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Learn Colorfully Classroom Decor

I’m sure you already figured it out that chevron is all the rage this season. I love chevron too.  I especially love chevron paired with polka dots and stripes!

I created the cutest classroom décor collection in bright happy colors using rainbow chevron, polka dots in primary colors, and rainbow stripes!

This is one of my versatile collections yet!

Schoolgirl Style Learn Colorfully rainbow chevron classroom theme

What I love most about this classroom theme is that you have so many decorating choices!  If you are not into chevron, no worries, you don’t have to use it OR just use a small amount in your room.  If you prefer stripes over polka dots, use the stripes.  If you are drawn to big, thick chevron stripes as opposed to thin chevron stripes, you have the choice!

The best part…

This collection matches everything!

Classroom decorating has never been so EASY!

Rainbow chevron classroom decor theme by Schoolgirl Style

I used this classroom theme as my daughter’s birthday party décor.  Think “Art Party” in the classroom!

Schoolgirl Style chevron room theme decor

I happen to be in LOVE with this font!  It has a retro vibe with cute sparkles…LOVE it!

Font name… sparkly

Classroom chevron center signs by Schoolgirl Style

This is a photo of the THIN chevron design.  Do you like thicker lines?  You have the choice!

Schoolgirl Style rainbow polka dot chevron classroom theme decor

Surround me with pennant banners and I am one happy girl!

chevron stripe classroom decor by Schoolgirl Style

I am also LOVING the rainbow stripes!  Everything coordinates, so you can use it all!

Classroom Storage and Organization by Schoolgirl Style

Classroom storage and organization has never been so fun!


Inexpensive paint brushes were used as nametag holders!  Just use a dab of hot glue to hold it in place!

Rainbow chevron labels from Schoolgirl Style school decor

Binder covers, a stunning alphabet, and Word Wall labels will coordinate your colorful classroom!

Chevron Classroom Decorations by Schoolgirl Style

As always, Schoolgirl Style classroom décor is editable!  Make those pretty labels in bright colors and cute fonts!

chevron classroom banner theme decor by Schoolgirl Style


Polka dot striped rainbow classroom theme decor by Schoolgirl Style

Classroom organization by Schoolgirl Style chevron



The Learn Colorfully Collection includes:

Pennant banners

multipurpose labels (editable)

binder covers (editable)

Avery label template (editable)

Alphabet line

nameplates (editable)

WELCOME banner

door sign (editable)

chevron, polka dot, and striped papers for DIY classroom projects

Table/Center signs (editable)

Word Wall labels

*Font used… sparkly


Paint cans:  Michaels

Small Paint Cans:  Target

Alphabet Border:  Creative Teaching Press

Baskets:  Really Good Stuff

Paintbrushes:  Home Depot

Yellow Border:  Yellow Bordette from Pacon

Photos courtesy of E.C. Campbell Photography in Rochester Hills, MI

Lanterns:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

Thin ribbon on table:  Homegoods

Labels, banners, tags, pennants, papers:  Schoolgirl Style Shop



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  1. Kimberly Washburn says

    So sweet and cheery! I think this would be great in my daughters classroom, she will be a first year special education teacher in the fall. I teach but I am looking to help her first year be amazing!

  2. Annie Moffatt says

    Oh I am SO EXCITED!!! I can’t wait to decorate our homeschool room for this fall and Schoolgirl Style is at the top of my decorating list!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE EVERYTHING you do!! Melanie, you are amazing and so inspiring 🙂

  3. Heidi says

    Soooooo cute and extremely colorful! Just saw your Facebook post about the new ocean theme. That looks like it’ll be adorable too!

  4. Carly says

    Love he chevron theme!! And the polka dots! Will you be individually listing the items for sale like you did the owls? I have several owl pieces, but would like to incorporate pieces from both of these, but don’t need them all!!! Thanks so much!!!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Carly!
      If you would like to purchase individual pieces, you can contact Christy, my assistant, to create a custom listing for you. 🙂

  5. Carol Ann Phillips says

    I love the font, but it would not be usable for my word wall labels and alphabet line. Is there any way to get those editable? Thanks!!

  6. Carol Ann Phillips says

    I love the font, it’s fun, but would not be appropriate for my word wall labels or my alphabet line. Any way to get those files editable as far as font? Thanks!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Carol! I agree it should be editable for that reason. We are working on that today. It should be ready and updated on Monday! 🙂

      • Pamela Owens says


        I bought this collection and love it! Can I get the updated version too? I would like to change the font also. My order was on June 25. Thanks

  7. Laura Cothran says

    Loveeeeeeeeeeee this!!! Looking forward to a classroom facelift to match our new building!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Leslie Valsamakis says

    LOVE the bright colors and this adorable chevron pattern mixed with the polka dots!! This would be great in my classroom. It is so happy and I actually already have that abc border!

  9. Kim says

    I love the versatility of this collection and can’t wait to mix and match with items from one or more of the other collections!

  10. Erika says

    How long ago did you buy that ABC border? I wanted to get that along with the rainbow theme, but it’s no longer available on the website you listed.

  11. Dana Duke says

    I just purchased this item. It says “file cannot be opened.” I didn’t have this problem with my previous purchase. Help! Thank you!

  12. Kristi Wiggins says

    Just ordered this and I’m soooo excited about using it , but I’m having trouble downloading it. It sends me to Linklok and says “Could not open file”. Any suggestions?

  13. Kriti Cornwell says

    Love this! I was wondering if the papers in this collection are in png format so that they can be used in presentations or if they are printable only. Thank you!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      All of the collections are in PDF format.

      Schoolgirl Style~Kandin

  14. Suzanne Malcuit says

    I just love all your designs! I am considering purchasing the Learn Colorfully Collection. When something is editable does that mean I can choose any font and color? Thank you!

  15. Libby says

    Hi, I am considering the purchase of this colorful set! I love it! But, wondered how much ink you used in printing everything needed for a classroom? Did you use 2 color ink and how does it look on card stock instead of photo paper? How many pages of photo paper would I need to print a set of everything for my classroom??

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Hi Libby!

      Melanie uses a Canon Pro9000 Mark II printer with 8 different cartridges. When you print on card stock, the images don’t come out quite as vibrant, but it still works. Usually, we use around 50 pages or less of photo paper per collection. I hope this answers your questions!

      Schoolgirl Style~Kandin

  16. Lisa Lindner says

    I did your file and it is wonderful. But trying to edit and I could not do it. Please help. I followed the directions you have given but it wouldn’t let me even highlight the text.

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Only the boxes without text are editable. The pages with what looks like a light blue box on them are the pages with editable features. I hope this helps!

      Schoolgirl Style~Kandin

  17. Emily says


    I would like to purchase this bundle; however, need to know if the editable binder covers come with editable spine portion. If not…will you be making one in the future?

  18. Emily says

    I love this bundle! Does the editable binder cover come with an editable spine cover for the binder…if not, will you be making one in the future?

  19. AManda Politano says

    I absolutely love these colors and the paint cans. Great idea for supply storage or stations games. 🙂

  20. Mariah Hughes says

    Ohhhh in the party supply section for $1-4 were rainbow chevron/stripe supplies (cups, straws, plates, etc..) I grabbed up several of them! All of this stuff would definitely match… maybe I need to make this my theme next year? 🙂

  21. Nicki says

    Can you please tell me if I can purchase the word wall from this separately or if I have to purchase the whole set to get the word wall?


      • Nicki says

        Thank you for the reply. However, I just want to purchase the word wall. I want to know if I have to purchase the whole set to get that item.


  22. Renaada Spears says

    I love the chevron theme. I currently have an owl theme. I would love to add chevrons. This really was really inspiring to see. Thanks!

    Renaada Spears

  23. Kelly Ann says

    I love the collection! Thank you!

    I am trying to use the book basket labels, following your directions for entering text. However, every time I do that, the text for one label ends up on the other two labels on the page. In other words, when I click from box to box, whatever I just typed, ends up in all three boxes on the page. Help!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      Do you have the directions? Check out my FAQ section on my blog and that should help you! If you are still having trouble, contact Kandin at Schoolgirl Style – she can help you! 🙂

  24. Jeanne Dixon says

    Is it possible to only purchase the word wall labels? Or just the large chevron circles? I am redoing my word wall and I absolutely love the chevron!!

  25. Lisa Lindner says

    I have been printing and laminating this collection. It is WONDERFUL!! But I do have a question. To put the banners up on ribbon, do you use an exacto knife and cut a line so you can put the ribbon through it? I know it may sound simple but don’t want to mess my beautiful stuff up! Thanks

  26. Kim Gehring says

    How do you suggest adhering the paper to the inside of the clear paint cans? I don’t want to mess it up!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      You can actually just use a little piece of tape. I didn’t use anything in mine and it was fine.:)

  27. Sherrie says

    I have this collection and was trying to find the alphabet border, but they don’t seem to have it anywhere. Is there a border that you can suggest that would work with this collection? Thanks!

  28. Sherrie says

    I have this collection but, having trouble finding the alphabet border. Is there another suggestion you think would go with this collection? Thank you!

  29. Joan Price says

    Lovely job! I really love how you incorporated all those colors into the classroom, the kids must really love it. I tried to decorate my room similar to what you have going on here except I gave the kids a chance to decorate the classroom chairs and desks. While it ended up being a little messier then I anticipated the kids had a blast!


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