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Paisley, Turquoise, Blue, and Green

Does this look familiar?  This is actually the same decor as my Frog theme, but I gave it more of a sophisticated look.  I went back and forth whether I should add these pictures with my Frog collection, but ultimately decided that I wanted to devote a post to these beautiful pictures and show you how I took the same collection and turned it into something very different.

I can’t tell you how many requests I’ve had for a dragonfly theme.  I decided to add these pretty cutouts as accessories to this particular collection.  If you remember my Frog theme, I used green as my accent color by adding those adorable frogs and lily pads.  This photo shoot, I decided to switch it up and use TURQUOISE as the accent color instead.  The end result is so serene…it almost has  a water-like feel to it.  I LOVE LOVE this!

Behind the Scenes:   I decided to add a classic navy and white ribbon to my lanterns.  I was really uneasy about it…I just didn’t know if you would like this look or not.  As I mentioned before, I have so many people coming and going during my photo shoot and every person commented on these lanterns…they absolutely LOVED it!  By the time the room was finished, this ended up being my favorite part of the design.  


I can’t tell you how much I love navy and turquoise together!  The contrast between the two colors is truly stunning!


The key to creating a serene looking classroom:  focus on the BLUES in the collection.  Adding the green IS important, but just small doses of it.  The green keeps the color combo from looking too flat.

The BEST part about a Schoolgirl Style collection is that you can pick and choose which patterns you want to use.  You have an entire file FULL of options.  If you love a particular pattern more than another, you have the luxury of printing it out as many times as you like!

When you purchase pre-printed decor, you often get stuck with patterns and designs you don’t like and you’re forced to use it because that’s all you have.

My printable decor is different…you have an unlimited amount of options and choices to create an environment that fits YOU and your personal style!2014-04-29_0003 2014-04-29_0004 2014-04-29_0005

I think this pennant banner is one of my FAVORITE parts of the collection!  I adore the jumbo polka dot paired with the pretty paisley!2014-04-29_0006 2014-04-29_0007

Lanterns, paper, poms, and borders can be purchased in the Schoolgirl Style Shop

2014-04-29_0008 2014-04-29_0009

I love adding the blue pom with the turquoise…this pom color is called “ice blue.”  It’s just so pretty with the navy and turquoise!

2014-04-29_0010 2014-04-29_0011 2014-04-29_0012 2014-04-29_0013

I used this pretty blue chevron paper to wrap this aluminum can for pencil storage.  My collection comes with several coordinating papers for creative craft projects in your classroom!


Included in this collection is a beautiful stationary set!  Stationary sets include note cards, thank you notes, personalized stationary, pretty monogrammed prints for your desk, Avery label templates, and editable business cards!


  Now is YOUR chance to own this beautiful collection along with your bulletin board paper and border from Pacon.  Plus, I’m going to give you coordinating lanterns or poms to hang in your room too!

I’ve teamed up with Abby Mullins from The Inspired Apple to offer you an amazing prize package!

Are you following Abby yet?

Abby has always been one of my FAVORITE bloggers!  When I first started Schoolgirl Style, believe or not, I didn’t know about teacher blogs.  Abby was one of the first people that I found and I adored her blog.  I hung on to every word she wrote and considered her to be one of the best and brightest of our profession.

I think I purchased every single one of Abby’s products my last year of teaching.  I’d like to think that Abby and I were virtually team teaching my class of firsties my final year!:)  I LOVE her products and I adore her even more.  She is one of the sweetest girls I know!

 So, why don’t you head on over to her site, take a look around, AND enter our giveaway!

Here are the prizes:

-Paisley, Turquoise, Bluem & Green full digital collection from Schoolgirl Style

-Fadeless paper from Pacon

-Coordinating border from Pacon

-Lanterns from the Schoolgirl Style Shop

Over $100 value!

Click HERE to head on over to The Inspired Apple!


Let’s Go Shopping!

Photography: E.C. Campbell Photography

Paisley, Turquoise, Blue, & Green decor: Schoolgirl Style Shop

Fadeless bulletin board paper:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

lanterns and poms:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

border:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

dragonfly cutouts: Schoolgirl Style Shop

metal pails, turquoise cube baskets:  Target

large clothespins, ribbon, flowers, plastic paint cans: Michaels

ribbon:  Joann Fabrics

paper: Staples (I used a high gloss photo paper for best results)

Most items are editable and can be personalized for a custom look  (Type in your student’s names and customize classroom labels…perfect handwriting every time!)



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  1. Joy Bassett says

    It’s kind of sad to admit how excited I am to see the new theme each day! It’s one of the first things I check every morning. You are doing an amazing job of inspiring me to make my classroom beautiful. I have used your themes in the past and loved them. You just continue to keep me thinking and adding to my décor. I love all of your new additions! My question is, will the stationary sets for each collection be available separately or only with the whole set? I can only use one décor set (I’m leaning towards the Charleston one!!!) but I sure could use MULTIPLE stationary sets. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings! Thanks!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Joy! The stationary set comes with the full collection. You only need one since it’s printable…just print out as many times as you would like…you will never run out! 🙂

  2. Wendi says

    Oh you have done it again! Amazing! I love how calming these colors look together. Great for an active classroom of happy children!! You just have that great talent of knowing what looks spectacular together. Any chance we will see some aqua supplies coming to your shop any time soon?

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Well, I have the lanterns…they are more aqua than turquoise. I will continue to look for more items! 🙂

      • Wendi says

        Thank you! My classroom decisions for next year are getting harder and harder each day of your amazing reveal! ♥

  3. Jennifer says

    You read my mind! I keep going back to your frog post over and over again despite the fact that I’m not a frog fan because I LOVE the colors and patterns. I’ve been on the fence about committing to it though because I wasn’t sure it would be as eye-catching without the frogs. Now you have convinced me that this is THE look for my room next year. Thanks Melanie!

    BTW, I both love and hate this one-design-a-day reveal. The suspense is killing me because I want to see all the beautiful things RIGHT NOW, but it gives me a reason to jump out of bed each morning. 🙂 Thanks for the continued inspiration!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Oh, that makes me so happy! I don’t want anyone bored with the reveals, so I was on the fence about doing it this way. Thank you for sharing this!!!

  4. Laura says

    IN LOVE!! Just in love!! I can’t wait to see your other sets, but this one makes my heart flutter!! Just love!!

  5. Keri says

    I feel just like Jennifer with the 1 theme a day reveal. I can’t wait until the morning to see what’s on there. My heart beats fast. That’s plain Cray-Cray!!!! I Love it! I wish I could attach pictures because my board behind my desk is covered with black and white polka dot gift wrap and I think it is called turquoise dots paisley border. I don’t know Melanie, I think this might be the one. It is so calming. Spa decor for the classroom. Job well done again!

  6. Diana says

    So, so pretty! Just makes you say, “Ahhhh…” Love this one, too.
    And add me to the crazies who anxiously await each day’s reveal. I am honestly so excited when I wake up to get to see what you have in store for us. I have to MAKE myself wait till I make coffee and can sit down with my computer (no sneaking a peek on my phone!) and then I just savor it! Clearly, I have a problem! Keri and Jennifer, you can come sit by me! 😉

  7. Susan Gillespie says

    I love blue and green and have been wanting to add turquoise to my room. Just want to confirm that the frog and the paisley/dragonfly are the same collection, just different accent colors added? I could use this 2 years in a row and get a different look? Amazing!!! I have 2 green saucer chairs and 2 green little area rugs and some bright gene baskets. I also have blue and yellow baskets. I thought about painting the baskets, but would my green chairs and 2 rugs be too much green for this look?

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Yes, it’s the EXACT same thing!!! Don’t worry about the green. As long as you get your boards covered in that dark navy color, it should be fine!

  8. Katrina Gaulden says

    Hi. I am so excited about your creative ideas. I am transferring to 2nd grade and would like to use a Calypso them. Can you help me make my theme creative?

  9. Kimberly T. says

    Hi Melanie- I have to say, I am in withdrawal! I miss your daily reveals!! Just wanted to add my name to the list of readers who love this pattern. Ironically, I had told a colleague that I LOVED the colors and patterns of the frog design, but given that I would be teaching 6th grade, would most likely leave the frogs out!! With this collection, you have done that for me! My room this year is decorated with materials from your Organization Station, but since I will be moving rooms along with grade levels, I thought it was reason to recreate and redecorate. 🙂 Thank you for creating a mature classroom theme. Many others often forget that the “big kids” like beautifully coordinated rooms too! Thank you for all your hard work.

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      What a sweet comment! I try really hard to think of everyone when I coming up with new themes! Thank you so much!

  10. Sara says

    Oh my word – everything on your site is stunning!!! I am just heading back to teaching after staying at home with my boys for the past 8 years. I am super excited that I found your site to make my classroom look beautiful!
    I just have one question for you. I was wanting to purchase the Paisley, Blue, Turquoise and Green collection but when i click on the link it sends me to the Midnight, Orchid Paisley. When I go to the shop collections I can’t seem to find it either. If I get the Midnight, Orchid collection – does that have everything from the Paisley, Blue, Turquoise and Green set or is it in a different location that I just can’t seem to find?
    Thank you!

  11. Susan says

    Love this colour combination. Am very jealous of the space you seem to have in your classroom. I have 32 students – Year 5s last year, this year I have Year 4s – our school year is early Feb – mid Dec and I’m in a transportable room, think square-ish metal box. Would love to dress it up but it’s a real challenge! I like to keep some mat space for bringing the students in close but it means the desk area is quite cramped. I dream of a room like yours!

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