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Meet the Schoolgirl Style team!


I want all of you to meet the FABULOUS Schoolgirl Style team!

I am not the only one running the show.  Behind the scenes, I have a little team of people that help make Schoolgirl Style successful.

Meet E’lisa from E.C. Campbell Photography


E’lisa is the Schoolgirl Style photographer!  I actually found E’lisa on Facebook.  She took beautiful family photos of a friend from high school.  I instantly knew that she was the one I wanted to hire.  She lives about an hour away, so I wasn’t sure if she would consider making the drive or not.  When I contacted her, to my surprise, she was willing to do it! 

Fast forward to now…E’lisa and I have become very good friends.  I love her dearly and think the world of her.  E’lisa is such a good and kind person.  Her love of life shines through in her work and she has this special gift where she can  capture her client’s personalities in all of her photos.  She is an amazing photographer!

When E’lisa comes over to take pictures, we end up spending a ton of time chatting away about life.  She is one of my favorite people to be around!

Meet Christy…


I met Christy several years ago when I had her son in my Kindergarten class.  Christy was one of those awesome Room Mom’s where I could call her at the last minute and she could come up to school instantly to help me with anything I needed.  Whatever task I gave her, Christy would complete it with perfection. 

This is how Christy operates in her Schoolgirl Style role.  Christy is the person behind all of the computer “stuff” and she does everything so quickly and perfectly.  She goes above and beyond all of my expectations.  I can email or call her with a job and it is done instantly.

I am so thankful for Christy’s expertise.  I enjoy spending my time designing and styling, so Christy’s help allows me to do the things that I love most!

Meet Lisa…

Oh Lisa…Lisa.  Lisa.  Lisa.  Let me give you a quick glimpse into my life with Lisa…


and another…


Lisa has the BEST personality.  When we get together, this is what we do!  LAUGH!!!

I’ve known Lisa for years and years.  I actually had her son in my first grade class.  He is now a big senior in high school and headed to the University of Michigan next year!  Throughout the years, Lisa and I stayed friends because she happens to be our school’s favorite substitute teacher!

Lisa is downright hilarious.  She has the ability to come up with these super funny one liners.  I admire this gift, since I totally lack in the “funny” department.  I can’t tell a joke and I can’t remember punch lines.  I try to be funny, but for some reason, it just doesn’t work for me!  That’s why I love being around her.  I think the world definitely needs to laugh a little more!  Lisa has the ability to find something funny in every situation and she makes my life more FUN!

When we get together, Lisa and I could talk for hours.  We both share a love of reality t.v. and people.  We also share the same birthday!

Lisa helps me with prepping for photo shoots.  I couldn’t have chosen a better person for this job.  Lisa just makes my life better by being in it.  I am so thankful that she wanted to be a part of the team!

Meet Kandin…


Kandin does a little bit of everything for me.  Kandin originally started working for me over the summer.  At the time, I was trying to run Schoolgirl Style by myself with orders and orders that needed to be filled.  I was at a point where I felt like I couldn’t keep up and needed help.  Kandin came to my rescue.  She showed up at my door with a clipboard and ready to work! 

Kandin is in college and plans to come back to Schoolgirl Style this summer.  Kandin is such an amazing young lady.  She is so full of life and can see the beauty in everything.  Kandin is intelligent, motivated, and has the professionalism of someone twice her age.  Kandin is a shining star with a bright future ahead of her.  I am hoping that Kandin will choose to stay with Schoolgirl Style forever, but for now, I am looking forward to seeing her smiling face holding that clipboard in a couple months!

If you get a chance, stop by my “About” section on my blog and you can read their biographies.  The girls wrote their own little paragraphs and you can find out some fascinating facts about each one of them!



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  1. I am so thankful that you have great help. Your creative inspiration has helped me to decorate 2 book rooms with pizazz! You continue to inspire educators everywhere! I visit your site often. 🙂

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