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Bug Classroom Theme

I really tried to create collections with EVERYONE  in mind and this time, I really wanted something amazing for younger children!  This particular collection, I envisioned daycares, preschools, and K-3 teachers loving this theme for their classrooms because it could match their existing furniture.  Schools often purchase primary colored EVERYTHING for all of the younger grade levels.  I know how difficult it is to find an adorable classroom theme and still have it match your rug, bins, easels, and everything else you would normally find in a lower elementary classroom.

I can remember feeling so stuck when it came to decorating my Kindergarten room.  I always wanted to try different colors each year, but that giant red, blue, and yellow rug ruined it for me every time!  This collection is different, I added all of the primary colors, but I also included a turquoise and lime green to help you get your “BRIGHT” fix without having to start from scratch.

Behind the Scenes:  I really loved how this collection turned out.  In fact, I loved it SO much that I used it as my daughter’s 4th birthday party theme.  I’ve also kept this collection up in their playroom.  It is so playful, fun, and just downright ADORABLE for any child!

 Throughout the room, I used this cute grass border.  I used it on my bulletin boards and to line all of my shelves.


How fabulous is this alphabet pennant?  Use this to create name banners or print out the entire alphabet for a cute display!  I wanted to make this space feel like the ultimate kid-friendly classroom, so I chose this adorable scribble background in eight bright colors!




 The bugs in this collection are cuter than any that I’ve ever seen!  I’ve included several dragonflies in numerous colors, a bee, a ladybug, a grasshopper, butterflies,  and an ant.  I’ve also created each one in a large, medium, and small cutout size.



 I created these cute little placemats out of my scribble background paper.



CUTENESS ALERT!  Look at these cutout mason jars in coordinating colors!  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Add a coordinating tag around your jar and you have a cute way to display student jobs, track your student’s AR points, or even use this as a way to have your students rotate through centers.  The possibilities are endless!



 Use as binder covers or personalize for your student’s writing journal covers.





 I wish I had a close up, but check out these pennant banners!  Create a colorful scribble banner or use the large polka dots for the cutest banner you’ve ever seen!



 The stationary set is just amazing!  Check out these bright colors!  Ahhhhhh!!!  I can’t get enough of these adorable pieces!



Stationary sets include note cards, thank you cards, personalized stationary, monogram prints for your desk, Avery label templates, and editable business cards.




 The alphabet line, calendar headers, Word Wall, and number line are all pretty fabulous!  I LOVE the polka dot pattern.  It’s the PERFECT combination of bright colors!




 If you look closely, instead of a bright blue, I chose a NAVY blue instead.  I think it looks so pretty with the turquoise and lime green in the collection!


 Pennants also come with the adorable bugs in the center!


Not only do you get bugs and mason jar cutouts in this collection, but you also get leaves!












 Gable boxes are brand new in the Schoolgirl Style Shop!









 I’ve also created bugs in the Color My Classroom line of decor!  Perfect for bulletin boards!

color my classroom bugs by Schoolgirl Style


  Now is YOUR chance to own this adorable collection along with your bulletin board paper and border from Pacon.  Plus, I’m going to give you coordinating lanterns, poms, or paper daisies to hang in your room too!

I’ve teamed up with the Annie Moffatt from  The Moffatt Girls to offer you an amazing prize package!

Moffatt Girls Banner

 Do you follow Annie yet?

I absolutely ADORE Annie Moffatt.  Not only do I love Annie’s products, but I really admire her as a person.  She is one of the kindest, most giving people I know.  Annie has achieved celebrity status in teacher blogger world and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of success!  You often hear the saying, “Good things happen to good people” and that’s how I feel about her.   Annie truly has a genuine goodness about her…something that I respect and admire in a friend.

In addition to me just really liking Annie, we both have two little girls around the same age in common!  I usually buy her products to help teach my own children (products that have been tested by her sweet children).  My kids have LOVED everything that I’ve ever purchased…it’s all SO creative and FUN!

So, make sure you stop by and check out her blog, take a look at her products, and enter our giveaway!

Moffatt Girls Banner


-BUGS full digital collection from Schoolgirl Style

-Fadeless paper from Pacon

-Coordinating border from Pacon

-Lanterns, poms, or paper daisies from the Schoolgirl Style Shop

Over $100 value!

Click HERE to head over to The Moffatt Girls blog!

2014-05-02_0006Let’s Go Shopping!

Photography: E.C. Campbell Photography

BUG classroom decor: Schoolgirl Style Shop

Fadeless bulletin board paper:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

Border, gable boxes, caddies: Schoolgirl Style Shop

lanterns:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

Color My Classroom Bugs:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

Wood Vase:  Save On Crafts

Trees: Carson Dellosa

Grass Border: Trend

Colored Baskets:  Lakeshore

lamp, bug nets:  Target

clear plastic paint cans, clothespins, flowers: Michaels

ribbon:  Joann Fabric

rug: Home Depot

Paper: Staples (I used a high gloss photo paper for best results)

Most items are editable and can be personalized for a custom look  (Type in your student’s names and customize classroom labels…perfect handwriting every time!)



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  1. Hi Melanie,
    This collection is absolutely adorable! Everything is so bright and colorful–perfect for my first grade classroom! The bugs are SO cute! Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us. 🙂

  2. Eeek! This is such a precious classroom! I can see why you’ve used it for your own children’s play areas and parties! I love the clever idea of including some of those brights into the primary furniture, those colors and the small details make SUCH a difference. As a side bar comment, I’m loving what your ceiling planks looks like in that room, very shabby chic!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

    • Oh, that made me smile! I forgot you can see my ceiling! I wish I could use that room as my office – it has some great features. For now, it’s covered in poms, lanterns, and lots of school stuff!!!:)

  3. Cutest EVER!!!! The bugs are precious! I love the bright colors. The jars… OMG, such cuteness. As usual you thought of every important little detail. You are such an inspiration.

  4. I love your use of trees in a lot of your pictures. I love the way they bring the outdoors inside. You are so creative. At this point, I’m just going to have to buy a little bit of all your themes!

  5. Well, this is just adorable! Makes me want to go read Eric Carle!! Any child would be thrilled to “live” in this room!! Love it!

  6. I love the jars! I’m currently teaching fourth grade, but I have been in pre-k and K for the last 7 years. I have acquired a lot of primary colored stuff. This is so cute. I still think the older kids would appreciate it.

  7. Melanie it is absolutely stunning! I adore all tho msg rainbow and this collection had me swooning. I am tying to figure out what space I can incorporate this into, because I’ve already decided on the Nautical theme for my classroom. I think I’m going to get the stationary just because I love it so much. Those bigs are too stinking cute and the scribble background is gorgeous. Oh and all the lanterns and gables boxes. OMG I Love it!!!

  8. This is so adorable and it makes so much sense because of the colors already in the classroom..
    I want this with farm animals. I need your help! I planned out a farm classroom this year because I have a farm at home and I talk about it so much with my students but the materials I bought (although super cute) are not editable so I can’t add to it. Then I’ve just been in love with your themes especially the frog one and the superhero one but I keep going back to farm being perfect because its a constant theme in my classroom… got a farm one coming out? 🙂 I know you can’t tell me! Hehe. If not, we have to talk! With the themes you have I think I have now narrowed it down to this one with a farm theme instead or the frog colors with farm. Can it be done? Oh, or the rainbow chalkboard but with farm accents instead of children. 🙂 What do you think?

  9. So stinkin’ cute! Melanie I love your products. The quality of the colors is unbelievable. I have another collection from you and it looks like I am getting this too! My theme for my first grade classroom is a garden theme. This is just what I need, can’t wait to print, laminate and decorate! Thanks for your buggy good style!

  10. Hi there Melanie,

    I’m an early career teacher and I’ve been checking out your themes for a while for inspiration for my classroom! I’m already excited for 2015 (Australia), I just love this bug theme! The children would absolutely love this! You are very clever! Thankyou for the inspiration!

    Charlene xo

    • It’s so exciting to think that my products will be in Australia! Thank you!!!

  11. I am SO in love with this collection. I teach Kindergarten and this is perfect!

  12. I absolutely LOVE this! I just found out I’m moving to Kindergarten next year, and I’ve decided on a garden theme for my classroom next year and all the sets I found so far are full of flowers, which are pretty, but boys tend to give flowers the stink-eye. Besides: there’s more to gardens than flowers, and this set fits my plan to a T! I would LOVE to win a set! Thank you!!!!

    • This IS perfect!!!! A garden definitely needs lots of cute bugs!!! Enjoy, Melissa!

  13. Yay! This is so gorgeous, and will really brighten up my dark little classroom!! This is exactly what I have been looking for! I can’t wait to get this in my room!! My kids are going to LOVE IT!! 🙂 Wonderful job, you are amazingly talented!!

    • Awe! Thank you, Kristina! This is a great collection to brighten any room! Your students will love it! 🙂

  14. You must have been reading my mind! This is totally what I need not only for next year but for Open House this week! You just saved me soooooo much time and I have a bunch of super cute bug and flower doodles that are going to look super awesome with this!!! 🙂 Already was able to find the perfect font settings for name tags 🙂

  15. Do you have any pictures of an actual classroom that used the bug unit. It is so precious and I want to use it next year. I’m just not sure where to start.

    • Since this is brand new, I don’t have any classrooms yet…I’m sure I will have a lot of submissions after this year though! 🙂

  16. I am so in love with this Buggy theme. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful! I will be teaching pre-K 4 next year and will be Mrs. Christina’s Caterpillars. I have looked high and low for an adorable caterpillar and I FOUND IT!!! Thank you so much. I cant wait to get started.:)

    Christina 🙂

    • This is perfect for your grade level! I have to agree, it is SO adorable!!! We are using this in my playroom at home…we love it! 🙂

  17. What did you make the white fence out of on the bulletin board? Did you just cut and trace on white paper?

  18. I love this theme! I am definitely purchasing it for my classroom. You wrote in a previous comment you purchased the picket fence @Joann’s. Is it fabric? Bulletin board material?
    Thank you so much!

  19. Which color Blue is the Bulletin board paper? Online Bright Blue and Rich Blue look very similar.

    I have been busily getting ready to set-up this adorable bug theme in my classroom!! I can’t WAIT! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your creative gift!


  20. I love this for my classroom! If I buy this, how would I send it to Staples, etc for it to be printed? Thanks!

    • Hi Mandee! Just download it to a thumb drive and take it in to Staples. They will do the rest!:)

  21. What font did you use when doing the lined nameplate? Can you recall what size font you used? Looking through my purchase and getting way excited!

  22. I love this collection & have purchased it for my first grade classroom! My husband & sad are in the process of building me a mini picnic table & park benches for my library & writing station. I think they will match just perfect with the bug theme!

    I do have a question though, when I printed out the suns they only printed on half the paper. Everything else has printed fine. Is there something I need to do differently?

  23. Hi~ I love all of your collections, especially this one! Where do you get the big tree cut out that I see featured in some of your collections?


  24. I used this theme in my preschool classroom this year and would like to share my pictures. How do I go about sending them to you? Thanks so much!
    Christina Petre 🙂

  25. I want to use this adorable theme next year. However, I haven’t found a cute back to school or welcome to ___grade saying to display with the bugs. Any suggestions?

  26. Would you please make your calendar headers editable? I bought BUGS and love it, and after reading the explanation about an extra file at the end of each document, I thought I could easily lose the all capital letters for the month names. (Personal pet peeve,,,,,)
    Would you consider either a file with just the beginning letter capitalized, or adding the editable in the same format for the months?
    Please and thank you very much! Can’t wait to get everything set up in my new classroom!

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