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By the Sea

Creating an ocean or beach classroom theme has been my most requested room since the beginning of Schoolgirl Style!  I held off on creating this theme because I felt like it’s been done a million times already.  I knew that if I was going to commit to this particular theme, it had to be special.  It had to be something that hasn’t ever been done before.  I am so SO proud of this room.  This décor has exceeded my own expectations.   

I’ve been dreaming about ocean and beach classroom décor for a long time.  I knew that my “beachy” colors should include soothing blues and greens, but incorporating a pop of vibrant red and orange would give it that “fun” feel that belongs in a classroom full of children!

The Schoolgirl Style ocean and beach classroom décor has the largest selection of patterns than any other theme that I’ve created.  The ideas kept flowing and I just couldn’t stop!  The same is true with my super adorable ocean/beach cut-outs!  To top it all off, I added sharks and mermaids to this fabulous classroom décor package.  After polling a group of children, I found out that the kids are CRAZY about sharks and mermaids!

cut out collage ocean

Patterns were created with my favorite combinations…chevron, polka dots, and stripes.  I even included a fish scale pattern in a cute scalloped design to coordinate perfectly with your ocean theme!

All of my tags, labels, and banners were created with JUST the cute pattern (no clip art) in case you wanted to use the collection as a Classroom Couture theme.

Check out these amazing patterns in the gorgeous “By the Sea” colors…

Ocean Beach theme classroom decoration decor papers by Schoolgirl Style

21 patterns included and they all coordinate perfectly with one another!

I told you this was the largest collection that I’ve created! Smile

Are you ready to see the gorgeous photos?!?  I hope you love it as much as I do!


Ocean decorations theme decor by Schoolgirl Style

Introducing…”By the Sea” by Schoolgirl Style

Ocean Beach Crab Classroom Decor and Organization by Schoolgirl Style

Crabs were created with a cute chevron belly AND a blank editable belly to customize with your student names!

Ocean Beach Crab classroom decorating themes by Schoolgirl Style

Nameplates and multipurpose labels are editable as well!

*MAC computers are not compatible with the editable version of our tags and labels.  A personal computer is needed to customize our editable products!

Crab Beach Fish Ocean theme classroom decor by Schoolgirl Style

A custom pencil holder could not be any cuter!  Beach ball cut-outs are the perfect accent for bulletin boards and table signs!

Crab Ocean Fish Beach Classroom Decorations by Schoolgirl Style

No worries about writing on nameplates or labels.  Our editable products let you choose your own font and colors!

*We used “Lobster” font on all of our labels, tags, and banners!

Crab Ocean Beach Classroom Theme by Schoolgirl Style

I used the super popular chevron border from Creative Teaching Press in turquoise.  CTP’s lime green, orange, and poppy red coordinate with this theme too!

Chevron baskets are from Michaels.

Beach Ocean chevron sea classroom decor by Schoolgirl Style

Adding a little glitz was a must with my ocean and beach theme!  I used glitter scrapbook paper from Michaels to make my sparkly ocean water. 

I really wanted to mimic the scallop design that I used on all of our tags and labels by creating a similar scallop design with the water.

Included in our cut-out collection is your very own scallop template for you to use on your own bulletin boards!  Creating pretty waves has never been easier!

Ocean Shark Fish Sea Creatures Classroom decorations by Schoolgirl Style

I also used the same glitter paper and traced around my cut-outs to give my ocean animals a glitzy appearance! 

Ocean Starfish Beach Chevron Classroom Decorations by Schoolgirl Style

I added glitter around the seahorses too!  I’m in love with these adorable starfish.  Print them out and create a custom ocean banner for your classroom!

Ocean Beach Sea Fish Starfish Classroom Theme by Schoolgirl Style

It’s hard to see in the photo, but the large “SEA” word on the bulletin board was sprayed with glitter paint to make it sparkle.  You can never have too much glitter! Smile

Ocean beach chevron polka dot classroom decorations by Schoolgirl Style

Alphabet cards are editable as well, just in case you want to use a specific font.  *Decorating Tip…use the existing pennant banner as a template to trace a glittery pennant out of coordinating glitter scrapbook paper.  This will add a little more shimmer to your hanging pennants!

Ocean Beach starfish shark chevron classroom decor by Schoolgirl Style

Beach pails are the perfect accessory for your ocean and beach themed classroom!

Ocean Beach Classroom mermaid fish theme by Schoolgirl Style

Schoolgirl Style even carries coordinating turquoise and chartreuse picture frames to coordinate with your ocean themed classroom décor.

Ocean Beach Classroom design ideas by Schoolgirl Style

A WELCOME banner with glittery paper.  Beautiful.

Ocean Beach Classroom organization ideas by Schoolgirl Style

Editable binder covers with coordinating papers to use for your classroom craft projects are included in our ocean themed package.

Ocean Beach theme classroom organization by Schoolgirl Style

Ocean Beach Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl Style

Pretty mermaids are sure to be a hit with the girls in your classroom!

Ocean Beach Classroom Decorations by Schoolgirl Style

Ocean Beach Classroom Theme by Schoolgirl Style


Photos courtesy of E.C. Campbell Photography – Rochester Hills, MI

Tags, labels, banners, striped poms, turquoise pictures frames, banners, binder covers, cut outs, papers:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

Turquoise chevron border:  Creative Teaching Press

Beach Pails, glitter scrapbook paper , “SEA” letters on bulletin board:  Michaels

Grass skirting, bamboo table runner, orange and turquoise Bordette:  Amazon

green tray on table:  Walmart

White table and chairs:  Pottery Barn Kids

White shelf:  Home Decorator’s Collection, Martha Stewart Collection

Colored plastic tubs on white shelf:  Party City



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  1. So cute!!!!! Thanks a bunch! Shifting from 2nd to K and this is perfect to add/compliment some things that I already have. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Super lovely Ocean theme! I am interested in purchasing for my classroom next year; could you email me a ballpark figure for printing at my local Kinkos? Do you also print and ship for an additional charge? Have you seen any glitter borders out there? Finally, have you ever seen the Handwriting without Tears font? I wonder if we could edit and print in that font…
    Sorry for all the questions! 🙂 Thank you!

    • Sorry! I just found the FAQ/Info that answers the question of Schoolgirlstyle printing and shipping. 🙂

  3. Simply gorgeous! If I hadn’t already purchased my owl themed classroom decor from your site I’d be all over this. You are very talented!!!! Thank you for offering such chic classroom decor at an unbeatable price!

    • Hi Sue!

      Everything is editable, so you can use whatever font you want from websites like and

  4. Just fabulous! (I like the flexibility with the different colors and patterns.) And it truly goes beyond the typical “beach” theme.

  5. So excited to see it all posted! Quick question- what sizes are the cut outs? I use cut outs for various things in the classroom and wondering if they will fit the different things I would use them for. Thanks!!

  6. I love love love your site. I am stuck between the ocean theme and owl theme. I have done the ocean theme for the last 3 years, but nothing this glamorous. Mainly the same old retired cut outs!!!! This brings ocean theme to a whole new meaning!!!! I am so excited and can’t wait to make up my mind between the ocean or owl theme.

  7. Are the editable sections included in the Mac version. I will print 90% at home, but could take the files to school to print the editable items. Thanks.

  8. The ‘turquoise” paper daisy in the shop under this collection looks more baby blue…is that just the lighting? Is it the same color that is in the collection?
    Thanks…can’t wait to use this collection next year!

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ocean THEME!!! I want it all!! I am moving to a new school and the classroom that needs some color and pizazz and boy did I come to the right place!! The teachers at my old school were all talking about Schoolgirlstyle!!! Can’t wait to make this classroom O’fish’ally mine!!
    Thanks for your wonderful ideas!!!

  10. I am in love with this! Also, recommended the Road Trip theme to a friend/colleague.

  11. I am interested in purchasing this set. I have a few questions. How do you know what size paper to print everything on? i.e. the alphabet line, the coordinating paper…etc. Thanks! So very excited!

  12. I just purchased your by the sea theme. I was wondering about the glitter blue accents. Is that made from scrap booking paper or is it a boarder? Thank you and I am printing already!!!

    • It is scrapbook paper that Melanie cut into scalloped boarder.

      Schoolgirl Style~Kandin

  13. Loving this theme and want to purchase, but am wondering if you have red and pink or is it the lighting that makes the red look pink?

    • Hi Leann!

      It is actually called “Poppy Red.” It is more on the red side, but does have a pinkish undertone.

  14. I am loving this theme! Planning on using it in my preschool classroom next year but I was wondering, does the Full Collection come with a Calendar or just the months?

  15. One more question….When you order does this become downloadable on my computer or how does it get sent to you?

  16. I am considering buying this whole collection! I love it! My only concern is the cost of printing. Staples has informed me I must buy the file first and add it to my Staples cart before I can get it an total on how much it will cost. I do not want to purchase the files until I know that the printing costs are within my budget. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure on how much printing this entire collection will be? Also, can you give me an idea of how much ink (# of ink cartridges) it will take to print the collection. I want to see which will be most cost efficient.
    Thank you!

    • Patiently waiting….School starts soon and I need to get started!

      Thank you!

      • I didn’t buy the WHOLE set but I bought 2 pkgs. of cardstock at Walmart about $12 for both and I went thru a color cartridge for my computer which was $25. Pretty cheap!!!

      • I guess it would help if I told you what I bought. I bought sea animals, labels, name plates, word wall, center/ table signs, pennants, and I think that’s it. I’m using the table sign for a welcome banner. I couldn’t buy the cute calendar because we have to use a certain calendar math at our school. Buying the whole set is a great buy though! Good luck. I’m starting today on my bulletin boards! I’ll post picks!

  17. Your chevron border looks lime green but you stated it is turquoise…. Can you clarify. I am trying to order it. Want to get the right color.

    • Or possibly you used both colors. I know color hues can look different on different screens. Thanks.

    • Whatever she has listed should be the correct color.

      Schoolgirl Style~Kandin

  18. I love all of your themes!! If I purchase the Ocean Theme and download it to my Mac computer, will I be able to also download it on my husband’s PC so that I can edit the labels or does it only download to one computer?

    • You can download the files, and then you can save them to transport wherever they need to go.

      Schoolgirl Style~Kandin

  19. I love this new theme! I already bought CTP’s Dots on Turquoise and was planning on using it as an ocean theme classroom. Do you think this collection will coordinate with what I have already purchased? I hope so because I really want to incorporate this into my classroom.

  20. Hi there!
    Would it be possible for you to do a custom order for a birthday chart that matches this theme? I can print it on architect paper to make it big…. Just curious!


  21. I recently order a few of the things to go with the By the Sea collection. I am excited to get started, but I’m having a few problems. I working on the multipurpose labels and I can’t figure out how to turn the font. Has anyone else ever experienced this problem? All help is greatly appreciated????

  22. Where did oh purchase the supply containers? They look like plastic chip and dip servers and I love the idea!

  23. I just bought By the Sea, I can’t wait to start printing it. I was browsing the cuts outs and was wondering where I could find the scallop template for the ocean?


  24. …Am I the only one who has noticed that the “welcome” sign doesn’t spell welcome? It spells “W E J C O M E” I’m slightly ocd and everyday I look at my welcome sign and think about why theres a J instead if an L

      • Yes I initially thought the same until I looked at my alphabet which has been printed and posted on my wall. Please feel free to look at the complete and utter difference in the J and L in the alphabet.
        Don’t get me wrong I absolutely LOVE this theme and my classroom is adorable thanks to schoolgirlstyle, I just wish I could find out how to edit my welcome sign in that same font to correct the misspelling of the word so it wouldn’t bother me. I have a mac and have been able to edit everything as needed on my mac despite what I have been told about having to use a PC, I just don’t have the specific font that was used with this theme on my computer in order to fix it.

  25. I love this! Would you use white background paper for every board in the room with this collection?

  26. Love this theme! I used the owls for the past 2 years and am thinking of changing to this…but using more just chevron and polka dots. Just wondering is there any pink in this theme? Do you have a preview that I could print before I purchase just so I can get a feel for the colors. Definitely buying one of your packages…just have to decide which colors work best:)

    • Hi Jillian!

      The red in this theme is called “Poppy Red.” It’s not a true red, but more on the pinkish side. I would be happy to send you something as a sample. Just send me an email and I’ll have one of my assistants help you. 🙂

  27. So cute!!! Is it possible to edit the colors of the images?? I would LOVE the ‘Poppy” color to be pink

    • Unfortunately, I can’t change the colors. This red isn’t a true red…it’s more of a pinkish red, so a hot pink would work too!

  28. I LOVE LOVE this theme! I believe I will probably buy this By the Sea collection. How do I buy? Also, did you use fabric or is it cardstock with the banners?

    • Hi Hannah! You can purchase this collection from the Schoolgirl Style Shop! Here is the link…
      The banner is cardstock. 🙂

    • Hi Robin! Yes! You can go to the shop and the sea animals are listed separately. 🙂

  29. Hello I’m using the beach theme for next school year. However, my colors are turquoise, purple, and lime green. Can the items in this set be edited as far as the colors go? Could you give me some tips on things to add to my room to give it the ocean feel. I’m a new teacher!


  1. […] created the scalloped/waves at the bottom by simply cutting two types of glitter paper. I also used Schoolgirl Style’s banner printables and ideas for the hula skirts around the tables. Check out her site for more […]

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