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Ocean Sneak Peek…well, kind of…

I’ve been waiting to unveil all of my ocean and beach themed classroom photos.  I have a long, very involved blog post written about my room explaining colors and products.  All I need to do is push the button and it’s out there for the world to see.

As I constantly reflect about my products and my blog, I realized that I may or may not of displayed my photos correctly.  In my original post, I created small mini collages with my photos.  I love the idea of grouping similar images to tell a story.

After looking at the photos, I am not sure if you can see all of the details of the room.  Of course, it could just be me.  I am known to be picky from time to time! Smile  So, I decided to hold off on my original post until tomorrow evening and just show you individual photos tonight.

As with everything, it is all a learning process.  I would love to hear your feedback after I unveil both sets of pictures.  Do you like individual photos or mini collages better?

So, here we go!  Individual photos of my Ocean/Beach themed classroom…

ocean beach classroom decorations by Schoolgirl Style2

Ocean beach classroom theme by Schoolgirl Style3

Ocean Beach chevron classroom decor by Schoolgirl Style

Ocean Beach Schoolgirl Style striped polka dot classroom theme

Classroom Organization ideas by Schoolgirl Style chevron

Classroom Organization by Schoolgirl Style

Ocean Beach Classroom theme by Schoolgirl Style chevron  classroom organization

Starfish mermaids classroom theme by Schoolgirl Style

Ocean Beach Polka Dot Classroom Theme by Schoolgirl Style

Chevron Ocean Beach Decorations by Schoolgirl Style

Ocean Beach Classroom theme by Schoolgirl Style5

Starfish Ocean decor by Schoolgirl Style

Ocean Beach classroom decorating theme by Schoolgirl Style

Ocean Beach Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl Style1

Ocean Beach classroom crab theme by Schoolgirl Style

Ocean Beach Classroom Crab decor by Schoolgirl Style

Ocean Beach Classroom theme by Schoolgirl Style6

Ocean Beach classroom theme by Schoolgirl Style 4

Ocean Beach Shark Classroom theme by Schoolgirl Style

Ocean Beach Fish Theme by Schoolgirl STyle

ocean  beach themed bulletin board by Schoolgirl Style

Stay tuned for tomorrow evening.  You will get a complete explanation of the theme and see even more photos!

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Sarah says

    I can’t wait for the full post tomorrow night! This theme is so beautiful and the glitter is awesome! Great job! 🙂

  2. Julie says

    Love this new theme! I like the individual photos . I enjoy studying them in big detail!

  3. Erika Silva says

    I like the individual pictures so I can see more details. I love the animals so it’s gender neutral along with the bright and fun colors. Still dying for a frog theme too!

  4. Stefanie says

    Looking forward to “sea- ing” more tomorrow such as what is hanging above the table signs etc

  5. mary says

    I agree – the individual photos help me see the details. It is a happy, and timely, theme!

  6. Christie Callender says

    Love it….so adorable! Photos are great…..the only thing I would like to see more detail of is the banner pennants. You will do well with this!!

  7. Windy James-Starnes says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this theme! Moving to a new school next year-considering using THIS cutie theme! I prefer the indiviual pictures, too, as you can see everything better. Mermaids: is there a close-up of them anywhere?

  8. Jeanne says

    I definitely like individual pictures! The collages are so small that I can’t see much! (This happens on lots of blogs!)

    Your beach theme is gorgeous–as are all of your sets!

  9. Isabel Z says

    I have been waiting with bated breath for this newest addition to your line after you answered my email asking about a possible sea theme and here it is in all its splendor. I love the individual photos as I can see all of the details. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post and purchasing this for my classroom that I am redoing this summer!!! Thank you so much for all of the inspiration and the visuals.

  10. Jennifer says

    LOVE! You make me want to change my classroom theme, but I’ve already got too much invested to start over right now. So jealous of whatever fun teacher chooses this!

  11. Sisha Palacio says

    I will be a new second grade teacher this fall and have been looking through all your themes. I really love all of them, but common sense tells me to choose this one since our school-wide theme for next year is “Dive Into Learning.” Can’t wait to see more!

  12. Jessica Kennedy says

    I am sooo happy to see these pictures! I have done bees in my classroom for several years and I purchased your Honey Bee Collection last year (which I was so incredibly happy with). I decided at the end of the school year that I was ready for something more colorful in my room. Several of the teachers at my school use your other themes so I didn’t have many options….until now! (I told them last night that this one is mine) I can’t wait until tonight!!

  13. Heidi says

    The first thing I said when I saw the first picture was: “Oh my gosh, so cute!” Haha, and, yes, I said it out loud….to myself! It’s just me and the dog right now! 🙂

    This new room looks very beautiful and happy, and cheery, and fun! I could keep going! Hah! I am definitely looking forward to more pictures! I really like the new scalloped, perhaps, scale inspired, backgrounds. The crabs are adorable, and the glittery ocean on the bulletin board is so fun!

    Have you ever thought about doing number lines as a part of your designs? Typically they are so boring! I do have a cute apple one, but it does not match my theme at all….

    Also, I shared you with our new teacher yesterday! She was in my room and saw my word work shelves with your back and white polka dot labels. A new fan! 🙂

  14. Alyssa says

    Love this…totally what i am doing this year. Can you edit the alphabet letters. Teach K and wishing for a more age appropriate font.

  15. LeAnn Graham says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this theme!!!! I am an elementary teacher. I was wondering if there is anyway you can change the font to the d’nealian font?

  16. Baker says


    I just purchased this entire package and on my Welcome banner the capital L is a capital J…I saw where someone else posted this before and I thought it was corrected in the package itself. I would be happy to just make my own capital L on the editable one but for the life of me I cannot get it to center correctly on the pennant.

    Thanks so much for your assistance!!

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