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While I was teaching, I was often overwhelmed with parent calls or emails regarding a lost newsletter, permission slip, lunch menus, etc.  I would often need to fumble through piles of “stuff” to find extra copies to send home.  I found it so difficult to take the time to look for these items and felt irritated when I had to send ANOTHER important note/form home day after day, week after week because someone lost one.  UGH!

Then one day, an idea hit me!  I needed to designate an area just for parent communication and classroom organization. 

organization station collage

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This area would include extras of all notes/letters/forms that were sent home.  Parents wouldn’t even need to contact me for an extra form – they would automatically know that I had an area designated in my classroom that contained extras of everything  sent home.  Parents could have their children grab whatever they needed and it would eliminate the extra work it created for me.


I found these great Martha Stewart wall pocket organizers from Staples.  They are PERFECT for keeping all of those extra forms organized and accessible!




In addition to creating an area that included parent communication, I would also use this area to keep my homework folders, returned library books, papers that needed to be passed out or filed, my substitute teacher file, and even a place to hold papers that needed to be copied.

I would no longer need to search all over my room for these items, everything would be in one area and very easy to access!






Not only would my papers and important files be in one area, I would also keep all of my supplies in the same vicinity. 

I used a cute cupcake stand to hold my supplies that I use on a daily basis!  I LOVE this idea!




I also created coordinated Avery sticky tags to label all of those school supplies!


To make my vision of a reality, I created an editable chalkboard package of everything you would need to get your classroom completely organized!



I used the classic chalkboard pattern to use in my package.  Not only is it clean looking, it is also very trendy!

In my ultimate organization package, you will receive:

1.  Avery sticky labels 2×4 (editable)

2.  Binder covers (editable)

3.  Calendar months for labeling tubs

4.  Editable fire, tornado, Shelter In Place, Lock Down drill charts

5.  Hall, office, boy/girl bathroom passes, nurse, library, and two editable passes

6.  Subjects/Days of the week labels

7.  Editable multipurpose labels

8.  Editable classroom newsletter

9.  Editable homework template for students

10.  Editable daily lesson plan template/subject template (perfect for substitutes)

11.  Editable classroom welcome sign

12.  Editable “note from the teacher” form

13.  Editable class roster

Hundreds of classroom photos by Schoolgirl Style

editable forms from Schoolgirl Style


So, if you are anything like me, having an attractive classroom is nice, but making sure it functions efficiently is a MUST!  This cute, little package should do the trick! 

~Happy Organizing!~


Organization In Style Shopping Guide:

Chalkboard Organization Collection:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

Turquoise, white, and black paper daises:  Schoolgirl Style Shop

Photos courtesy of E.C. Campbell Photography in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Black crates, black and gray cubes, black/white paper trays, cupcake stand:  Target

Monogram “R” from Hobby Lobby

White Martha Stewart wall pockets, chalkboards, binders:  Staples


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  1. Hi Melanie!
    This is amazing, as always:) I love your charkboard theme, but I was wondering if you have this package in other styles? I’m actually doing your bird theme for next Fall. I already started buying and making things! I’m planning on a new baby, so I’m getting a head start:) I would def. pay extra!!
    Thank you!

    • Hi Chrissie!
      Thank you!!! I can make it in other patterns/colors for sure. I will put that on my “to do” list!!! 🙂

    • I am also doing your bird theme, or should I say colors, so I hope I can purchase this in that theme also. Thanks for doing all the work for me. Your website is amazing!!!

      • I am getting more help in a few weeks. This will allow me to get this collection out in more colors! 🙂

    • Hello Melanie! I love this and was wondering if this is available in the rock star theme.

      • Sorry! We do have all of the coordinating colors available though – hot pink, black, and turquoise. 🙂

  2. That cupcake holder is genius. I have 1 that I used once at a birthday party and haven’t used it since. Love that idea. I think I’m also going to be stopping in at staples for those wall organizers. Thanks :0)

  3. I LOVE this idea! And that decor is to die for. That’s my color scheme!!! Is this in your store by any chance? LOVE it!

  4. I love Chrissie’s idea. I am using the Happy Honeybee Collection next year. This theme would work, but I would love to see a gingham or polka dot option too. I love this idea and have the perfect place to try it out.

    • Hi Holly!
      I don’t know if you ha5ve a Hobby Lobby by you, but I was just in there tonight and they have a Bee line! It was to die for and 40% off!

  5. What is the best type of printer paper to use for the new organize set. I just purchased this and I’m so excited to get started. Love it! Wasn’t sure if I needed a certain paper. Thanks

    • I like to use matte photo paper from Staples – the colors come out bolder and brighter. You can also use plain white cardstock. Hope you like it! 🙂

  6. Hello!

    This is AMAZING! I love it so much! It’s that time of the year when I start thinking about my room for next year…wondering if you already had a list of new themes you were going to try and introduce ….I think I know what I want,…but I kind of wanted to wait and see what else you were coming up with! 🙂 THank you!

  7. I love this organization system!! I live on being organized, lol.. I was wondering if your going to make this kit available in the owl themed colors? Thanks!!

  8. Oh how my “Type A Personality” loves this! And…classroom organization is part of my evaluation. Love!

  9. Another marvelous space! Would you be willing to showcase an office space? I am an instructional coach that would like to decorate my office with your creativity.

    • I would LOVE this too!!!! I am trying to organize a home office and help my mom organize her office creatively.

  10. Like Shelley, I am looking at this more for my office than classroom. Can some of the items be modify to more office specific?

  11. Hi,
    I purchased this cute set and am ready to get started! Can you instruct me on how to choose a font on the ones that can be typed and saved? Also the color of the font? Do I need to do it first in Word and then paste it? I am specifically thiniking of the one with your name and grade typed on it.
    Thanks so much!

    • If you go back to the listing, I have a list of fonts that I used. Go to your search bar and type in the font name and it should take you to a free font site. From there, you can download any font you would like. When you open the file, it should allow you type into each document with your desired font. I used white as the color of my font. You don’t need to do anything in Word at all. If you get confused, I’ve included step by step directions in the file to help you. Hope that helps!

  12. Hey Melanie ~ about what size is your “R” on your Organization Board??? Also – do I see 2 different sizes of the Martha Stewart folders on your board – and if so – what 2 sizes did you use?! I LOVE the board – it’s awesome!!! Trying to put it all together – only thing is I want to do pink and white (class colors!!) do you have the “flowers” (if that is what they are called) in your store?!? Please let me know – Thanks !!

    • Hey girl!
      Oh gosh – I would say about 9 inches maybe? I bought it from Hobby Lobby and painted it white. The Martha Stewart folders only come in two sizes, so I bought the only ones that they had. As for the flowers, those are my poms that I sell in my shop – I just cut them in half and pulled apart!:) PINK!!! Yay! My favorite color!!! 🙂

  13. Love the cupcake holder idea! I have the same one in white, and it’s just been sitting around unused when I’m not putting cupcakes in it. Such a pretty space, also great for those of us who aren’t teachers but just want an organized desk area and/or craft room.

  14. I love the blue with the black & white. So clean and classy! The organization station is exactly what I need, everything in one spot. I’m definitely going to put these ideas to use and will be doing some shopping!

  15. Melanie! I’m having such a hard time deciding which theme to use! I’m loving these colors and the sunny skies. Black is just so classy to me. Would it work if I did the turquoise as the main color and then complemented it with black and white? I’m loving the turquoise and I have black and white already because I did the Polka Dot and Daisies this year. So, would turquoise look okay as the main color with black and white complements??

    Crofts’ Classroom

  16. I just purchased this!! Yay! I noticed on one of your posts you said that you have a list of the fonts you used. I didn’t see that list, can you tell me where I may find it?
    Thanks so much!

    • Here you go!
      My favorite FREE chalk fonts:

      1. a song for jennifer

      2. Homemade Apple

      3. chalk-hand-lettering-shaded

      4. DK Crayon Crumble

      5. EcuyerDAX

      6. Grutch Shaded

      7. Handy George

      8. Return to Sender

      9. SF Conington Shadow

      10. Sketch Book

      11. Respective Shaded

  17. Like everyone else, I love this theme! Can you tell me where you got the black border to the bulletin board or if it is in your shop somewhere? I’d love to do my entire classroom in this same color pallet. Thanks!

  18. I bought it Melanie!!! I love it! Thank you SOOOO much! My classroom next year is going to ROCK because of you. Thank you thank you thank you!

  19. I LOVE this! I bought the “Chalkboard Charm” yesterday and “Organization Station” today! They are a great match for each other! So-o-o-o-o excited!!!

  20. I have your Totally TEAMwork theme. I would love to buy this organization package from you if you do it in my theme!!! What do you think?

    • Hi April! I’ve had a ton of requests for different colors in this collection. I may be able to do custom orders this summer, since I have more help scheduled. If you email me back, in a couple weeks, I can probably put you on a schedule. 🙂

      • I am also using your Teamwork set and would love for the Organization package to match!! Please let me know if you make one. I also need to ask you if there is any way you can put a hockey theme in place of the footballs in your teamwork set? Our hallway voted on hockey as our theme.

        Thank you,


  21. I absolutely love this! Would it be possible for you to do this in the brown/green/turquoise bird theme colors? I’ve got to have this.

  22. What an incredible site!!! Absolutely love it!! I have my order ready to hit send- any day now!! But wanting to add the organization center in polka dot. Wondering how soon that might be an option? Thank you so much!!!

    • That is on my to-do list! What color polka dots are you looking for?

  23. I purchased this package and LOVE it! I was wondering if you could create a return address size editable label? I would love to use this to label my books and other smaller items in the classroom.


  24. Thank you for creating more colors for us. I used all the colors you used to recreate the bird theme so I wanted to know if the green or lime green organization station would be a better match?
    Thank you!

  25. I absolutely love your site! I am planning to buy your chalkboard charm collection and the organization collection. Last year’s color scheme will work so well with those. So excited to get back into my classroom and start decorating for this year!

  26. Wondering if you have any suggestions… I love the idea of using the paper daisies and poms, but I am no longer allowed to hang anything from my ceiling. This makes me very sad but I have to follow the fire marshall’s new rules. Any ideas for using them otherwise or giving the illusion of hanging????

    • Hi Brenda!

      You should check out the Sunny Skies page! Melanie staples poms to her bulletin boards to get texture. The e-book also has some good ideas for getting around fire marshall’s rule. Melanie also has a post on here about decorating with a fire marshall if you have more questions!

      Schoolgirl Style~Kandin

  27. I found the black border, where did you get the white border?
    I love this!

  28. What is the permission slip sign posted on? I can’t tell what type of folder that is!

  29. I ordered some new things for the start of school with my requisition money to do a black and white theme. I was going to use colored fabric for my bulletin boards to add a pop of color, but am wondering if I should just do black. What do you suggest? Organization does not come naturally or easily to me at all!

  30. I just ordered your Organization in Style in order to duplicate your Parent Communication board for my classroom. However, the titles of the headings in your photo are not included. I want to match the font you used on your Avery Labels chalkboard 2 x 4 editable but cannot find it posted anywhere in your instructions or post. Could you please tell me which font you used and where I can get it? Love your decor!

    • Hi Jan!

      It’s called EcuyerDAX.:) We need to add that one to our list.

      Schoolgirl Style~Kandin

  31. Was wondering if I purchase this collection, what type of paper do you suggest for printing? What color paper do you suggest for printing? Thanks!

  32. Hi,
    Do you have the alphabet in the chalkboard print in cursive? I am doing my classroom this year in red and black and the chalkboard theme would look great 🙂

    Thank you so very much!!

  33. I was wondering where you found your baskets? I have been unable to find them in the style that you have in the pictures that allows you to weave the ribbon into them. I love this idea, thank you for the inspiration! I am using the same ideas only changing it to a brown, turquoise and ivory/natural color theme with burlap accents.

  34. HELP!!! I love your items and decorating! I have a VERY tiny room ( 20 x 10 with radiators and pipes on the short wall and a support pole in the middle). I teach grade 1 from 8-11:30 and then a combo 2/3 from 12:30- 3:30…the other half of their days is with a Hebrew teacher in another room. The students share the desks/table spaces. I need suggestions on how to mix all three grade level’s displays- anchor charts/ word wall/focus boards/behavior….center/independent work stations organization.

  35. Hello Melanie,
    I ordered your Chalkboard Organization kit. I am working in Adobe 9.0 Standard Edition, and I am have trouble getting the font to match the “chalkboard” font that is included on the labels. Can you help me?


  36. Hello Melanie,
    This is Erica. I figured out how to adjust my font to fit the Chalkboard theme. I didn’t read the directions! Have a great day!


  37. This is beautiful!I notice Staples has 2 kinds of wall pockets – shagreen and poly. It’s hard to tell , were the ones you bought the shagreen? Thanks!

  38. I teach at a K-12 school, and constantly have my own 4 kids bringing me stuff to sign for their teachers and extra-curricular activities. I’m going to make this and hang it behind my desk as a mom/kid spot where my children can put stuff they need me to sign or do, and put a family calendar up there, etc.

  39. ¡Hola!
    Love this collection, but can’t seem to be able to find it in your shop. Tried by Schoolgirl style but the closest one seems to be Chalkboard charm. They don’t seem to be the same. Is this collection still available?
    Maybe because I’m from my phone?

  40. I love this set. I like a personal feel in the classroom. This set is behind my desk, so I am the only person theoretically with acess to all of the files/documents. I typically filed all important information in binders, and crates. Though I was always commended on being clean and organized, I prefer both aesthetically pleasing and organized. Thanks again.

  41. I love your items. Can not wait to buy one and get started. Your organization board is amazing. Is it a cork type bulletin board that you covered? how big is it in order to hold all the items. Thank you for your fabulous ideas.

  42. Hi! I love all your work! Last year I purchased your yellow, black and white items. The pom poms are yellow and a few (5) are hanging from my ceiling over my reading group. I SOOOOO want to bring in another color, the turquoise!!! Do you think that is too much and how do you suggest I do it? I thought I could buy some turquoise pom poms and hang them between the yellow and sprinkle turquoise items all over the room. That would give me black, white, yellow and turquoise! Is that too much??? Thank you so much!

  43. The colors look great together! My classroom has actually been turquoise and yellow with black and white as the smaller accent colors… and I through in hints of red now and then. Very vintage-y!!


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