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Vintage Chic Pink Classroom Couture

I can’t tell you how many requests I’ve had for a pink classroom theme, so I knew I had to deliver!

When I thought about this particular room, I knew that I should incorporate trendy patterns (chevron, polka dots, damask) AND the color gray.  Gray is so hot right now!  Target has even created gray  storage solutions in their Dollar Spot!  Woohoo!

I have to tell you, when I finished this room, it nearly took my breath away.  This Classroom Couture collection is the epitome of gorgeousness!

Vintage Pink Chic from Schoolgirl Style

I wanted this room to have a vintage appeal, so over-the-top crystals, satin ribbon, barn wood, and weathered looking printable decor were in order!

AND…  you will see a chandelier in this room.

Yes…a chandelier.

 Do you think I’m crazy yet?!?


Let me explain…

When my son was entering the 8th grade, I walked into his science classroom on Parent Information Night.  In the center of his classroom, the teacher had a CHANDELIER hanging.  I was intrigued.  As I sat and listened to her presentation, I couldn’t stay focused.  I was so interested in the teacher’s choice of classroom décor. 

This particular teacher had curtains and lamps as well.  There was a soft, warm feeling to her classroom.  The room definitely reflected this teacher’s personality.  It appeared that his science teacher also enjoyed her job and took a great deal of time to create this environment.  

She won me over that night and my hunch was correct…she was a fantastic teacher and loved her students.

First impressions are SO important.

So, I don’t think chandeliers are too crazy.  If you love them and think they would make you feel good in your environment, then for heaven’s sake, add one to your room!

*My chandelier was from Kmart on clearance.  It was from the garden section of the store and meant for outside use.  I spray painted it white and added crystals for an inexpensive addition to this room!

You can also check out this website for inexpensive chandeliers..

I’m really excited to show you the rest of this room!  I hope you love it as much as I do!


Introducing “Vintage Chic Pink”

Schoolgirl_Style054vintage chic pink classroom theme  2

Schoolgirl_Style055vintage chic pink classroom theme 4
























Vintage Chic Pink Shopping Guide:

Labels, tags, banners, printables, poms, white paper daisies, birds, prints, burlap ribbon:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

Photos:  E.C. Campbell Photography

Gray storage containers:  Target

Crystal supply holders, pink ribbon, picture frames:  Hobby Lobby

Gray chair, lamp:

Silver bucket, flowers:  Pottery Barn



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  1. It is so beautiful! Something I would also use in an office. Very serene.

  2. I LOVE it! What did you use for the bulletin background that looks like wood? Scrapbook paper? Just curious. Might try something like that next year. Thanks!

  3. I am Senior in High School, and planning on majoring in Elementary Education. I want to be a Kindergarten teacher and I have been keeping up with your site ever since before the camping decor. This one is by far the best to me, I love it dearly!. You do amazing work! please never stop!

  4. I’m a pink girl big time, but I was wondering if anyone ever tried a color scheme like this and how the boys in the class react to it? It would make me a happy teacher, so maybe the boys realize it’s worth it to live in pink.

    • I work with a male first grade teacher who has a completely purple theme going on…he wears purple everyday and purple is his color! Interestingly enough when I had the children pick colors for an art project I heard someone say there are no boy or girl colors. Our art teacher must be phenomenal!

  5. We really love this theme! Only because we are a school in The Netherlands we can’t use all the tempkates. So this theme will be oure inspiration for the Dutch version. Thanks a lot!

  6. When I ordered your items from teachers notebook, I was able to download the files right away. Will I be able to with your new shop? Anxiously awaiting the lemon chiffon products I ordered!

  7. I think you used scrapbook paper for the background? Can you tell me wich brand en wich serie it is?

  8. I love this! I’ve been on a sabbatical this year, so I’ve been planning on redecorating my classroom this summer. I am getting so many great ideas from your blog! It is very inspiring. I’m a high school English teacher fighting desperately against the blah nature of the high school world! I’m ready to get my classroom back 🙂
    Much Love from Louisiana!

    • I love to hear this, Jill! I agree, high school teachers need to embrace classroom decorating. Enjoy being back in the classroom! 🙂

  9. Melanie,
    What type of border did you use? I am just wondering the exact kinds and name brands so that I can recreate what you have done in my room for the fall. Thanks! I just love this! Some readers were asking about boys and pink. I think pink is very trendy right now and I have seen plenty of boys wearing pink. I was recently at a basketball tournament and the boys were wearing pink socks! Some of the boys even had pink polka dot socks and these are very athletic high school boys.

    • I totally agree, Fran! Pink is IN! I just shake my head when people are scared to use it in a classroom. Should we not use blue since that color is associated with boys? Just silly to me! Anyways, I am proud of you for thinking outside of the box! The borders are called Bordette. I used pink and white. No special names. There should be an amazon link on that page that will take you directly to where I purchased the border. Hope that helps! 🙂

  10. Please tell me where you got your desk and table! They are perfect for what I’m looking for!

    • Hi Stacey! They are from the Martha Stewart office collection from Home Decorators. 🙂

  11. Just wondering what you do about pocket charts etc. I really love this and I’m going to decorate using this theme this year! :D. Just trying to think what I need to do with pockets charts because I can’t find one that is not blue, yellow, red etc. 🙁 Also math calendar etc. I think I’ll be making a lot of things! :). Everything I have looked at is not too cute. What do you do?????? HELP!!! 🙂

    • I know…(big sigh). Someone needs to create more stylish pocket charts. I wish I knew how. 🙂 There just aren’t any options out there.

      • I am thinking wooden clothes pins and just clip my sight words etc there on the barn wood background. 🙂 I ordered some black and white calendar pieces for the math calendar/wall. Maybe even a cute pink piggybank cut out for the money. I’m also going to put all my manipulatives etc in cute white baskets like you have in your display!!! Sooooooooo excited! If you think of ant ideas, please share. We can brainstorm together! Thank you for understanding teachers! Our classroom is our second home and we are there all day. You really know how to make a warm environment for all of us to come to each day! LOVE everything! Even putting a chandelier in my room! Enjoy your summer and once again, thank

  12. I just died-twice. I am sooo doing this in my chemistry class. I have been teaching chemistry to 10th, 11th, and 12th grades for five years in a hot pink and yellow classroom and I wanted to switch it up this year. And this is perfect. I have always been a lover of everything pink and sparkly. And now I have a new found love of leopard- I cant wait to tie it all together in my classroom. Thank you so much! You are “amaze-balls” as my students say!!!!

    FYI at target right now in the dollar bins they have these huge crystal bulletin tacks and magnets that resemble those in your pictures.

  13. I am in love with this theme! I just completed a similar theme with a brighter pink, but I may have to change all the pink to this shade. LOVE!

  14. How long ago did you purchase the silver bucket from Pottery Barn? I have to have that but can not find it on their website. Maybe you can point me in the right direction?

  15. Just ordered this and can’t wait to decorate in August! What fonts did you use here, please?


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