper to wrap around cans!  Such a cute touch…plus, you are recycling!


Taping or gluing the flamingo cutouts to sticks (I just used wooden skewers from the grocery store) and sprinkling them around your classroom in several places will bring your theme to life!


This turquoise/watery blue color matches our SGS caddies perfectly!


I love how the green starts as a grassy color, then fades into a pretty lime green.



Don’t you LOVE the tassel garland?  This is a new product in the SGS shop.  You could drape these in front of your desk or dress up a boring window!


A set of watercolor numbers are also included in the collection!


I tried a different look with this particular pennant banner and love it!


I used a flamingo cutout on our new jelly totes to dress it up!  We call this tote color, “icicle.”  The yellow baskets can also be found in the SGS Shop!



Our 2015 collections all come with coordinating calendar sets!  Save the file on your thumb drive, take it to a local copy center and have it printed out.  Each calendar set comes with a set of numbers, accent and birthday pieces, Days of the Week sign, and 12 month headers.

Notice the clips on the table?  They are also in the SGS Shop!  These are probably one of my favorite new products for 2015!


Introducing our new “Wavy Totes!”  My students use these as their individual book boxes.  Our new fancy tags were created to fit perfectly on the front of each box!


Each collection comes with a coordinating stationary set.  If I were decorating a classroom, I would keep a corkboard located near my desk, and then tack the pieces of stationary to the board for a cute decorative touch!


I doubled my paper daisies to create an adorable accent piece for my bulletin board.  First I picked out a 19 inch daisy in a coordinating color and hot glued it to the corner of my board (stapling will end up ruining the daisy if you don’t put the staple in the right place…don’t risk it!), then I hot glued a 14 inch daisy to the center of the 19 inch.  I added a cute coordinating cutout to top it off!  *The paper daisies can be purchased in the SGS Shop.



This “bow print” is one of my absolute favorite patterns in this collection!



All SGS alphabet lines come in cursive, D’Nealian, and manuscript print options.


Here are our new “Jelly Totes!”  Add a coordinating ribbon and an adorable tag for a cute way to store all of your supplies!




In the left hand corner, you can see our new locker tags.  We’ve created these cute tags with every new 2015 SGS collection!


Every 2015 collection includes these adorable “fancy labels” highlighted on the top left-hand photo.  Our fancy labels come in four different styles!




A big wave of pretty paper daisies can be an amazing focal point in any space!  Find some “dead space” in your room, then hot glue the daisies to the wall to create the look of a color wave!  By the way, if you have cinderblock walls, the hot glue will just peel off.


April, from A Modern Teacher created the most beautiful planner to coordinate with this collection.  I’ve looked at the pages, and believe me, it is gorgeous!  We are now selling April’s planners in the Schoolgirl Style Shop.  To check them out, click HERE

A Modern Teacher Flamingo Planner

To learn more about April’s planners, click on the video below…

FlamingoBW_Banners (1)

This is the same collection as above, but we changed colors for a super chic classroom theme!






Photos courtesty of E.C. Campbell Photography in Clarkston, Michigan

Would you like to win the the entire Flamingo Collection?  This is a seriously AWESOME giveaway, so make sure to enter!

You could win:

1.  The Flamingo digital collection from Schoolgirl Style

2.  A roll of coordinating paper from Pacon

3.  2 rolls of Bordette from Pacon

4.  Six poms/lanterns of your choice from Schoolgirl Style

5.  The Flamingo coordinating planner from A Modern Teacher

6.  A pack of binder clips, clothespins, a pointer, and two packs of coordinating border from Teacher Created Resources

To enter, follow the directions on the Rafflecopter below! Winners will be announced on April 23rd!  Good Luck!

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  1. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! I love the bright colors and the watercolor is to die for. It just looks so preppy and trendy, which I love. I think a room with these colors would make the students so ready to learn and me ready to teach!

  2. SO creative! I love the watercolor design and the colors are great! It’s nice that you added two color options. Fabulous flamingos!

  3. I think the colorful flamingo is my favorite collection ever! I am completely obsessed! I have done your bird theme, frog theme, and wasn’t going to change it up but….this is just totally me! Any Lilly fan will go for this bright beautiful watercolors. I adore the chic black, white, and pink. That would be great for middle school and high school classes. Can’t wait to see all the other themes!

  4. OMG I was all set and ready to push pay on your nautical collection when I realized new stuff is coming out. I am in LOVE with this. I really can’t decide what to do….AHHHHH!!!!

    I do have a question; will you be adding the calendar set to your older themes? That might be what makes the difference between this and the nautical theme for me! At least, until I see the rest of your new themes!

  5. So bright and beautiful !!! I especially love the watercolor touch!!! This would make any classroom inviting and fun! Love!

  6. I’m have to switch grades and rooms next year 🙁 and my current room is covered in flamingos! My new room has orange and green accents, and I was worried that it would be too bright with all of my pink flamingos. Your collection would look so cute in there! Makes me a little less worried for decorating next year!

  7. I LOVE both of these Flamingo sets!! OMG! I’m super excited. I purchased Paisley Turquoise Blue and Green last year and I love it but I love this set MORE!!! I can’t wait to see the other new sets!!

  8. Amazing! I’m currently working towards a teaching degree for E-6 and this just make me even MORE excited to have my own classroom one day! Through all of the different classrooms I’ve observed thus far, figuring out how I would design and arrange things for functionality and style has been the most difficult. However, all of these wonderful designs are so eye catching and create such a wonderful environment for learning!!! I think I have looked at this design three times already today. It doesn’t get old!!!!

  9. I have looked around for the last year for flamingo themed decor! There is almost nothing out there! I was even going to write you to request it! Right now I have a some beachy decor with some plastic flamingos in my classroom. I actually already have the gold planner from A Modern Teacher! Now I will have to look into the new one! I grew up in South Florida, so it gives me happy memories. Love!

  10. My goal is to transition from Gen Ed into Special Education. I love the posters/theme for an SE room.

    If I get to ever make that move…I’m 99.9% certain this will be my theme!

    Your pennant ideas make me smile!
    I love watercolor, and this is all just amazing!

  12. This is perfect for this Florida born girl!! So gorgeous!! Waiting to see your other collections, but I can’t imagine loving another one more than this one!!

  13. I have to say that I am in LOVE with this collection. I thought nothing would top my all time fave your 2014 Nautical collection, but seriously the watercolors are gorgeous. I know that I am not ready to change yet, but when I do it will be to this gorgeous collection. <3

    Is there a way to purchase individual bits of the collection like in previous years? I think I have to have some of these pieces already. LOL

    I am really enjoying the 2015 reveal. 🙂

  14. Yay! I think I just found my new theme!! Love, love, love the colors!, Are the watercolor flower cutouts (seen at the centers of the paper daisies) part of the digital collection? If not, where are they from?

  15. How did you make that gorgeous pink and yellow flower on the bulletin board with the quote?

  16. Absolutely love this collection! This is perfect for my kindergarten classroom here in FL and for someone who loves Lilly P! I do wish there were more things like: classroom schedule, classroom jobs, ect. to go along with the collection to make the decorations flow together. Overall, I love the product and can’t wait to start decorating my classroom with this collection 🙂

  17. HOW DO I PURCHASE SETS LIKE THE FLAMINGO AND RAINBOW? I am not able to find them in your shop.
    Thank you.

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