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Owl & Bird Classroom Theme

I know you are probably saying, “Melanie… you already have an Owl and a Bird theme collection!”  Well, if you know me, my decorating ideas change on a whim…and this was one of them.  I created those rooms almost three years ago and my style has since changed.  Don’t get me wrong, I still really like them, but I am such a “BRIGHT” girl these days.

Owls and birds are so incredibly popular and because of my perfectionist personality, I had to give you something BETTER.  I wanted you to have more choices with cutouts, patterns, and color combinations.  I wanted to create the BEST owl and bird classroom decor collection on the market.  I really think I achieved that.  In my opinion, these collections are SO beautiful and SO perfect…and SOOOO chock full of decor!  You have so many decor pieces, colors, and owls/birds to choose from…it’s crazy!  You are sure to get lots of “oooohhhs” and “aaahhhs” with this beautiful collection!

Behind the Scenes:  E’lisa (my fabulous photographer) and I have a running joke about my photo shoots and the fact that it ALWAYS seems to rain on picture day.  This is NOT a good thing.  We completely rely on the sunshine to give us the light we need to photograph my pictures.  When it rains, it is SO dark in that room.  This is one of the main reasons that I want to move.  I desperately need a better space for pictures!  So…this particular day was very gloomy (you can see that in some of the pictures), but we made the best out of it.  Despite the rain, I think the pictures turned out fabulous!


I made small poms (out of my 15 inch poms in my shop) to create this colorful tree!


 This collection comes with SO many owls, it’s unbelievable.  You have scalloped owls, polka dot owls, and editable owls created in gorgeous BRIGHT colors!


 Do you notice the chevron leaves?  These are also included in the collection!  You are going to have the brightest and happiest trees around!  The owl print was also created in several colors and sizes…choose your favorite colors or use them ALL!


 I’ve also created numerous banners in this collection with different patterns.  This is an example of my WELCOME banner…LOVE this!


 I adore the owls on the daisies!  This is such an amazing focal point in this collection.  Use my branch cutouts (included in the collection) with chevron or polka dot leaves to create a POP of color in your classroom!


 Pennants come in polka dot or chevron patterns.  I’ve also added owls and birds to each one to create a customized look for your own classroom!


 The stationary set is just amazing!  So bright and colorful!  Christy, my assistant, told me that when she listed this collection in the shop she was going CRAZY over this pretty stationary set!


Pennants also come in a solid design.  I used coordinating ribbon to add a cute detail between each pennant.


All of your decor pieces come in either a chevron or polka dot pattern…


I used the bird cutouts on the paper daisies the same way I used the owls.  This time I used polka dot leaves on my branch cutouts.  I seriously can’t get enough of this…I LOVE them SO much!




 This collection is truly breathtaking!


Ahhhhh!!!!  This stationary set is SO cute!  Stationary sets include note cards, thank you cards, monogrammed prints for your desk, editable business cards, Avery label templates, and personalized stationary.


Look at how sweet and delicate these little tags look?  I love them!



I also created large scallops in coordinating colors.  I envisioned using these around whiteboards, windows, your desk, or any place that you want to add some cute detail!  I used them on this easel for a pop of color!


Word Wall labels come in both owls and birds!


Such a gorgeous color palette!  This is surely one way to feel happy while you are at school! 🙂


I feel like I’m getting all “cheeseballish” with this collection, but I am just dying over these birdhouses too!!!  I just love it all!  I envisioned using them to number your tables.


Line your furniture or shelves with the scallops too.  Nothing makes me happier than a pretty ruffle, so these colorful scallops (which remind me of ruffles) feel like such a genius decorating move in my little world!


 Use colorful poms as bird nests throughout your classroom…




Birds were created double-sided (just a little added bonus), so you can hang them throughout your classroom!


There are so many cute little prints in this collection!  I also used coordinating gable boxes for my flower arrangements.


The brown color in my number line is actually a wood/tree bark pattern.  Such a cute detail!


Check out how I used this border?  I combined my lime green Bordette and added a pretty two tone chevron.  By the way, I will be carrying this border in my shop very soon!  Woohoo!


Hands down…my absolute favorite part of this room.  Give me a moment please. . . . . . . .

Okay, I can now move on.  I just needed to stare at it again!





Of course, every collection comes with editable binder covers.






This collection also comes with coordinating frames in several sizes.  I envisioned hanging your student’s picture from a branch and labeling the owl with his/her name.  This would also be a great way to display student jobs in your classroom!




















I’ve also created birds and owls as blackline masters for your students to use on bulletin boards or throughout the classroom.  *The blackline masters are sold separately.




  Now is YOUR chance to own this beautiful collection along with your bulletin board paper and border from Pacon.  Plus, I’m going to give you coordinating lanterns, poms, or paper daisies to hang in your room too!

I’ve teamed up with the FABULOUS “Mel D” from  Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations to offer you an amazing prize package!

 Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations

Have you heard of Mel D?

Well, let me tell you…this girl is the QUEEN of social media.  She has some AMAZING pinterest boards!

To check out Mel’s boards, click here…

Mel D’s Pinterest Boards!

This girl has a “larger than life” personality, very straightforward, and you always know what’s on her mind!  Her BRIGHT personality also matches her BRIGHT classroom!  She is not shy about color and adores NEON!  It’s funny how our classrooms reflect who we are, right?  If you haven’t seen her room yet, you have to stop by and take a look!

So, head on over to Mel D’s blog, take a look, AND enter our giveaway!


-The Owl OR Bird full digital collection from Schoolgirl Style

-Fadeless paper from Pacon

-Coordinating border from Pacon

-Lanterns, poms, or paper daisies from the Schoolgirl Style Shop

Over $100 value!

Click HERE to head over to Seusstastic Classroom Inspirations!

Owl Classroom Decor and Theme by Schoolgirl Style

Bird Classroom Theme Decor by Schoolgirl StyleLet’s Go Shopping!

Photography: E.C. Campbell Photography

Owl and Bird classroom decor: Schoolgirl Style Shop

Fadeless bulletin board paper:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

Border and caddies: Schoolgirl Style Shop

Pink Chevron Border:  Teacher Created Resources (will be in the Schoolgirl Style Shop soon)

poms, paper daiesies, gable boxes:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

Color My Classroom Birds and Owls:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

Wood Vase:  Save On Crafts

Trees: Carson Dellosa

lamp:  Target

clear plastic paint cans, flowers: Michaels

ribbon:  Joann Fabric

rugs:  Walmart

Paper: Staples (I used a high gloss photo paper for best results)

Most items are editable and can be personalized for a custom look  (Type in your student’s names and customize classroom labels…perfect handwriting every time!)











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  1. Oh boy! I can’t even think straight anymore. I need to stop looking at these before I go to bed because I keep going back and forth on which one to pick This one is just sooooo adorable. It really makes me happy. I just started a master’s degree and we’re the owls. Is it a sign? We all pick university themes for our classes at my school. 🙂 I love how you did all the little nest using the pom poms for the little birds. Perfect use for me because we aren’t allowed to hang things from the ceiling at my school. Hmm..

  2. I am in L-O-V-E with everything about this collection!!! I am somewhat obsessed with owls! I love all the bright colors and all of the combinations that can be used! Thanks so much for helping teachers make their classrooms beautiful!!!

  3. I am torn!!! I LOVED the Woodland Animals and now I LOVE this one too (specifically for Kindergarten). What am I going to do?!?! I did want to say, I would be really excited if you could make some scallops for the Woodland Animals collection. I adore that idea! Perfect way to accent a desk or a shelf! 🙂

  4. OMG those owls and birds are so precious, and using a pom as a nest is genius! I think despite the dark day the pictures look wonderful, and they absolutely show off all the color and vibrancy in this collections. Passing this on to a coworker who uses an owl theme. Love it all.

  5. OMG! You are making this so hard. I thought I picked a theme but , then I saw this. Thanks for all of your inspiration.

  6. This is the one for me! I love the colors! I was waiting to see them all, but I’m sure this is the one for me. So excited!

  7. I currently have Learn Colorfully in my classroom and I mixed in owls. But, I think this is the one! I love THIS!!!!!! My favorite also are the pom nests. The rug is cute, too. Ties everything in. Right now I have officially chosen! PS I’m sure I will change my mind tomorrow!:-D

  8. The cuteness is seriously killing me. I’m torn. Just can’t pick a favorite. What a great spot to be in!! Hooray for you for creating these ADORABLE classroom sets.

  9. I was torn between your bird and owl collection when I decorated my classroom two years ago. I ended up going with the owls. Our school is being painted this summer, so I’m going to go with this collection so that it all blends well with what I already have! I’m so excited to add birds and I LOVE the sweet new owls 🙂


    • I saw your name come through in my orders.:) You will love it! Send me pictures when you are done decorating! 🙂

  10. Hi Melanie,

    I absolutely LOVE this collection and am dying to purchase it. I am clicking into your ‘shop’ and its being redirected to another site, which is saying the (domain name doesn’t exist anymore).
    I have found you on Teachers pay Teachers although I do love your original owl collection, I would love the updated version with the chevron, polka dots and birds.

    Please help!

  11. I just purchased the bright owl set. I love it! 🙂 What font do you use though? I have been searching for it and have been unable to find it.


  12. To laminate or not laminate…that is the question. I will definitely laminate the labels and tags but what do you suggest with the banners and bird cut outs? I worry about a glare but also want them to last a while.So Adorable! Thanks, kim

    • I know exactly what you mean. If you use photo paper, I don’t think you need to laminate…especially the glossy kind. It’s very thick and durable. 🙂

  13. I love the bright colors!! I want to purchase the paper daisies to make my table number signs, but I was curious what size you used on the ones that have the birds on the twigs. 14″ or 19″?

  14. Hi. I love this theme and I’m looking forward to using some of the pieces in my classroom. I purchased the editable owls and was wondering how you did the different color font for the children’s name. I love the way yours came out.

  15. So I love this collection! So much that I just purchased it 🙂 Can you tell me the font that you used when you customized the owls with names? It’s the blocky one – I love it!


  16. I love the owls and birds together; a perfect combination to update my owl theme for this coming school year. I want to purchase this collection but I’m not seeing it. Can you help? Thanks a bunch!!

  17. Super excited to purchase the bird theme! We are moving into brand spanking new classrooms next month and I can not wait to make it so bright, cheery and inviting for the 2015 – 2016 school year!

  18. Hello!!! I just purchased the bird theme! Love all of the stuff I purchased! What size pom poms did you use for the bird’s nests? My classroom needed updating….so glad I came across your sight!

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