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Schoolgirl Style Challenge Finalist #5

If you are following my Schoolgirl Style Challenge, you know that I am choosing five classrooms as my Top 5 Finalists.  The Schoolgirl Style team had such a hard time narrowing it down to just five classrooms, so after much consideration, we decided to add one more!  Our 6th finalist will be showcased tomorrow evening on the blog.

Before I show you our 5th finalist, I just had to give a big shout out to all of you that sent your pictures in!  I was in awe of your rooms AND your dedication to making your classroom a special space for your students.  I had over 100 entries and ALL of them had something that I felt was pretty spectacular!  It was so difficult to narrow this down and in true “Melanie” form, I hate making anyone feel bad.  Please know that your hard work will NOT go unnoticed and I appreciate the time that you took to send your photos in.

After the contest is over, I plan to feature some of your classrooms on my blog.  I want the world to see some of the amazing things you’ve done!  So, be prepared…you might turn on your computer and see your own classroom!


Introducing Maria Manore’s Classroom!

Maria is a Kindergarten teacher at St. Mary School in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. 

  Maria’s new Schoolgirl Style inspired room is bright, happy, organized, and she has some AWESOME details.  Just wait until you see her shelf that she made over…to die for!

Here is Maria’s BEFORE picture…

Maria Manore before

Now, take a look at Maria’s “new” room!

Maria Manore Kindergarten Classroom pic 9

What a dramatic change!  There are several things that adore about this photo…

1.  I LOVE how she painted the file cabinets to match her room.  So often we ignore this and just live with whatever has been passed down to us.  Taking the time to paint these boring pieces paid off.  So cute!!!

2.  Maria used my Luau themed editable welcome banner to hang over her desk.  It looks darling with the pink ribbons and bows AND she attached them to my favorite polka dot lanterns from the Schoolgirl Style Shop!

3.  Maria’s borders are simply beautiful as well.  Maria explained that she couldn’t find borders in the colors that she wanted, so she used Do-A-Dot Art painters and made each one herself! 

Now, take a look at her next project…

Maria transformed clear storage bins into adorable pieces of furniture!

polka dot sterlite bins

  I am in LOVE!

Maria Manore Kindergarten Classroom pic 7

You can see the storage containers under her desk.  So cute!

polka dot sterlite drawers

I HAD to show the picture of the hot pink chair!

Maria Manore Kindergarten Classroom pic 6

Her pretty and bright alphabet…

Maria Manore Kindergarten Classroom pic 11

I love how Maria personalized her bulletin board.  She even added my “Keep Calm and Teach On” print AND my “Inspire” print from the Schoolgirl Style Shop.

Maria Manore Kindergarten Classroom pic 4

Another view AND my polka dot lanterns from the Schoolgirl Style Shop.

Maria Manore Kindergarten Classroom pic 2

Maria even added my owls from my Owl Theme to hang over her tables!

Maria Manore Kindergarten Classroom pic 1

If you look closely, you can see that her caddies and book bins all coordinate.  Very nice!

After Maria sent her pictures to me, she transformed her plain bookshelf and sent photos of the finished product.  You can see the bookshelf in the distance by her computers.  Yep…plain, brown bookshelf. 

Now, take a look!


chevron shelf1

How totally stinkin’ CUTE is this?!?  ADORABLE!!!  I want!  I want!

chevron shelf2

A closer view!

SO….What do you think?  Pretty fantastic, huh?

We have one more room to see tomorrow and then I will explain how the voting works.  Voting for your favorite room will begin on Thursday, so make sure you stop by and get your vote in!



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  1. I ADORE THIS WOMAN! I started following her blog this summer when I stumbled upon a pin on Pinterest about “fancying up your sterilite bins” (the ones under her desk and next to her pink chair). I remade mine as soon as I saw that pin and everyone comments on how much they love it! Maria rocks! I hope she wins!

  2. This is absolutely amazing! I’m happy just from looking at it. It’s wonderful to see a teacher put in so much work and dedication, and go above and beyond for her students! I hope my kids can have a teacher as awesome as her! Great job Maria!! 🙂

  3. I love, love, love all the bright colors. The yellow choice is fantastic. I would never have thought to paint the filing cabinet. This room gives me inspiration. I wish Maria the best of luck; looks like you have a vote from me.

  4. Love the bookcases! How exactly did Melanie transform this into such a masterpiece? Love all of the bright colors. It makes the classroom environment so cheerful and welcoming.

  5. Maria, this classroom is so bright and cheery! A great learning environment! You did a wonderful job pulling every little thing together without missing a the smallest of details. Well done!

  6. Love Love this room, I have a parent helping in my room this week, and this is one of my go to classrooms for greatness, so I keep showing her, my coworkers, heck probably everyone by now….Love it!!!!

  7. I was very impressed with this classroom. It seems to be the most affordable for any teacher to do. Her creativity to change through paint and create her own border by doing the dots deserves many kuddos from me:)

  8. I am in love with this classroom because her theme is almost identical to mine (but she pulled it off better). Bright, energizing colors with a splash of owl is right up my alley. It’s beautiful!

  9. My daughter was lucky enough to spend her kindergarten year in this classroom. Miss Manore is an amazing teacher.

  10. Oh my gosh! Stunning!!! I dreamt of this kind of classroom when I was a kid but it never happened! Amazing. 🙂

  11. This is my FAVORITE!!!! Nice, organized, unique, and bright! I would LOVE to be a kid in this classroom!

  12. This room makes me so happy! What a wonderful and inviting atmosphere for children! I can tell by looking at this, Maria is a very caring teacher!! I wish every child could walk into such a wonderland every day!!

  13. They were all sooo good and it was a hard decision but I vote for Maria’s!!!! Her room is colorful but not over the top. I would love my own kids to be immersed in the warmth and FUN in this room. Congrats Maria!

  14. As a parent who is blessed to have a child in Miss Manore’s classroom, I am more than happy to say that, through my experience, Maria is not only an amazing teacher, but also an all around wonderful woman. The before and after pictures prove that she, and her room, are the bright spot of our school. And, these are not only my thoughts, but things that I have heard..especially from other educators that have been into her classroom. During our open house this past spring, I had one mom, who is also a teacher, tell me that Maria’s room was so inspiring and that she could not wait to bring some of the elements into her own classroom. When a peer wants to “copy” what you have done..that’s the best compliment EVER!

  15. As a former educator of a Catholic school, I can appreciate the time and energy spent by Miss Manore in creating a cheerful, clean and organized environment for her students. Often times private school educators must pull resources from their own pockets for the well-being of their students. The fact that she was able to make-over her classroom, from top to bottom, in a budget-friendly manner is a testament to her dedication for her profession. Her attention to detail is not only evident in the look and feel of her classroom, but also in her teaching style.

  16. Its so hard to pick just one, but I love the bright colors in this room! Plus the bookcase remodel gets you extra points.

  17. Miss Manore is such an amazing teacher! She inspires her kindergarteners to do great things, and they feel so loved and comfortable in her classroom. I have honestly never seen a classroom as warm and welcoming and plain ol’ fun! The time she spent spiffing up her space is very telling of how much she loves these kids – what a wonderful start to their school experience.

  18. Maria’s room is DEFINATELY the best! The bright colors are so cheery and fun! Plus her blog is AMAZING and the original projects she posts about are the coolest! I love everything she does! I aspire to have my classroom look like this someday. 😀

  19. I want to teach in this classroom!! I also have a very bright and cheerful classroom, but I love the extra touches that she has put into this room! ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!

  20. I just love the happy feel of Maria’s room….I’m sure her little ones walk in every morning with a smile on their faces! I especially love all her own creative personal touches! Great job, Maria!!! You get my vote!!!

  21. I LOVE this room! It is so bright and vibrant. I would be so happy to walk into this room each day!!!

  22. AMAZING! Maria your classroom is so vibrant and cheerful…a great atmosphere to inspire young minds 🙂
    You’ve got my vote!

  23. Maria is an inspiration to all kindergarten teachers. I would love to teach and learn in a bright classroom like this. She deserves a win!!!

  24. LOVE LOVE LOVE this classroom!!! It just makes me happy when I look at it! So bright and cheerful, and I’m sure her kids love it too! She definitely gets my vote 🙂

  25. I love your colorful room!! Mrs Nelson was an extremely close second, but my vote goes to you!!

  26. This room makes me want to smile, I love yellow!! I will go back to this room over and over again for ideas!!!!!

  27. This room is amazing! The yellow is stunning and I love the dotted borders too! I have jazzed up all of my plastic storage drawers after seeing this blog and I am loving how it instantly brightens up my classroom, thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  28. Speaking from over 25 years of experience in Catholic education, Maria has obolished the steriotype of the parochial school classroom. What a lucky kindergartener (and parent) to have a first school experience in this classroom! You have created an incredibly warm, inviting, and exciting place for your little ones to begin what is guarenteed to be a love for learning. Good for you Maria! You get my vote!

  29. I LOVE this classroom! When I begin to teach, I hope my classroom is even half as awesome and colourful and fun as this. It is the perfect atmosphere to welcome children to school! I vote for Maria’s classroom!

  30. I love following this inspiring kindergarten teacher and all of her wonderful ideas!

  31. This classroom is SO inspiring! I *LOVE* it! Your hard work shines through and such lucky kids to enjoy this learning environment!

  32. I was lucky enough to be able to view this room transformation in process at different times. Maria is an amazing teacher and very creative and hard working. My granddaughter knows who Miss Manore is and booted me off the computer one day while I was viewing one of Maria’s “how to” videos. She was very eager to “be in Miss Manore’s class” and I was “too old” to be in the class. Congratulations, Maria, on an inspiring, bright place to learn where children love to come.

  33. This room makes me think the kids know everyday will be a party while they are learning. What a cute room! I think I’d look forward to coming into this room every morning and knowing bright ideas would be flying. So cute!

  34. You’re classroom is fantastic!!!! I bet your kids are smarter for learning in that environment!!!!

  35. A school room that looks as fun as an old school playground.
    What better way to get kids excited about learning?!??!!

    Simply Awesome

  36. Your classroom is really adorable !! Even I wish to have one like this.
    Love the vivid colours and the organization in it . I feel so sorry for being too old to learn in that lovely environment 😀
    Good luck Maria !!

  37. Love your bright theme! This room has my vote. I also redid my plastic drawers because of her idea!

  38. I love this classroom! It is so colorful and looks well organized. What a fun learning environment! 🙂 You have my vote!

  39. The only thing that could make this room any brighter would be Sparty stuff. Going to school with Maria at State, you knew shed be amazing! Good luck Maria! Hope this vote helps!

  40. Love your classroom Maria. The colors are so bright and fabulous, I want to go paint my own room now!

  41. Wow! Maria, your class looks amazing! It’s such a positive, cheerful and comforting learning environment! I want you to come do this to my classroom! 🙂

  42. I loved your classroom!
    You not only have an awesome looking classroom, but you are an amazing teacher.
    Good luck!

  43. I absolutely loooooove this classroom! If I were a parent of a child in Maria’s class I would immediately know that my child was in the best hands because she cares enough to pay attention to detail and is dedicated to her job and the children she teaches! I would love to learn on this classroom. The beautiful colors are so stimulating! Love love love everything about it! Keep up the good work Maria.

  44. Your class room is amazing Maria.
    Full of color and fun! It also looks super organized
    I wish my kids were still young because your class would be a wonderful learning enviroment.
    Thank you for sharing.

  45. Very impressive, Maria. I had to work so hard to brighten up my Detroit (DPS) classroom. However, it never came together like yours did, with such fine details. You should win!! Congrats ahead of time!

  46. I vote for Miss Manore’s classroom!! I feel so blessed to have a daughter that gets to learn in this environment!! It is such a happy place to go to everyday. Not only does her classroom rock – she is a awesome teacher, luckily I have another daughter that will be in her class next year!! Thank you!!

  47. Every inch gorgeous! I especially love the colors and graphic impact of the wall alphabet. What a beautiful space for learning! Great job, Maria – you have my vote!

    Linda Nelson

  48. What a fabulous classroom. I’m sure the kids love it and it is such an upbeat room to want to come to school. What a happy place to come and learn everyday. It makes learning fun.

  49. My daughter attends Miss Manore’s school and I have heard such wonderful things about her! As a fellow teacher, her room is beyond inspiring! Those are some lucky children learning in such a welcoming and bright environment!! If you are not following her on Pinterest….it’s time to start!

  50. That is the most amazing classroom I have ever seen! My vote definitely has to go for Miss Manore’s Classroom! I wish I had had the opportunity to learn in such a beautiful and creative environment! 🙂

  51. I LOVE your classroom and the painted filing cabinets. I too have a bright colored classroom and got some wonderful ideas from your pictures!!! I hope you win:)

  52. This class room update reflects how Maria goes above and beyond as a teacher. Of course the room is beautiful but it was also created to inspire her students. Maria’s organizational skills are second to none and that benefits the parents but most importantly her students. She is a blessing and an inspiration to all who know her. Maria was born to be a teacher and I am thankful my daughter had the privilege of being in her class.

  53. Love that you bring such great creativity and color to your classroom. Inspiring to the children!

  54. Miss Manore did a great job! Great environment to learn. Truly a wonderful way to show the kids how much you care about them. I’m sure they all look forward to coming to school.

  55. What an awesome environment for any child to learn in! I help out at Miss Manore’s school, and had the opportunity to view her classroom with my own eyes. Her classroom is so inviting and cozy, and fun!!

  56. I love how creative she is. My son saw a pic of her classroom and asked me to ask her if she can come decorate his 5th grade classroom! Too cute! Miss Manore has my vote for sure!

  57. The classroom is so fresh & inviting. Maybe Maria would come and work her magic on my office 🙂

  58. Ms. Manore, your classroom is so cute & inspiring! Where do you find the energy? I love how you transformed your room into a fun & inviting classroom for your children to learn. You get my vote.

  59. My son loved being in Miss Manore’s bright and happy classroom, and who wouldn’t? What’s even more impressive is how darn organized it all was. As you can tell in these pictures, Maria took the time to touch up the boring organizational bits so they blend in perfectly with the cheery color scheme. Beautiful and practical–who can ask for more?

  60. This is the quintessential kindergarden classroom: welcoming, friendly, energizing and fun. I want to paint my file cabinets yellow! I agree with Debbie. My office needs the “Miss Manore Makeover!”

  61. I really like all the bright and cheery colors. Oh how I would love to only have 15 children and that much space.

    • I just love all the idea’s that Maria has in her classroom. It is so bright and cheery. I am using some of her idea’s for my daughter’s baby shower. The children must love coming to school everyday. Love it.

  62. Absolutely wonderful woman with a wonderful heart and beautiful classroom. Made my sons first days at school an absolute joy! Noone could ask for a more compassionate and hard working teacher! KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS

  63. Maria’s classroom is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the life inside – so cheery and sun-shiny! She deserves a big WIN!

  64. What a wonderful and colorful transformation!! Maria’s room is certainly an inviting and pleasant place for students to learn in. Maria and her classroom rocks!

  65. now THAT is a teacher with dedication!!! My mother was a teacher for years and let me tell you, the money spent out of pocket on the room and the kids was unbelievable – but worth it. Great job!!!

  66. Adorable! The attention to detail makes this room so special. I want my future kids to have a teacher as dedicated as her!

  67. What a beautiful classroom! The vivid colors, the fun materials and fantastic organization really make this classroom both attractive and practical!

  68. Maria’s classroom is beautiful, organized, and cheery! I love her blog and her positive outlook. She deserves this because she puts her whole heart into making her classroom world a comfortable, wonderful place for her sweet kindergarteners. 🙂

  69. Adorable room!!!! It looks sooooo organized. I need her to come & organize my home 🙂 Her students are fortunate to sit in such a cheerful room everyday.

  70. What a wonderful, colorful classroom!! It’s so fun to see her fun style and flair spill over into the classroom!! Way to go!!

  71. Maria!!! This is fantastic!!! You actually jump started my creativity! Yet again, I am in awe of your dedication and drive to improve your students’ learning environment. Keep it up!!! We need a Seminole reunion to happen soon!

  72. This room is bright and cheery. Maria has created an inviting learning environment. I love it.
    She also shares such great tips on her blog. It is one of my “favorites.” Good luck!

  73. I love Miss Manore and her classroom. So bright and cheerful it is imposible to have a bad day walking into her room. Love the colors, patterns, lanterns (wish they were mine!), shelving — simply too cute. Perfect to fill the hearts and minds of her students.

    Love it — Kathy

  74. What a wonderful way to Beautify a classroom for such young minds. Your cousins two little girls would have such a fabulous time in your class. I have ALWAYS loved bright colors as I am teaching the grand kids to love also. You should win hands down. Best of Luck to you.

  75. My granddaughter experienced first hand the creativity and dedication of this fabulous teacher. Her classroom looks fantastic!

  76. I love your classroom Miss Manore!!! I thought it was adorable before the transformation…but now it is AWESOME!!!! My two younger boys were so lucky to have you as their kindergarten teacher! You deserve the best! You deserve to win!!! You have our vote at the Scopone house!

  77. I am in absolute love with this room! I love the painted filing cabinets. What a fresh way to update them! I wish I could do that in my classroom. The colors of this room is fabulous and bright. I love the chevron bookshelf. Love! Love! Love!

  78. My son is a student of Miss Manore, and we are so fortunate ot have such a wonderful, dedicated person as his teacher. Not only is her classroom special and inspiring she is as well. I hope she wins!

  79. Wow! If only my daughter’s classrooms looked like this…I think learning would improve! I basically spend a day a week volunteering…I would love to help create a look like this. Bravo!!

  80. So cute and lovely! I love what’s been done in this classroom, I wish mine was as pretty when I was a kid.
    Wonderful job!

  81. This room is so beautiful and inviting! I would love for my child to spend the day in a room like this.

  82. Miss Manore’s room is fantastic! I have the pleasure of being in the room next door and being her teaching partner and I know the effort and time that went into her classroom! She inpires me to be more organized, creative and a better teacher all around. She truly deserves to win! She definitely gets my vote!

  83. This is fabulous. And I don’t usually like too much yellow in the classroom. The painted cabinets, the painted bookcase, the attention to detail…the stunning borders, dots and stripes. Everything is so big and neat and clean looking. Nothing is cluttered. I really, really love it. 🙂

  84. I just discovered this lady and her awesome blog. I wish I had the energy and talent she has to be able to create the wonderful environment she has former kids!

  85. I love the room, it’s bright and cheery and has all sorts of personal touches! What a great place for kids to learn – the kiddos in her classroom not only get to have her as a teacher but get to learn in such a great environment. They are blessed 🙂

  86. Every time I see pictures of this classroom I am envious of how organized it is. It definitely makes me want to go in on a Saturday and do a complete overhaul. This room looks great, I would hang out in there during Essentials any day!

  87. Great job Miss Manore – we are all proud to have you as part of our staff! You deserve to win hands down!

  88. What an inviting classroom! I love the brightness, creativity and neatness of this room. Anyone would love to spend the day in here. I love this room!!!

  89. An amazing transformation from an amazing teacher. What a wonderful environment for kids to learn in. Great job!

  90. This room makes me want to go back to school so I can have you as a teacher in this classroom! Love how bright and neat everything is!

  91. I love Maria’s classroom! I’m the music teacher at this school, and her classroom is right next to mine. I know the kids are excited to learn whenever they step into this classroom. It’s even better in real life!

  92. Ms. Manore is an amazing woman and such a fabulous teacher!!!! Not only do I love and adore the teaching she provides to my 4 children over the years, I am in awe of her talent. She is just simply amazing!!!! I so hope she wins : )

  93. I wish my daughter’s room looked like this when she was in kindergarten! This room makes me want to go back to school!

  94. The room looks awesome! Ms. Manore is an amazing teacher!! She so very much deserves to win 🙂

  95. Maria gets my vote!
    She is meticulous with detail and has spent a lot of time making her classroom inviting and an environment for productivity.

  96. Miss Manore’s room shows amazing use of color and creativity! An inviting atmosphere is a wonderful way to get kids to love learning! She gets my vote…hands down 🙂

  97. Here’s to hoping the best teacher in the world wins this contest!!! You’re awesome Maria <3 Jamie

  98. When I asked Maria where she found the cute dotted borders, I could hardly believe it when she told me she had dotted each and every one herself! Her classroom is a wonderland of bright cheerful colors; makes kindergarteners and adults just smile to be in there. She puts detail into everything she does. Great job, Maria! You have my vote.

  99. This room is awesome!! I wish my classrooms would have been like this when I was I school! Great job:)

  100. Wow!!! That is an amazing transformation. That is fantastic dedication to those kids. You get my vote.

  101. This classroom is outstanding! Definitely motivating to learn and want to enter each day. Love the bright colors! Very inspiring for my future classroom.

  102. I am not suprised at all by this amazing teacher. Her dedication and hard work speaks volumes. We are quite lucky to have her and her FABULOUS classroom at our school! Good Luck!

  103. I love your theme. I think that painting your filing cabinet was amazing. I wish you all the luck in this contest. But I think you have already won, because you have such a Rockin classroom. Your organization and flow makes me smile.

  104. Wow Maria, I want to be in your class. What an inspiring room! It really invites you in. Keep up the great work and I certainly hope you win.

  105. Love this classroom! The bright colors and decorations make this classroom a fun environment! By far the best classroom I’ve seen!

  106. Miss Manore’s classroom is so inviting. The first time I walked in it felt so happy and warm. Now that I have volunteered in the classroom a few times I have also seen how very organized she is. I love the colors she has chosen they just really brighten up the room. She has done such a great job to make the kids feel comfortable in the classroom. I know that my son just loves her. He always wants to play school when he comes home. I am the student and he is Mr. Manore! LOL!!

  107. I love the bright and sunny yellow bulletin boards and how she painted the file cabinet. I am inspired!

  108. AMAZING! You are so very talented. What a great Principal too… to allow you the flexibilitty to showcase your strengths! AMAZING…I see a book deal on the horizon.

  109. My elementary school rooms were never like this…..this room is wonderful!!! Excellent!!
    Four gold stars!

  110. My niece attends Ms. Manore’s class. As great as her classroom looks, her teaching is even better. It is rare to hear both students and parents rave about a teacher. I love hearing about Ms. Manore’s class and have seen her influence in my niece. As for the classroom…now I can see why it is so inviting. Well done!

  111. Such an inspiring classroom. I did the polka dot drawers but still have a long way to go to get anywhere near this classroom!

  112. Miss Manore’s classroom is a wonderful environment for a child to learn and grow spiritually and educationally. Miss Manore is not only a fantastic educator and assesst to our school, she is a warm and wonderful woman dedicated to educating the whole child. My daughter just loved attending her class and Miss Manore exemplifies the qualities all educators should strive to achieve. Good luck!

  113. Maria’s work on her room is fabulous! I can’t help but look around my room now and want to fix everything up! Thanks for being extremely inspiring!

  114. I think this is awesome and very aspiring. I find that when things are brighter and more alert kids tend to pay attention more. I wish all classrooms and teachers took the time to do this.

  115. What a beautiful classroom! The work Miss Manore puts into her classroom, goes to show you the love she has for teaching and for her students. She deserves to win!

  116. What a difference! I can see that the students in her classroom have a step up on other classes because they are working in a positive atmosphere! Very creative and motivational! Great Job!

  117. My grandson Christian loves your room! You have such an eye for what the kids need to have a fun learning experience.

  118. Yay, Maria! This classroom is so bright and cheery! If I were a 5/6 year old, I definitely would want to be in your class!!

  119. I love how bright and inviting your classroom is!! Wish I could be a fly on the wall and watch you teach also!!

  120. I really like how Miss Manore coordinated all of the colors. She really did a great job making it bright and happy. My grandson is in Miss Manore’s class and always talks so nicely about her and all of the fun things he is doing and learning.

  121. What a “sunny” classroom, so cheery and bright, just a great environment for learning!

  122. Why weren’t there classrooms like this when I was in school?!! So beautiful Maria! Great job! It’s a room full of happy sunshine!!

  123. Yellow is my favorite color so you had my vote from the get-go! This room rocks! It’s so cheery and happy that any K would just have to smile upon entering. Love all the textures that can be referenced for art projects later in the year. 🙂

  124. wow! what a difference. i wish i had the courage to just go for it and use all those bright colors!

  125. Miss Manore is an excellent teacher and I am very glad that my daughter was in her kindergarten class last year. I vote for this room.

  126. I wish I could have my little bean in your classroom. Looks like a great place to learn and have a good time doing it. Great job!

  127. Wow you really transformed your classroom. Very talented, of course, and a dedicated compassionate teacher!
    You are amazing.

    Where do I vote for you!!

  128. “Oh” how fun. Very creative and inviting. Great place to learn not only the academics but social skills.

  129. Great creativity! What a great way to show that you don’t need a brand new, state of the art facility to create a bright, stimulating learning environment for our kids!

  130. WOW!!!! The fact that Maria was so committed, resourceful, and organized in setting up her room, speaks volumes to the dedication she no doubt has towards her students’ learning. If I lived in the district, I’d love for my boys to be in that environment! Way to go Maria, keep up the good work.

  131. The classroom is well decorated, organized, and a great place for students to learn. My son loves going to school each day. This classroom and teacher are significant reasons why.

  132. If you like Maria’s room – you should see the amazing makeover she gave our school website ( Maria is truly inspiring in the class, in person and online!!!!!

  133. Love it!! What an amazing transformation !! Great use of colors and I love the organization !! Good luck !!

  134. Beautiful….and I love the dotted border, bright colors and patterns. It just shows that you don’t need brand new items to make a classroom beautiful. Way to use your resources. You have my vote.

  135. Miss. Manore has my vote. She has created a happy , organized and fun learning environment. The children are very lucky to have her. Great job!!!!!!

  136. Very refreshing to see a teacher care about the environment in which they teach — I really believe that the students will benefit from such a colorful, bright and inviting classroom.
    GREAT JOB MARIA!!! I am sure your efforts are appreciated.

  137. This classroom is so colorful!! Miss. Manore puts a lot of thought and creativity into her classroom!!

  138. Love the room! Especially the colors and the polka dots. My nephew has Miss Manore and just loves her! I am sure all the kids feel very happy and cozy in her room!

  139. My Grandson has Miss Manore. I am in Florida so I haven’t been to his school yet so it is so nice to be able to see It online!! I just love this room! It is so colorful and bright! I can’t wait to see it in person!

  140. Miss Manore has my vote! Love everything about the room! The colors coordinate so well! Love the polka dots and how neat and organized it looks!

  141. Love this room and the woman!!!!! Her classroom make over is amazing! I love it! I want to be in her classroom all the time! She goes way beyond the expected for any teacher! But in some way, shape or form all of our teachers do! Our children have been attending St. Mary Catholic School for 9 years! My family doesn’t even care that our drive to the school is over a half hour one way! The school is the best and this teacher is out of this world!

  142. Maria, this classroom is beautiful! I know you have been working hard. Congratulations on a great job!

  143. Just viewing the classroom makes me feel happy, enthusiastic and energized! It is not only bright but it is cheery and makes you feel comfortable. Great job Miss Manore!

  144. Maria, way to be a teacher’s teacher and putting your calling to educate children above and beyond all other needs and wants. Your students don’t know how lucky they are to have someone who cares to make the learning environment the best it can possibly be and then some!!

  145. I love her use of bright colours I believe it keeps the children awake and attentive. Her room looks amazing. She must be a very serious Teacher and we need more of her kind. I love it

  146. Love the colors- what a neat environment for children to learn in! Miss Manore has our vote!!!

  147. ….I Checked out Your Post @ 8:00 P.M. …..It Made Me Feel Bright and Cheery….Such A Cute and Cozy Looking Room….You Get My Vote….and I Am A “Busy Bees” Classroom Teacher….Good Luck !!!!!!!

  148. The neon bright colors are wonderful. There are so many clever ideas in this cheerful classroom. Your students are lucky to have such a creative teacher.

  149. Love your room, Maria! The bright colors and fun and exciting, and I really like how you transformed the storage bins! Awesome job!

  150. It’s so bright and engaging. I love it. Wonderful way to keep the kids going throughout the day.

  151. What a bright sunny room. Every child would want to be here. Beautiful job Maria. Hope Allie gets to learn in this room. 🙂

  152. Maria’s classroom is a bright spot in all of the students days it will surely brighten up some of the grey Michigan winter days!!!! Nice Job!

  153. Maria’s classroom looks like so much fun.! Who wouldn’t love to go to school in the morning if this is where you get to learn each day. Great job Maria! You get my vote a thousand times over!

  154. Maria’s classroom is the greatest and I am so lucky that my grandson is in this room every day. You have done a wonderful job Maria and should be very proud.

  155. LOVE this room! What a dedicated teacher to spend all that time putting the dots on the border so that it matches her room! I want a tutorial on how she did her bookshelf! LOVE IT!!!

  156. WOW… Now that is what a learning environment should look like!!
    It’s refreshing and creative and I am sure the kids look forward to participating every day. I’ll bet this sparks somes significant changes at this school as well as other classrooms around the country. Let’s get this out there, it’s so too important not to share!!

  157. Wow… This is one dedicated (and highly organized) teacher. Proof that a classroom can be whatever you’re determined to make it.

  158. Looks like the kids will really enjoy this! Makes coming to school fun! It is great to have a teacher who has style!

  159. This classroom is SO cute! The updates to the clear storage bins and the bookshelf are so creative and turned out gorgeous! Great job Maria!!

  160. This room is so bright and beautiful. What a wonderful room for her students to learn!! Nice job.

  161. Wonderful job! It is so bright and colorful and full of life! perfect atmosphere for young children to learn!!!!!

  162. Ms. Manors,

    I absolutely love your classroom! It is bright, cheery and oh so organized! Will you organize my home office? St. Mary’s has the best teachers in the world! My family loves St. Mary’s!! Good luck and God Bless!!!!

  163. Beautiful colors and room! I love all the all of your creative changes to your room! Great Job!!!

  164. What an inspiration for others! The children are fortunate to have her as their teacher. Great job!!!

  165. I wish I would have seen these pics over the summer!!! I’m going to copy next year for sure!!! Nice classroom!!!

  166. How great it would be to start your day in such a bright and welcoming environment with such an amazing teacher!

  167. Maria’s classroom looks absolutely delightful! Her organization and her creativity are evident in all that she does with her room! I can only imagine all the beautiful and kind thoughts and ideas that all her students must foster in their creative little minds! What a blessing she must be for these girls and boys in her kindergarten classroom. Go Maria!

  168. Miss Manore’s classroom is so bright and cheery, makes it look inviting and fun. I love it!

  169. As a teacher myself, you did so much for so little… you organize home offices?

    Gina enjoys her her classroom.

  170. Our daugther loves going to school every morning….can we hire you for julie’s home office?

  171. Very nice, neat, and organized classroom. And I know that there are many happy kindergartners in there, because I see them every day when I pick up my son. I’ve also seen the projects that they have worked on hanging in the hall. Anyone with a child in her class should feel proud to have someone who cares for thier child that much.

  172. Great environment for children to learn! Very attractive to the eye and colorful too!
    A lot of love went into developing it!

  173. Absolutely LOVE what she did in her class! I have just decided to use yellow paper on my boards. Thanks for the help. This room was my deciding factor! Mahalo nui loa! (Thank You Very Much!)

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