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Road Trip!

I am so so excited about this new classroom theme! 


There are so many learning opportunities with this original theme.  It is perfect for so many grade levels as well!

I became inspired while looking at a simple map.  The ideas started to take over and I couldn’t stop envisioning children learning through imaginary travel!

Can’t you picture the sun shining, hopping in your car, and just driving across the United States, stopping at all of the amazing destinations that the U.S. has to offer?!? 

Each state has an identity all of their own.  Learning about what makes each state special and unique can be an awesome learning experience for all of your students!

Can you imagine how excited your students will be when they walk into their classroom for the first time and realize that they are about to embark on a special journey?

This is what ROAD TRIP is all about.

Discovery.  Exploration.  Adventure.  Fun.

Are you ready to go on a ROAD TRIP?!?  Hop in and off we GO!

Classroom Decorating themes by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip

Moving me down the highway

Rolling me down the highway

Moving ahead so life won’t pass me by…

Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip 25

Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip8

Each child can have their own license plate.  Our editable license plates can be used for chairs, bulletin board displays, self-portraits, or nameplates.  The possibilities are endless!

Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip7

ROAD TRIP was designed in a colorful classroom décor palette.  Your theme will come to life the minute you use Schoolgirl Style’s coordinated themed products!

Classroom Lanterns by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip 30

Don’t forget Schoolgirl Style’s colorful lanterns to add a touch of whimsy to your classroom theme!  The coordinating lanterns create the “WOW” factor that you are looking for when people enter your room!

Classroom Themes by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip 23

A colorful alphabet with an adorable license plate background pulls your entire classroom theme together.  Don’t forget your “road” letters!  Letters are perfect for bulletin boards and customized banners!

Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip 24

License plates can also be used as Center signs or a welcome sign outside your classroom door!

Don’t forget your coordinating Word Wall labels and editable nameplates!

Classroom Decorating by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip 28

More coordinating labels, tags, and banners…

Classroom Themes by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip 29

Most of the items in the ROAD TRIP collection are editable.  No more worrying about your handwriting!  Type into the tags and you will have perfect labels every time!

Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip22

Use an atlas, maps, and brochures from different destinations to create the ultimate travel themed classroom!  Don’t forget the signs from Creative Teaching Press!



Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip5

I love using pennants in the classroom.  Pennants are the hottest craze in classroom décor!  They are perfect to line bulletin boards, white boards, windows, and drape from the ceiling!  Pennants can turn unused space into a colorful focal point!

Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip1

Classroom Themes by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip 27

Coordinating binder covers can keep all of your important papers organized!  Do your students track their own data?  How about an editable cover for each student?  This is a fun way to pull your classroom theme together!

Classroom themes by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip 19

Schoolgirl Style has also created vintage state postcards!  The postcards are one of my favorite creations in the ROAD TRIP classroom theme!  Use them over tables to designate groups, use on bulletin boards, or use as a writing assignment or for state reports!  All 50 states are included!

Classroom Themes by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip

Who doesn’t stop at McDonalds when you are on a ROAD TRIP?  Use french fry boxes to hold lunch count sticks, use for managing Centers, use as a book check-out system, class jobs, etc…

This is one of my favorite ideas EVER!  Cute!  Cute!

It doesn’t stop there!  How about using empty McDonalds cups and cup holders to use on your tables to hold supplies?  The cup holders keep everything in place.  No need to worry about anything tipping over.  Cups are held tightly into the holders for the perfect organization tool!

Gosh, I can’t stand it…this is too cute!

Classroom theme by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip 16

Classroom decorating by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip 18

Empty parfait cups work great too!


Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl STyle Road Trip 15

If you go on a ROAD TRIP, you need to take your driver’s license!

Lastly, Schoolgirl Style has a driver’s license available for your students!

Licenses were created with all 50 states available!

Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl STyle Road Trip12

Choose from two sizes!  The large size is perfect for a self portrait or take your student’s picture and add it to the license.  Use as a cute bulletin board display!

Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip9


Use the smaller size for name tags!

Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl STyle Road Trip 13

Classroom Decor by Schoolgirl Style Road Trip2

Schoolgirl Style has thought of everything to make your classroom the most amazing place for students to learn! 


Tags, banners, labels, pennants, and cut-outs available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop.

Lanterns available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop.

Photos courtesy of E.C. Campbell Photograhy

Street signs from Creative Teaching Press – #5987

America the Beautiful Map – Target


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  1. Oh my goodness! Another super cute theme! Thanks, Melanie! You continue to help make teaching a joy!!!

  2. Wow, this is so stinkin’ cute and you have outdone yourself once again! I have been waiting to see this theme ever since you posted a “teaser” photo on Facebook. LOVE it!

  3. Oh my gosh, Melanie! This is PERFECT! I love that it incorporates the primary colors that so many teachers already use in their classroom, so much of what they may already have could coordinate. For the beginning teacher on a budget, I think this is absolutely a wise choice. I LOVE IT!

  4. Very original! You never cease to amaze me; this is definitely one of my favorites! Nothing better than a road trip!

  5. So cute and a learning opportunity as well! What is the purpose for the fry containers under the map?

  6. Very cute and colorful! You’re making me want to take an actual road trip once school gets out!

  7. I don’t teach in a classroom anymore . I’m an event planner and I often use your stuff for themed events.
    I love it its so wonderfully creative.

  8. I love your work! You have such an incredible eye. I would love how you would make perhaps a science lab theme and perhaps a technology room . . . i.e. apps, iPhones, iPads, etc.

  9. I have printed the license plates, but having issues with it. After printing I realized the boxes have a small + sign at the bottom right corner. I do not want that, as yours does not. Any suggestions?

    • When you go to your printer options, try to click “print image” and see if that works. If not, email me back and we’ll try to figure it out!

  10. I love the Colorful theme with the chevron and polka dots. Do you think I could tie the road trip theme and the chevron theme together? Looks like both are the rainbow colors. Love them both!!

  11. I love this! Where on the site can I purchase the postcards and driver’s licenses? Thanks!

    • Hi Lisa!
      It’s included in the Road Trip collection and sold separately at

  12. This is what I have been looking for. I’m so ready to use this next school year.

  13. LOVE, LOVE LOVE this classroom theme!!! I am making a change in my career this year and moving to Special Ed. Resource Teacher (K-2nd); I just thought this theme would be PERFECT for the “journey” we will take together this year…..I’m soooooo excited!!! 🙂

  14. I can’t wait for next year using the Road Trip theme. I purchased your decorating book, and it is wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! After reading your book, would you please suggest a 3-D for Road Trip? I am trying to envision using 3-D in room corners and am stumped! Thanks, Melanie.

  15. I wonder if the Road Trip plates can be printed in a particular color scheme. Say instead of multi-color, to use blue/chartreuse/????? I am really hoping the answer is yes, but, need to know before I purchase!!

    • Hello!

      The collections come in the color that is listed; the colors are not editable.

      Schoolgirl Style~Kandin

  16. Hi Melanie,

    I also LOVE this theme. I’m going to use it for my 2nd grade class this year. I’m already gathering the things I need for it. What can I do as a 3-D for one of the corners? I bought a bunch of your lanterns and a couple of pom poms, but I’m confused on how to do a 3-D. Thanks so much.


  17. I love this theme! I just purchased it but am having some trouble with the plates. They look white in the pictures but when I open the file the plates have a peachy colored watermark in the background. Is there a way to print them white just like they look in the pictures?

    • Mine are the same way. I had a really hard time getting fonts too. I never could get mine to look like the ones online. 🙁

      • I am also having a hard time with the fonts on the plates. I finally had to just write on them. The plates are a peach color. I am not pleased with them.

        • Hi Toni!
          I’m sorry you had trouble. The great thing about Schoolgirl Style is that we have a customer service team that is readily available to help you with any problems that might arise while editing. I consulted my assistant, Kandin, and she said that you haven’t contacted her. She is here and ready to help! As for the peach color, that is the EXACT color that I used in my photo shoot and it coordinates with the entire collection. We also have white license plates available upon request (we won’t charge for this). Kandin can send these to you as well. We pride ourselves on great customer service and the key is to just ask – we will do everything we can to help you! ~Melanie

  18. WOW!! Great! This is such a wonderful springboard for the ‘direction’ you want to take your kids!

  19. I just ordered this complete set for my classroom, and I am so excited! This is exactly the theme I was looking to find! I love the vibrant colors, too! Thanks so much!

  20. I am in LOVE with this!!!! I am definitely getting this for my classroom! I am so glad I saw your website on Thoughtful Third Grade’s blog! 🙂

  21. I’m a senior in college on my way to becoming a future teacher. I am so glad I came across your site. I absolutely love this theme!! 🙂

    • Thank you, Samantha! Congratulations on choosing such a rewarding career! I will be here when you are ready! 🙂

  22. I love this theme! I purchased it about a month ago and I’m setting up my classroom now for next year with this theme but I am having some trouble with the plates. They look white in the pictures but when I open the file the plates have a peachy colored watermark in the background. Is there a way to print them white just like they look in the pictures?

  23. I love all of your ideas! I am a brand new kindergarten
    teacher and wondered if you think the Road Trip theme is
    a good choice for my classroom? Or is it geared to older kids?

    • I love Road Trip, but it may be a little too old for Kindergarten, unless you just use the license plates with my Learn Colorfully package – that would be really cute for Kindergarten! 🙂

  24. I assume that you have an English alphabet . . . is it possible to create the extra letters for the Spanish alphabet? Please let me know!!

  25. I love, love, love this theme! I especially adore the license plates on the back of the white chairs and driver’s licenses! I bet a teacher could use tape to mark off a roadway on the classroom floor to go from center to center. I really like adding in the fast food items, as well. Switching out the fast food chain items from time to time to match a particular Social Studies theme would be cool too. For example, using Taco Bell for a Spanish lesson, Long John Silvers containers for a beach theme unit, etc. I think using the McDonald’s plastic cups and trays is a great idea for a teacher or school system on a very tight budget.

  26. Does McDonalds give out free cups, cup holders, French fry containers, etc.? Do you have to call the home office or go to your local McDonalds store?

    • Yes, McDonald’s will give these items to you free. I just told them th’e reason I needed them. Good luck.

      • Maybe you could use something neutral as 1) not to look like you are shucking for a particular brand, and 2) not promoting this garbage food. Maybe more “farm market” type item labels on containers? The drinks could be plain cups labeled H20? Just a thought. Love the idea of promoting Geography! It gets shorted and the fun way you incorporate it is wonderful! Look forward to buying some items for next year for my k-8 resource room.

  27. I am having trouble with the license plates as well. The font is small and not the correct style. I do not know how to change the font size/color in the pdf document. Can you give directions for how to do this?

    • Hi Bev!
      We have directions located in our FAQ section of my blog. I also have a customer service representative available with any questions that you might have. She can walk you through the process if you are having trouble. Contact

  28. I used this theme in my class in a more subdued manor. It is so colorful and cheery! I love the combinations of the primary and bright colors. Would love to share my photos

    • Please share photos. I lost all my classroom decor in a tornado in May and need ideas on how to decorate Ina space space as we have been displaced for this year into a church with small rooms.

  29. I am just loving getting these items ready for school next week. I have a question…Can I somehow get either a De’Nealian alphabet set, or an editable alphabet set? We obviously use this font to teach writing. I have had some success editing the license plates, with much “playing around” to get them to look just right, but I have never had to edit a PDF, so I’m learning. Many kudos for all your creativity. Love all your stuff!

  30. Thanks Melanie for producing this web site. I’ve been trying to produce exciting classroom displays for years and this is the first place I’ve seen dedicated to the cause. We created the ‘Camp Out’ Theme this year, and I’m gearing up for the ‘Road Trip’ theme for my 3/4s next year. Three weeks left of the Victorian (Australia) school year, then Christmas summer holidays. Purchased your book too. Love it!!!

  31. I absolutely love this and the world traveler collections. Do you think I could combine these to make one cohesive design? I teach Family and Consumer Sciences and want to incorporate it throughout the year such as traveling from unit to unit, etc. I was also concerned about using fast food items for display as I teach nutrition and don’t want to promote fast food a bunch, but I love the idea-Any other suggestions?

    • You could, if you keep everything in black/white, for example, your boards could be black with black/white border. Use red, yellow, blue, and green as accents. 🙂

  32. I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the font that you used on the license plates? I have lots saved to my computer but not a single one looks as good as the font in your picture!
    Thank you!

  33. Wow, I am blown away by your cute classroom designs! First time viewer of your blog. Great job Melanie! I am in love with the Road Trip theme! Is there anyway I can purchase the road trip theme for my classroom? I visited your shop but only saw one classroom theme available for purchase. If it is available for purchase, please point me in the right direction : )

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