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Schoolgirl Style Challenge Finalist #6

This is it!  Our LAST finalist!  I know that I’ve probably tortured all of you enough to have dragged it out this long!  Voting for your favorite classroom will begin tomorrow morning, so make sure you stop by to see how our voting system will work.

So, without further ado, meet Cheryl Scott from Kansas City, Missouri.  This is Cheryl’s 16th year of teaching.  Cheryl explained that she had the opportunity to open a new school this year and since she has never decorated with a  theme before, she decided to take this opportunity to create the classroom of her dreams using the Schoolgirl Style Owl Themed products.

What struck us the most about Cheryl’s room was how she created such a warm and inviting classroom from a stark and cold looking space.

Here is Cheryl’s before picture…

owl theme classroom 037

Here is Cheryl’s classroom NOW…

owl theme classroom 050

Cheryl used the owl themed pennants to dress up her windows.  She also used my polka dot lanterns and table pennants over each table grouping. 


I thought this shelving unit was the perfect piece to place under her bulletin boards. 



Cheryl used my editable owl themed cut-outs and customized them with her student’s names…




owl decor


I love how Cheryl used my banner letter cards to make her own customized banner for her desk!


My editable owl book basket tags fit perfectly on her lockers…


Vocabulary words with my owl décor and book basket labels…




My “Keep Calm and Teach On” print looks great with the green lamp and owl picture!



Cheryl used my owl WELCOME banner on her door.  Cheryl also loves to really decorate for the holidays, so she purchased my banner letter cards to make a festive Halloween door!  This is SO cute!



Cheryl removed the owl pennants and replaced it with more banner letter cards.  I bet her students love her holiday décor!

Well, there you have it!  Do you have your favorite room?

I am not going to choose the winner…YOU ARE!

Meet me here in the morning to find out how the voting works.   You will have ONE week to vote for the winner of The Schoolgirl Style Challenge.  Voting will end on October 25th at midnight.  The winner will be announced on Friday, October 26th!

I am SOOOOO excited!

See you tomorrow!


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  1. I am absolutely IN LOVE with this class room!! It looks amazing! I just want to move right in and start teaching. AMAZING!!! I really hope you win!

  2. Great job! You are very deserving. I KNOW how much time and effort you spend on your classroom so that you students will have a fun place to learn. Good Luck.

  3. I vote for # 6 Owls by Cheryl Scott Great Job sis! You are very deserving. I KNOW how much time you put into making your classroon a wonderful enviornment for your students! Good Luck!

  4. As much money as you spent shopping for owls this summer, you better win!
    Your loving husband (a.k.a. the checkbook)

  5. Great Job Cheryl! What a great way to make learning so fun for your students. I love it!

  6. I vote for classroom #6. I love everything!!! I really love how you take the time to decorate for special holidays. This contest was saving the best for last. Good luck!!

  7. This classroom is so organized and well decorated. It’s very cozy and comfy which is soothing to children. Excellent job. You’ve really exceeded any other standard room. I love it and so does my son, Julian.

  8. Cheryl, your classroom looks fantastic! Your students are very lucky to have you to start their new-school experience! Fingers crossed for you!

  9. What a wonderful atmosphere you have created for your students. Everything looks great and in just the right place–student friendly and warm! Thanks for taking time to utilize resources and set students up for academic and behavioral success! I enjoyed seeing your room through pictures today but I do love being able to come in and see you and the students in action. Our school is fortunate to have you! Thanks for being so creative!
    Mrs. Brooks

  10. This looks like a great learning environment for third graders. I know they probably love all the coordinated owls! Super cute!

    • Wow!!! The ‘sroom looks Amazing!! The room looks organize, beautiful colors, and cute owl’s!!

  11. I bet your third graders can’t wait to get to their classroom! Way to go! Love the theme and cheerful colors.

  12. Your room looks great!! It is so inviting and warm. It makes me want to come and be in third grade!! Good Luck! I know how much time you spend so that you can provide your students a wonderful learning experience.

  13. I LOVE this classroom! The decor, the organization…WOW! I want to “recreate” my classroom based on this one! Cheryl’s room shows that an abundance of wonderful things are happening there!

  14. Your classroom is awesome! I have great respect for elementary school teachers (high school teacher speaking here. ) 🙂

  15. WOW! You have created a warm and inviting environment in your class, Mrs. Scott. The decorations are colorful and fun–as well as functional. You definitely get my vote!

  16. You are so creative!! It looks awesome!! I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you!! You always give it 110%!! I know your kids must love to come to school each day. What a fun learning environment!!

  17. I knew the first day I walked into Mrs. Scott’s Owl Classroom, just how much work went into the design and preparation for my son’s 3rd grade home. Everything is so organized and comfy for the children. This room went from 4 beige walls and some desks to AMAZING!!! You have my vote and my son is so lucky to have you as his teacher 🙂

  18. Cheryl, this is so neat! I couldn’t tell from other pics how detailed your design was. I’m surprised you got in any pool time this past summer. Your students must love it. Looks like a winner to me!

  19. I had a hard time choosing a favorite, however, I chose this classroom because the teacher made the decorations in her class purposeful. The bulletin boards are made for student achievement and not JUST show.

  20. Cheryl,
    Your room is very inviting! I love the theme! I am sure that your students appreciate all the time you’ve put into creating the atmosphere!

  21. Looks great! I remember stopping by when you were in high stress mode. Glad you are having a great school year.

  22. Cheryl…love your room. You are sooooo special and I know your kids just love you as much as you love them. Good luck on your win.

  23. This room is my favorite. The soft colors, cute owls, calm atmosphere and cohesiveness of the decor was what made me vote for this one! I also like how she decorated for Halloween-it still looked really cute.

  24. Love the room and all the creative ways you used the Owls. The colors blend together so nicely too! What a fun and happy room! I bet your kids look forward to learning in this beautiful room everyday!

  25. Your room is adorable! I love the way you have your goals posted. Your desk area looks sweet, too! I hope you win!!!

  26. This is the cutest classroom. The first pictures of the new room were alittle bleak. Cheryl has taken a theme and fun colors and turned it into a fun place to learn and grow!

  27. I love Cheryl’s room! I work in the same building and believe me, it’s even cuter in person. Now, if I can just get her to style MY room!

  28. This is absolutely adorable!!! How could children NOT love to learn in this environment?! Love it!!

  29. All the rooms were great, but I just LOVE this one!! I love the colour choices, bright and fun! I home-school, and I would love our ‘classroom’ to look like this!!

  30. This is such a wonderful classroom! I knew the moment I walked in for back to school night that my son was going to have a great year in 3rd grade! I appreciate all your hard work to make your classroom so warm and inviting!

  31. Cheryl it looks amazing! I know how hard you worked on this room, I remember the first day you told me you started buying “owl” stuff last May….what a vision you had!! Your students are LUCKY to have you as their teacher. I VOTE FOR YOU!!!!

  32. Wow – this is fantastic!!! Could you come over and put my son’s room together the same way? Neat, organized and a fun place to learn.

  33. Cheryl, what an awesome classroom!! It is so cute!! I hope you win! I know the children must love coming into your room to learn! It looks relaxing and super organized!! GOOD LUCK!!

  34. Great job Cheryl! The colors are beautiful and soothing. Your organizing skills are showing!

    Hoo! Hoo! Who likes your room best? I DO!!!

  35. I like the organization and placement of important informatiom ie: learning targets and classroom expectations. There are colors and interest-grabbing designs, but it is not overstimulating.

  36. I vote for . . . CHERYL!!!!! LOVE, LOVE . . . LOVE your classroom!!! Your students are VERY lucky to have you as their teacher (although I am sure YOU feel lucky to have them!!!) Your LOVE and PASSION for what you do “shines” through your classroom. Your organizational skills (alone) speak VOLUMES about you as a teacher – I “aspire” to have those skills too (I stink at organization!!!) You are truly GIFTED . . . Organization and Creativity!!! Yay!!!! Love your style and “flair!!!” I have my fingers crossed for you!!! Hoping you WIN Sweet Friend!!!

  37. Love, love your room Cheryl! You did a wonderful job with creating a warm and caring room.

  38. What a beautiful job decorating your classroom! I love the owl theme. I hope it makes all your students very “wise”. i would love to come to class in this classroom. That is so important! If a child does not feel warm and welcome and safe, they will never do their best! Your classrooms have always been special!

  39. Your classroom is absolutely adorable! Everything is so organized and clean yet cozy and inviting. I know your student have to love coming in everyday 2 such an amazing environment you created for them. You definitely have my vote!!

  40. An absolutely stunning classroom for an amazing teacher! I can imagine the creative learning and innovative instruction that takes place in your classroom, Cheryl. Way to go! Becca

  41. i wish i had this kind of room when i was in school I’m sure with all the things in the room in would have been a better student. Cheryl is a fun person and as you can see a very good teacher. Great Job Cheryl!

  42. What a fun classroom with so many engaging OWLS to make the children fall in love with learning! It is so neat and colorful and makes your eyes keep following everything around the room to see what’s next!

  43. Your owl theme is cute. Bet those students are becoming wise owls too. Congratulations on being a finalist.

  44. I vote for Cheryl and her owl classroom. It is clear to me that she pays special attention to detail and has put so much time into her new classroom! I would love to know where she found all of the different owl knick knacks etc.

    Good Luck!!

  45. Your classroom is so neat and organized! What a great environment for learned. Love the owl theme !

  46. Wow! Love love love it!! I love your mix of decor with practicality for the classroom. It makes it feel like home! A very organized, learning center classroom! Great job! This one gets my vote!!

  47. Absolutely lovely! It’s classic and trendy! I love the organization too! This is definitely my favorite!

  48. Such attention to detail!! You know quality teaching is going on from all the titles. I know the students in this room feel special because of the care this teacher has taken to recognize them as individuals and to prepare so many quality learning experiences for them! Awesome job!!!

  49. This is a Must Win! The Owl Theme is awesome! I wish classroom’s looked this cool when I went to school

  50. I really like all the details and how she made special decorations for the holidays that go along with her theme.

  51. Cheryl, I see you enjoy what you do. The students just love such an inviting environment. Love the lamp and other pictures. It makes it so homey. Students spend most of their waking hours at school. Bet they love you. I am so envious. I always loved being creative like that, but many of my years were spent cutting and creating since they did not have many options available for purchasing. I had my whole family in addition to friends helping. Hope you win!

  52. The classroom looks better in person than in the pictures and it truly is a great learning environment for kids!

  53. Cutest classroom at the new school. You definitely have other kids wishing they were in your class too!

  54. What an awesome learning environment! Students have to be so excited to walk into your classroom everyday! Your effort and enthusiasm must be contagious in your classroom. Can my kids come to your classroom and have you as their teacher?

  55. I love how cheerful your room is —— so creative and I know it gives your students a smile when they walk in

  56. Your classroom is amazing, Cheryl! I love how organized and clean it looks. Very beneficial to your students. Good luck!!

  57. Love the overall organized look of the classroom! You put a lot of work into making sure your learning environment is organized and comfortable.

  58. Cheryl! Your classroom looks awesome. I bet the kids love you and the class room decor! Enjoy your new school.

  59. Wow! I love this! Such a fun environment for students to learn in!
    Great job with your creativity and organization!

  60. AMAZING doesn’t even begin to describe it! You work so hard and are so giving to your co-workers. You deserve it!! Great job!

  61. Taught with Cheryl for many years. Her classroom was always one of the best in the school. Saw this one a few months ago. It is even better in person.

  62. I am voting for Cheryl Scott’s classroom because the theme is adorable! She took a stark, bland classroom and turned it into an interesting and inviting place for the students to enjoy learning each day. Awesome!

  63. This is amazing! I am guessing that she is as creative and hardworking in classroom instruction, too. God bless you for using your skills as a teacher!

  64. So inspiring to see a teacher like Cheryl who loves her students enough to go that extra mile for them!

  65. This is the cutest classroom ever. Makes me want to go back to school and learn in that environment. How fun. What lucky students you have this year.

  66. Cheryl, your room is wonderful. What an amazing transformation. Bright and cheerful without being distracting and over-stimulating! Love the organization which makes it much easier for kids to learn and stay focused. You can tell that you love your students and do everything you can to make their school day enjoyable. Hope you win, you certainly have my vote!

  67. What a wonderful classroom for learning! Your students are very fortunate to have such a creative teacher!!

  68. I LOVE IT. I wish I had a teacher who put this much effort in making such a special place to learn. I would never miss a day at school.

  69. I love this, the owls are so cute. I like the crafty feel of the classroom it feels like it is right out of a scrapbook!

  70. The classroom looks great, so bright and cheerful and orderly….wish i would have had a classroom like this when i was going to school…Great job all around..ya got my vote :>)

  71. The room looks amazing. It looks very inviting. Its very comfortable and relaxed for reading and learning.

  72. Mrs. Scott’s room is so well put together, I hope her room win’s your contest and that’s she’s able to use your products to help keep her room warm and inviting!! Can’t wait to see what she does for Christmas!!

  73. FANTASTIC use of colors and style. Really like the owl theme throughout. Super job! You have my vote.

  74. What a great investment in the kids of our school – Kids love to learn in a creative environment – Cheryl has done just that!

  75. Love it, Love it, Love it! Looks like a fantastic environment for heavy duty brain stimulation! Great job, Cheryl!

  76. Fantastic! What a great classroom. I want to decorate a bedroom like this. 🙂 #6

  77. Cheryl, what an organized and inviting classroom theme. It all looks great!! Good Luck, you definately have my vote!!

  78. Love it, love it, love it! I am a retired teacher/administrator. Would have given anything for you to set the bar in my school!

  79. Cutest room ever. Mrs. Scott deserves to teach in that awesome of an environment everyday!!!!

  80. Mrs. Scott ROCKS! Your classroom looks like it would be a great place to learn and very comfortable!

  81. I’ve taught with Cheryl for several years and she is so great at making an enchanting environment that helps her students feel comfortable, and want to learn.

  82. I was in this classroom the other day. The kids LOVE how comfortable and cozy it is. I wish this teacher would come organize and decorate my house.

  83. Super cute and so organized! Happy atmosphere for learning..I’m sure the kids love being there. I’ve been in classrooms that would make me crazy after a full day because of all the “stuff” everywhere and lack of clear organization. Not the case here. Love it!

  84. I love your classroom! Where did you get your CAFE signs from? I have looked in Teachersnotebook but not found those cute ones! Please help!

  85. I LOVE your room… where did you get your CAFE signs? They are just gorgeous and I would love to put them up in my room!

  86. wow! I love your room! Can you please tell me where you got your gorgeous CAFE cards? They are gorgeous!

  87. Where can I get the banner letters she used for her name on her desk? This room is amazing!!!

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