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Turquoise, Black, & Gray Classroom Theme

I created my new collection after so many of you went CRAZY over my Organization In Style photos.  Remember this?

organization-station-collage_thumb Schoolgirl Style

To read about my Organization In Style collection click HERE!

I had people emailing me left and right asking me to create something with this color combination.  So, I decided to use similar backgrounds from my Modern Apple theme and create a beautiful  NEW collection in turquoise, black and gray.

I am so happy with the outcome.  It is a truly gorgeous collection!  Don’t be afraid to add chalkboard with this…in fact, my Organization Station (in black chalkboard) would be a perfect addition to this collection!

Make sure you check out my pretty stationary set!  Every professional needs matching stationary and business cards.  If anything,  tack it up on a cork board somewhere…it’s just too pretty to keep in a desk!!!

I’ve added new dove gray paper daisies to the Schoolgirl Style Shop!


Banners and pennants galore!  Nothing makes a classroom look better than this easy accessory!  Schoolgirl Style printable decor allows you to print out as many pennants or banner flags that you need to fill your space.  No need to worry about running out…with printable decor, you can print out as many as you would like AND choose your favorite patterns!


This collection is FABULOUS!


Don’t forget those pretty poms for your bulletin boards!  I especially love the black and white polka dot pom!


Here is that pretty stationary set that I talked about!  I love the soft aqua/turquoise color paired with the gray and black.  I can see why this is a favorite color combination for so many!

2014-05-03_0006 2014-05-03_0007

2014-05-03_0008 2014-05-03_0009

This collection has several editable monogrammed prints.  Hang them with a pretty ribbon or use a black frame to showcase them in your classroom.

2014-05-03_0010 2014-05-03_0011

My collections come with everything you need to create a beautiful classroom!  I make sure to include all of those little details that will make your classroom stand out!

2014-05-03_0012 2014-05-03_0013

Get organized with my editable binder covers!


You should love the space you are in!  When you spend most of your days in one room, you should personalize it and make it your own.  Feeling good in your environment is really important for your overall well-being.  Get rid of the clutter, organize, and make it pretty!  You will feel so much better!!!



Organize your space with labels, nameplates, and with my editable Avery label templates.








  Now’s  YOUR chance to own this beautiful collection along with your bulletin board paper and border from Pacon.  Plus, I’m going to give you coordinating lanterns or poms to hang in your room too!

I’ve teamed up with Kristine Nannini from Young Teacher Love to offer you an amazing prize package!


Are you following Kristine yet?

Kristine and I actually taught together at the same school before I even knew what blogging was!  I remember when they hired Kristine, our principal stood in front of our staff and while she was introducing her as our new 5th grade teacher, our principal started to cry and became extremely choked up.  She was so excited to have this young lady on our team and her excitement actually brought her to tears.  I knew my principal was certain that she had found someone very special!

Here we are several years later and we are BOTH blogging!  Kristine has become one of the most successful bloggers out there, but it certainly doesn’t surprise me because she is an amazing teacher!  When I hear people mention how awesome Kristine’s blog is, people are usually shocked when I tell them that I KNOW her and we taught together in the same school!

It’s been several years since I worked with Kristine, but I am SO excited that I get to partner with her during my reveal!

Make sure you stop by Kristine’s blog to enter our Schoolgirl Style decor giveaway!

Here are the prizes:

-TURQUOISE, BLACK, AND GRAY full digital collection from Schoolgirl Style

-Fadeless paper from Pacon

-Coordinating border from Pacon

-Poms, daisies, or lanterns from the Schoolgirl Style Shop

Over $100 value!

Click HERE to head on over to Kristine’s blog…


The reveal isn’t over yet!

Make sure you don’t miss the very last day (Tuesday, May 6th) to see my BIG classroom makeover!  

Stop by and see Abby’s Merrill’s beautiful 4th grade classroom!



Turquoise black gray classroom theme and decor by Schoolgirl Style

Let’s Go Shopping!

Photography: E.C. Campbell Photography

Turquoise, Black, & Gray decor (includes brand new stationary set): Schoolgirl Style Shop

Fadeless bulletin board paper:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

paper daisies and poms:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

black cube baskets:  Target

 ribbon, flowers: Michaels

ribbon:  Joann Fabrics

paper: Staples (I used a high gloss photo paper for best results)

Most items are editable and can be personalized for a custom look  (Type in your student’s names and customize classroom labels…perfect handwriting every time!)



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  1. I love these colors so much! My bedroom has these colors with some chocolate brown. It’s not feminine and quite soothing. My husband didn’t complain once.

  2. I love the fact that your classroom themes can go from primary to intermediate. As a literacy teacher with K-5 kids in my room, I don’t want something too primary, or leave out my young ones!!

  3. Oh, It just doesn’t stop! This is beautiful. I picture it in an upper grade classroom. I am LOVING your shop. So organized and easy to find things. I love how you can buy the whole set or just the pieces that you need and will use. I really love the binder ends. I am a binder girl. It helps me be SUPER organized and of course they should always be CUTE and matching, right?!!

  4. How cute! I love those colors together. <3 the pennants! What is the black polka dot border? I think you used it in another room. Can I buy that in your shop?

    • Hi Josie!

      I will be getting the most adorable polka dot border in my shop soon!!! Hang tight! 🙂

  5. Oh my- this is so serene, sophisticated, and beautiful. If I had an office- this is definitely how I would decorate it!

    Melanie, how many more collections are coming? I want to wait for every one before I make my final decision!

    Also- has anyone every used your collection for a home office? I’m starting to think about this…

  6. Oh, Melanie, this is so lovely… calm and serene. That dove gray is the perfect touch!

  7. I absolutely LOVE this! I wish that I could have this for my room for next year. I’m finally getting back into the English classroom and I think that this would be absolutely lovely! I can’t wait to be able to afford to have my classroom look and feel like this collection does! It’s absolutely beautiful!!!! I’ve looked at the photos of this collection a million times a day since the reveal!

  8. I love the patterns with this collection! This has been my color scheme for the last 2 years and I’ve been looking for some ideas to change it up a little 🙂 Also, I hope the turquoise caddies come in stock soon… those would go great with this!

      • Awesome, I’m so excited!! I teach 7th grade science and those will be perfect for holding all of our lab supplies and goodies 🙂

  9. Beautiful!

    Do you have any recommendations on where to get the stationary sets printed?

    Thank you!

  10. I really want to purchase this set! I absolutely love it and will be perfect for my middle school math classroom. My only question is I am having a hard time picturing what I should do with my white board, what would you suggest? I can’t wait to get set up next month!! I hope more white pom poms come in!!!

  11. Hi Melanie,

    I purchased this theme for my high school science classroom this year. I absolutely love the style and the colors. Could you please tell me the font that you used for the table signs? I’ve looked around on and can’t seem to find it.

    Thanks so much – all of your themes are lovely!

  12. As a brand new teacher, I am looking for a sophisticated, calm classroom theme. This hits it on the dot, and the teal can be changed out with any color. I love the idea of black being the main color and then any other color being an accent! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas! Definitely taking a look around and gathering more!!

  13. I tried to enter the contest for this beautiful classroom but it said it was already over and not taking any more. So guess its time to save some money cause i have the preppy pink and navy nautical theme now.

  14. What font is the “team” on the pinwheels? I love this set, and can’t wait to use it in my classroom! Thank you.

    • Also, if you could let me know what the font of “from the desk of..” is in, so I can match it with my name. Thank you!


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