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Schoolgirl Style Challenge Finalist #4

Our next Schoolgirl Style Challenge Finalist is Sarah Hendricks!  Sarah created a stunning Rock Star themed classroom inspired by Schoolgirl Style!

Sarah explained that she had the same ocean theme for 11 years.  Sarah then decided to move to Japan for two years to teach Kindergarten at an International School.  She got rid of most of her teaching stuff.  When she came back last year, she was ready for a new theme.  When she saw my Rock Star themed classroom, she knew that was IT!  Sarah completely transformed her classroom and her class loves that they are First Grade Rock Stars!

Take a look!


I adore this photo!  At first glance, you see an attractive, coordinated and cohesive classroom.  Sarah is pretty cute too! Smile


Another view…



Yay!  No clutter on the top of shelves!


Silver chair with a rockin’ pillow!


Coordinated Word Wall AND look at that awesome rug!


Sarah used a coordinated rug, bean bags, and tubs to make a special Reading Center for her students. 


Coordinated labels!


I LOVE the “READ” letters on the shelf!  This is my favorite part of the room!


She even coordinated her supply station!


Schoolgirl Style All Access Passes!







Coordinated bins on this side of the room too and more pillows to pull the theme together!


Just because I like this picture so much! Smile

If you like Sarah’s room, you will get a chance to vote for her at the end of the contest!

Next week is our last week of the Challenge, but we are going to feature TWO more rooms!  The Schoolgirl Style team couldn’t narrow it down! 

Meet me here on Tuesday AND Wednesday night for our last finalists! 

See you then!


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  1. Nicole says

    Your classroom is Magnificant! What an inspiration to see a teacher put so much detail into making a special learning environment for her students. I was curious… How did you make the polka dot organizers that go on the back of the students chairs? This must have taken a long time to create.

  2. Jennifer Habel says

    This classroom reflects everything that is magical and essential about being a happy child. The children in this class know that they are loved and that learning is a cherished and wonderful thing. Only a very special teacher could create such an environment. Sarah is that!

  3. Mary Lou Nygaard says

    What wonderful learning environment for your student! I would be wild about learning if you we’re my teacher!

  4. Christiab Beranek says

    I love how organized the room is! Looks like the kids are having fun whilst learning. Great job, Sarah!

  5. Amy M. Gray ♥ says

    Your room is craaaazy good! Organized and sassy…my inspiration! So fabulous ~ I vote for Sarah!!

  6. Kaira Boston says

    Excellent work Sarah. So wish we lived in Richmond still so my daughter could get you as a Rock Star teacher. So very cool to see a real classroom look like a magazine spread. Good luck with the contest!

  7. vanesssa says


  8. Jamie Clarke says

    What an amazing room…I can tell she put a TON of time and effort into her classroom and deserves to win!

  9. Pauline Stronge says

    Sarah, Your room is so beautiful and so inviting. All your colors go so well together and looks so organized!!!

  10. Nancy Jo Smith says

    Sarah, love your creativity……… love your enthusiasm………love your willingness to give to those precious children………love your gift for teaching……and love you… good luck

  11. Stacey Edmonds says

    What a phenomenal looking classroom!! I love that you have everything coordinate. You Rock Sarah!!

  12. Evelyn Gates says

    You’re very creative! I bet your students enjoy being in your classroom! I vote for you 🙂

  13. Karen Rinehart says

    Sarah: I am so proud of you! Your U-shaped table is so useable!! 🙂 This had to take you hours and hours to prepare but the final product is refreshing!

  14. Lisa says

    Wow Sarah! What a fun and organized room-I’m sure your kids are having a blast being rock stars!

  15. Karen Le Lay says

    Children must love coming to school each day. Your room is adorable, Sarah! You are such a talented teacher!

  16. Miho Yoshida says

    Sarah!!!!! It’s amazing!
    Looks so fun. Students in your class are really happy.
    I try to be like you.

  17. Katie Baron says

    Sarah, I love your rooom! My favorite part is the ceiling decor. The pom-poms are fabulous!

  18. Clayton Gits says

    Although I think it is a little scary how organized you are ;)…I think it is absolutely awesome what you have done. I know you are an amazing teacher! Way to go Sarah!!

  19. Laura Weiss says

    Awesome room! Wish my Zoe could be in your class! Heard you are a fabulous teacher from your sister…keep up the great work!

  20. Barbara Hulburt says

    How amazing this all is! What a gift for your students to have a teacher who cares so much about creating a wonderful learning environment!

  21. Shirley Williams says

    This is awesome! I know all of the students love it and their teacher. I am sure it will make learning much easier for them.

  22. Kathy Coleman says

    Such an inviting place to learn! Thanks for your effort, creativity, and sense of fun on behalf of these kids! You definitely should take the prize! Kath

  23. Sara H says

    This is incredible! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this classroom. I wish my teachers had been this creative back in the day. Mrs. Hendricks rocks!

  24. Tina Sharpe says

    Very nice learning environment, no distractions to keep them from learning. Great job Sarah, I vote for you!!!!

  25. Mallory Kearney says

    Lynn Urban told me all about Sarah’s room and I love everything she has done! I would love to be one of her students!

  26. Cassandra says

    You’re classroom rocks Sarah!! You’re an amazing teacher who is dedicated to her students and to her profession!!

  27. Monica Filyaw says

    Love the theme. It’s bright, active, and different. My daughter would have loved itlast year for 1st grade!

  28. Angie S says

    Awesome classroom! That takes a lot of time and dedication. I live in Richmond too- can I get you to come decorate and organize my house 😉

  29. Rachael J says

    I wish my son’s teacher had colors that popped like this! I hope you get this, Mrs. Hendricks!

  30. Mischa Owen says

    I love everything! Your room is beautiful! I especially love the polka dot supply caddy on the back of each chair. Also, I love the storage unit for each day of the week. Good luck. Hope you win!

  31. Sash says

    You are such an inspiring teacher, these children will remember their First Grade class FOREVER!

  32. Ann says

    I simply adore your classroom. It looks so inviting! I love that you used zebra print is subtle ways. Sometimes zebra print can be very overwhelming but you took it to the right degree to make it work. I absolutely love the silver rocking chair! I bet every child wants to sit in it and dream that they are a rock star. Good luck and wishing you a wonderful school year with happy times and wonderful learning!

    Ann Greene
    Kindergarten Teacher

  33. Hayden Davis says

    Wow! What an awesome classroom!! How creative with all the matching zebra print pillows/rugs/borders! Love it! And the silver rocking chair is so cute!!

  34. Amanda Hayes says

    Sarah has my vote! Her classroom is so inviting. Each time I walk by, she and her students look like they are having the best time in there! Who wouldn’t want to learn in that room?!? It makes coming to school fun.

  35. Beth says

    Sarah’s room is adorable. She has a great style that she incorporates into her classroom and student learning! Great job! =0)

  36. Helen says

    Hope to have a classroom even half as gorgeous, organized, and FAMOUS as yours one day Sarah! You definitely deserve to win!!!

  37. Marcia Varner says

    I was Sarah’s assistant her very first year teaching and she was wonderful then, so it doesn’t surprise me to see she has such an awesome room as s seasoned teacher! But more importantly, she loves her kids and wants the very best for them!!

  38. Darlene Mazzanti says

    Sarah is a bright and cheerful teacher, just like her new classroom. She has always been very generous with her students, with time, love and inspiration. Her new classroom is a reflection of that!

  39. Kelly Stangl says

    What an incredible learning space for children!!!!! I bet they can’t wait to get to school. I wish I’d had something like that when I was in school!!!!

  40. Cynthia says

    I love your simplicity (it’s not so over the top) and color coordination is outstanding, plus the theme is something the kids can relate to as I do. Music-rock. Congratulations, I love the pockets on the chairs.

  41. Arleen Hicks says


    I really enjoy the zebra patterns. It gives the room a little wild feel along with the exquisite organization.

  42. Susan Niemczyk says

    WOW…what a beautiful classroom! I love how organized it is and how bright and welcoming it is for her students. I would love for my child to have that fun environment greet him everyday at school. It is obvious how much time and effort Sarah spent creating her classroom! She is not only a great “designer” but also a great teacher! I vote for Sarah’s room!! 🙂

  43. June Hardy Dorsey says

    What a great classroom with a wonderful balance of fun and order! The careful attention given to every whimsical detail provides so much to see! I vote for Sarah’s classroom to WIN!!

  44. Holly says

    Are those slipcovered chairs? In a classroom???? Good heavens, Sarah, it would be crazy for you not to win!

  45. Katie says

    Love your room Sarah! And more than that, the effort you put into teaching and caring for your students. You’re awesome!

  46. Dorothy says

    You put a lot of work into making this an awesome and motivating classroom for you first grade students.

  47. kelly says

    This classroom is amazing! Any student would be lucky to be learning in this room! Way to go, Sarah!

  48. Katy B says

    Sarah’s students certainly look greatly energized by her innovative classroom designs and color combos ~ they look excited to be learning great things in that ROCK’n atmosphere!

  49. peggy thomas seaman says

    Sarah, you rock! I wanna go back to grade school! Best wishes and keep the learning going!!

  50. Melody Imburg says

    I love the room, and I remember making those chair book holders for Hannah’s third grade class oh so many years ago.

  51. Pat says

    What a wonderful job you’ve done with your room, Sarah! Obviously you are the rock star teacher!

  52. Ava Berckmans says

    I can’t wait til I’m in 3rd grade! I hope you are my teacher. What a fun classroom!!

  53. Bambi Jackson says

    You are a wonderful teacher as it is, and now you have a goregous ROCKIN room to go along! It is very nice, I love the theme that you chose! It’s very organized as well! I like how everything has the print on it, even your labels,letter wall,etc. LOVE THE CHAIR!!

  54. Derek Clarke says

    What an amazing classroom! This girl sure did put some effort into making her classroom perfect!

  55. Riley Clarke says

    I LOVE your Rock Star Classroom Aunt Sarah! Wish I could be in your 1st grade classroom someday!

  56. Sherry Van Zee says

    Inspirational & creative~ just a wonderful environment for your students to learn & grow~ great job!

  57. Heather J says

    What an outstanding looking class and group of students. Very organized and colorful. These children are lucky to have a classroom/teacher who cares! Hope you win! 🙂

  58. Mina says

    I love the theme! Mrs. Hendricks always goes above and beyond in everything she does! She is so AWESOME and her students and parents are blessed to have her. She is our ROCK STAR!

  59. Aminah K. says

    Wonderful classroom but even better is the teacher who inspires her students to learn through creativity. The kids are lucky to have such a great and dedicated teacher. Looking at everything you have done I am inspired!

  60. Susan Morris says

    This classroom is incredible. The amount of time and dedication it took to create this is amazing!

  61. Jessica Currie says

    Rock on! You have an amazing room and you teach in a school that is near and dear to my heart. Well deserved! Good luck!

  62. Reina P. says

    WOW. can you say creative, determined, intelligent, and appealing to the children?
    This was an amazingly creative and aesthetically appealing concept, Mrs. Sarah! We need more teachers like you in a child’s life- to inspire them, show them individuality, and persistance!

    Good luck. 🙂

  63. julius says

    Wow that class looks so cheerful, bright and organized, a perfect enviroment for learning and play, that puts so many smiles on wonderful looking children.

  64. Ellen Lee says

    Great looking classroom. Ms Hendrix must go broke with the decorataions alone. You deserve the win ~ clearly your kids already do win.

  65. Jessica Brooks says

    I adore this room it makes me feel like a kid again and it definitely makes my son happy………you are truly a ROCKSTAR MRS. HENDRICKS

  66. Dionne Hughes says

    Your room looks amazing!!! I love your color scheme and the coordination. You have done an amazing job!!!! I know your kids love to come to school 🙂

  67. Angela Burton says

    Looks so cute! I would totally party out in that classroom. Thoes kids are so lucky to have an awesome teacher with fabolous rock star style!

  68. Mrs. Wilson says

    SIMPLY MARVELOUS….. I wish I had a first grader in your class! Learning Rocks in your room!

  69. Alex Dean says

    Wow! My mom was right! You do have an amazing room! I wish I had a room like that back when I was in elementary school!

  70. magdalena nolasco says

    This classroom shows how much you love your profession and your students. Thanks for your dedication in making every day an amazing learning experience.

  71. magdalena nolasco says

    This classroom shows how much you love your profession. I am sure kids have an amazing learning experience

  72. W. Williams says

    WOW!!! What a cool place to learn! Almost makes me wish I was in elementary school again! YOU ROCK!!!

  73. Chris says

    That rocking chair would have given me all the incentive I needed. I’m still trying to earn one!

  74. Rose Northcutt says

    Sarah, all the rooms in this competition are great and it was hard for me to decide, but you’re room is the best because YOU are in it! You’re a great teacher and your students are lucky to have you. Good luck!

  75. LeChele says

    I love this classroom theme! It’s fun and motivating for the kids to be creative and expressive !

  76. Gina Evans says

    Fabulous! Glamorous! Inspiring too! You rock! Your students will certainly benefit from your creativity and dedication! 🙂 Rock on!!!!

  77. Timothy Thompson says

    I’ve never seen a classroom like this before this is almost as awesome as you are. Thanks for all you do.

  78. Melanie Cosely says

    The classroom looks great, Caden is thrilled to be a first grade rock star and excited to learn!

  79. Choc Barrett says

    I love the idea of bringing life to the classroom. These are some of the little things that can be done to keep our youth interested in school! Great Job Sarah!

  80. Connie Jefferson says

    Your room is so cute, I know the children love to come to class . Refreshing to know that teachers still try to make their room so cheerful… love it.

  81. soen walker says

    Classroom looks amazing a fee of my favorite colors and patterns, looks like a very warm comfortable learning environment

  82. Tomekia James says

    Wow! This makes me want to be in 1st grade again! Your room is very inviting and truly a great place to learn! It also shows your dedication to your student’s learning.

  83. Brittani says

    This was a beyond amazing idea. I love the entire look & the children look happy with it as well. Good job Ms. Hendricks

  84. Dee de Cheubel says

    This is my favorite classroom ever! So well coordinated and fully functional! Mrs. Hendricks is the best too!

  85. Charles says

    This is a beautiful classroom. The time that you put into making your classroom such a fun learning environment shows how much you enjoy teaching the kids.

  86. Gayle Hefty says

    I think you take after your mother! 🙂 Just kidding! It’s all you. So proud of you and your classroom!

  87. Michael Payne says

    What a Great looking classroom! You have put so much work into it, and it looks so organized and fun! Great Job!

    • jessica easter says

      i completely missed the picture of katelyn laying down reading a book your rockstar classroom has definitely put a positive attitude on her if she feels that comfortable

  88. Morgen G says

    You’re creative and dedicated and know how to inspire kids in a fun and positive way! Grab that top prize!

  89. Calvin W. says

    Great job on the classroom decor — it looks like a lot of hard work went into it. Hope your class wins!

  90. LaTara Marrow says

    Oh this is amazingly beautiful. This is the Best class! Lucky kids! Very nicely coordinated, the color scheme is great. Looks like a nice atmosphere to learn. Kids Rock!

  91. Derya says

    I may want to start to go to school again if I’ll get Sarah as my teacher and this classroom.

  92. Marcia Evans says

    Hello Ms. Hendricks I love you style and creativity of your classroom this year. You did an awesome Job.
    Marcia Evans
    Ashton Lewis (mom)

  93. Michelle Rahn says

    As a retired teacher myself, I absolutely LOVE this classroom! We are ALL fortunate to have you in this fabulous world of ‘teaching’! Congratulations!

  94. Kristen Strunga says

    Is there any way that Sarah has a blog? I would love to ask her about these FABULOUS polka dot chair pockets as my entire theme is polka dots!!

  95. Kay Koehlmoos says

    I too would like to know how you did the chair covers. I am doing a circus theme with red and white stripes and some turquoise and orange polka dots. I am a sewer so I think if you tell me how I could do this. Kay Koehlmoos, Pot of Gold Preschool

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