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Woodland Animals Classroom Theme

Kids LOVE critters!  They will especially love these cuties.  Each one has such a sweetness to it, that you can’t help not to love!  As we were styling this room, we were constantly “ooohing” and “ahhhing” as we hung each one up!  As you go through the pictures, try to find Mr. Grumpy Owl…he makes me smile!  


I always have people in and out of my house while I’m styling a room, and this one seemed to be the crowd favorite!  

Behind the Scenes:   I struggled with a border combination in this room.  Everything I tried didn’t seem right.  After several days,  I finally figured it out, unfortunately, it was about 15 minutes before my photographer,E’lisa, showed up at my door.  I had to move quickly and change it fast!  I needed brown border, but didn’t have a ton of it.  I quickly started covering up the border I didn’t like and ran out half way through. I had to scrounge through my house to find small pieces to staple around the rest of the board.  If you look closely, you can see how I shoved red border in at the last minute too.  You can’t see it, but behind the white shelf, I don’t have any brown at all…I completely ran out!


Aren’t they adorable?


This would be a fantastic way to label tables…the bears, the raccoons, the rabbits, etc.

Use a large ribbon (preferably a wired ribbon that bends easily) to make pretty bows that make a statement!  This adds a layer of cuteness to your decor!


Don’t forget your brown nests for your birds!  You can purchase brown poms in the Schoolgirl Style Shop!


Now you can string pine cones without the mess!  What an adorable detail!


I added elements of burlap, wood, fur, and craft paper in my designs when creating this decor package!  How about a fur nameplate?  Tags look like rustic paper, and burlap is used in pennants and nameplates.


Oh my goodness…can this get any cuter?


I created this collection in red and turquoise, but I added hints of green and natural elements in browns to soften the bold color combination.


This collection comes with three different owl designs…here is the first one!


All of my labels are editable…just type in the highlighted field and print!



Using wicker baskets adds texture and authenticity to your design.  Don’t forget the adorable craft paper labels (tie with twine) to label your storage.


I HAD to incorporate blue mason jars!  LOVE these!


I purchased the trees from Carson Dellosa, but added my own bold, adorable leaves!  These patterns are included in the collection.


I love this animal pennant banner!  Pennants come in several designs: plain, editable, and with animals.



…and what about these mushrooms???  Speechless.



What does the fox say?  Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!


There they are!  Snowy White Owl and Mr. Grumpy Owl!


Don’t forget your polka dot gable boxes!  Use these to make an adorable flower arrangement!


Such a magical space!


My full collections include my brand new stationary sets!  Stationary sets include Avery label templates, monogrammed prints for your desk, stationary, thank you cards, business cards, and pretty note cards.



Alphabets come in both penmanship and cursive fonts…





Are you interested in winning this collection?  I’ve teamed up with one of my favorite bloggers, Cara Carroll.  Cara is the teacher extraordinaire behind The First Grade Parade.  Do you follow her yet?  Oh my goodness…I adore her blog.  Cara has a way of making her followers feel like you’re one of  her best girlfriends…this girl is so down-to-earth and SO sweet!  Not only does she blog about her classroom, but about her life as well.  I love following her and reading about all of her life adventures.

When I first started Schoolgirl Style, Cara featured me on her blog and she said the kindest things about my decor.  I gained so many followers from her post and I want to return the favor.  Please head on over, check it out, and enter our fabulous giveaway!

You could win:

-The full Woodland Animal Collection

-Fadeless paper from Pacon

-Coordinating border from Pacon

-Poms/daisies/lanterns of your choice from the Schoolgirl Style Shop

Over $100 value!

Head on over to The First Grade Parade for your chance to win this adorable collection!

The First Grade Parade

Let’s Go Shopping!

Photography: E.C. Campbell Photography

Woodland Animal decor: Schoolgirl Style Shop

Fadeless bulletin board paper:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

border: Schoolgirl Style Shop

lanterns and brown poms:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

red and white polka dot box, red and white polka dot ribbon:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

green lamp:  Target

ribbon, daisy bouquets: Michaels

Wicker basket under easel:  Pottery Barn

Gray stuffed owl: Pier 1

Trees:  Carson Dellosa

Leaves on trees:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

Wooden caddy, wicker baskets:  Joann Fabrics

Wood Vase –Save on Crafts

Wooden Frame, twine –Hobby Lobby

Paper: Staples (I used a high gloss photo paper for best results)

Most items are editable and can be personalized for a custom look  (Type in your student’s names and customize classroom labels…perfect handwriting every time!)





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  1. Just precious! I love the animals’ little faces (the rosy cheeks on the fox!)… How much would little kinders love this one? So darling, Melanie.

  2. I love the red and turquoise color combo! I am leaning towards those colors for next year. I teach middle school, so the woodland creatures are a bit elementary for my room BUT they are adorable!!! I WILL have the cutest “middle school” classroom in the building! 😉

    • I love this combination too! I actually created everything without the animals, just in case someone wanted a turquoise/red room, so this could actually still work for you possibly! 🙂

  3. So, so adorable! I feel happy just looking at the pictures! What lucky students you have. I bet the other kids are jealous that don’t get to spend their days with you! What a wonderful inspiration. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much, Lisa! 🙂 Actually, I’m not in the classroom anymore. I taught for 14 years, but left 2 years ago to pursue my dream of creating classroom decor! 🙂

  4. My favorite so far!!! Can’t wait to see the other collections!! The suspense is killing me!!

  5. So… it can’t possibly get any better than this, right?!?!? The collection is gorgeous and really, really, really, has me itching to do some big changes in my classroom!

  6. I’m loving this!!! I would really like to create a teacher toolbox this year. Is there any chance Of you creating labels in this theme that I could use?

  7. Every new theme you post is my favorite one. But I don’t think that you’ll beat this one. Love the colors and the cartoonish characters! If you ever decide to expand to Europe please call me. 🙂

  8. I feel that if you were still in the classroom, this would be the collection you would have. I don’t know why, maybe cause you used to have the blue and green + tree & birds before. It is adorable.

  9. Well now I’m thinking I might have to add some of this to my room next year! But I’m still totally in love with my owl collection

  10. I was so sold on the By the SEA theme and then I saw this and completely changed my mind. Good thing the colors are so similar! Then I can swap over should I change my mind again in a few years and reuse everything. Loooove the new themes and especially this one, with its cute little critters! <3 Love SGS!!!

  11. Have just been browsing through all the new classroom themes. They’re all adorable! This one is my favorite, though — love those cute animals!

  12. I tried to purchase this last week and the link still hasn’t been sent. So excited to get it though! Awesome present for my daughter’s first classroom theme and I know she can’t wait! Love all of your new themes, keep up the awesome work!

  13. I love this theme! Our school mascot is a fox, so this fits perfectly in my class. I would like to do some curtains to coordinate. Amy suggestions?

    • What about a brown and white polka dot? I think that would look adorable!:)

  14. Hi Melanie, After using your Under the Sea collection last year, I didn’t think I’d find another theme that I love as much, but this is IT!! I LOVE the colors and am having so much fun decorating this year!

    Could you please tell me which font you used on the name tags and labels you made up? It just goes so perfectly with this set, and I am a font freak! 🙂

    Thanks so much ~ I so appreciate your talents!

  15. I LOVE this! I’m thinking this will be my theme next year. Now if you could just come put it all together for me…

  16. Hi! You have an amazing talent. I work at a daycare, and my coworkers and I love this for the class. Our question is.. How many of labels, nameplates, tags, etc… come in the Full Collection.

  17. I purchased this set for my classroom already and have been busy printing all of the cute critters. I was wondering where to find the polka dot leaves that you used with the larger leaves included in the collection.

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