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Wild Wild Western Classroom Theme

When I envisioned a western theme, I instantly thought of a palette of black and red.  I wanted to create some interest and keep the room from looking flat, so I knew that I had to come up with another color to give it that “POP!”  At first, I contemplated using denim, but knew that denim wouldn’t necessarily give the room that “WOW” factor that so many of you are looking for. 

Yellow was the answer!

How would I incorporate yellow into a western theme? 

SUNFLOWERS!  Lots and lots of sunflowers!

Red and yellow look great together and it instantly changed the entire look of the room!

This was a fun room to create and I especially LOVE the window boxes on the bulletin boards (window boxes were created out of empty Kleenex boxes and stapled to the bulletin board).  This is a great way to incorporate sunflowers into your western themed classroom!

western collage

Think of using the following décor items in your western themed classroom…

~galvanized buckets/pails


~cowboy hats


~sheriff badges

~bales of hay (keep them in packages)

~rustic barn wood bulletin board paper

~wooden buckets

~Paper Star (a focal point must!)

~cowboy boots

~horse prints

~checkered ribbon

~twine to hang banners and

~barn scene roll to cover walls

Hope you enjoy my vision of a western themed classroom! 

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western 1

western 3

western 4

western 5

western 7

western 10

western 8

western 9

western 13

western 11

western 12

western 14

western 16

western 17

western 20

western 18

western 19

western 21

western 22

western 23

western 26

western 24

western 25

western 28

western 30

western 29

western 31

western 42

western 32

western 33

western 41

western 40

western 34

western 35

western 36

western 38

western 39

western 27

Western theme

*Photos are from the fabulous E’lisa Campbell from E.C. Campbell Photography


Schoolgirl Style’s products are EDITABLE!  You can customize your classroom décor printables any way you would like!

*Font used on all printables:  Showguide

All tags, labels, banners, pennants, and signs are from Schoolgirl Style.

Hanging paper daisies, large red star, ribbon, and picture frame are from Schoolgirl Style.

Yellow sheriff badges, red rings on baskets:  Creative Teaching Press

Sunflowers, cowboy hats:  Hobby Lobby

Wire baskets, metal stars on shelf, galvanized pails:  Target

Hay, wooden buckets:  Michaels

Pencils, horses, bandanas, barn scene:  Oriental Trading

Bordette and Rustic barn wood bulletin board paper:  Amazon


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  1. Maria Manore says

    Another great theme! I love the idea of using kleenex boxes as flower boxes for the sunflowers. The wheels in my head are already spinning on how I can incorporate that idea into my own classroom. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Cherish Buel says

    If I were to go back to full time teaching next year, I would use this for my room. It is adorable, but not too cutesy for boys or too rough and tumble for girls. Love the red, black and yellow combo, and the sunflowers are genius! Great idea of the window boxes made from tissue boxes.

  3. Melissa (Ms. M) says

    Oh how wonderful. Your right the red and yellow are wonderful and the black is like black denim! Oh it is such a great theme. 🙂 You always amaze me.

  4. Heidi says

    It looks adorable! This theme is another home run! I could totally see myself doing a western theme in the future….but I’m too in love with my dog theme right now. 🙂

  5. Stefanie says

    I am so excited. I have had a western theme in my Kindergarten classroom for the past 6 years. Now I am moving to Second grade and was trying to come up with a new idea. This is a great way for me to upscale a theme I love and still use some of the things I already have. For example, I have real horse shoes that I have used for bathroom passes. The kids love these. They are painted so I know if a girl or boy is out. No more lost passes. They last forever and don’t plug up the toilet if they try to flush them!!!

  6. Debbie Nabours says

    Western theme-
    How do you make the overhang on the boards? I have searched your website. I have ordered the paper and ready to begin!
    Absolutely love your designs. Wish you would have been around years ago!

  7. Debbie Nabours says

    Western Theme
    Oops! Forgot to ask so I can finish my order– what size yellow and black daisy fan did you use to hang from the ceiling? Thanks

  8. Theresa says

    Hello, I just wanted to say what a awesome room this is. I am a cyber schooling mom and look for new decorations for our school area in the house. My soon to be 3rd grader just loves everything western or Little House on the Prairie. It’s hard finding a western theme that would suit both boys and girls. I think with the sunflowers this is a beautiful way to turn it more feminine as well. Love the tissue box idea for flower boxes. I can’t wait to get started on this. Thanks again for the ideas!

  9. ann says

    What do you think about designing a FARM theme. Any major ideas you would incorporate? How about color schemes? I am obsessed with making y room look like students walked into farm yard/farm house. Want to stay away from purchased bulletin board packages. I also need to keep it calm as I will have several students who react negatively to being overstimulated. Would LOVE to hear your thoughts/ideas.

  10. Emily Hall says

    Love this with the sunflowers… I would totally pay more to have it already laminated, cut and ready to go… Kinda like a classroom out of the box theme.. everything you need to complete your classroom , including all the baskets and decor, teacher just have to decide where to place it all. Thank you!

  11. Kenny says

    What size yellow and black daisies did you use hanging from the ceiling? I love this theme!!! I am using it at our church for a VBS Theme. I am also having problems getting my order to go thru…..need a little help.
    Thanks for the great ideas!

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      I used the 14 inch. If the site is too busy, it may not let the transaction go through, but if you keep trying, it should work. 🙂

  12. Symantha Norton says

    I am doing an assignment for my EDUC 3040 classroom, and I found this blog to be extremely interesting and full of creative ideas! This Wild Wild Western Theme would be a great idea for me to incorporate into my classroom after we have read a specific book related to the topic or perhaps after we have studied a certain segment over the West in a history lesson. This idea is something that children will remember for years to come! Keep up the great posts and inspiring ideas!

  13. Jennifer Reynolds says

    I just recently found your site and thought I’d died and go to heaven! My colleagues call me the “theme queen” because I am always changing my classroom one up to suit my creative spirit! I have had a “Pawsitive Pups” theme for a few years now, but have decided to go with Wild West decor next fall! I love your sunflower window box idea, as well as the star lanterns! I looked in your store, and only found red. Do they come in any other colors?

    I am thinking of red, cobalt or turquoise blue, pink, and brown as my color scheme with a touch of chalkboard black for my name labels and signage. The wheels are still turning, but if you have any suggestions on purchases, I’d love to hear them! I am a gingham fan through and through, and almost fainted when I saw your County Fair Collection. The old-fashioned Coke bottle carriers are to die for!


  14. Lillian says

    I am looking for the red stars that you are using to hold the cowboy hats. Can you tell me where you got those?


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