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Wildly Cute Classrooms!

The fabulous teaching duo, Lisa Pyrett and Paige Sieloff, from Myers Elementary in Grand Blanc, MI, decorated their classrooms with a purple/green color combination and paired it with monkeys and zebra print for a wildly cute classroom environment!


Some of you may remember that I decorated Diana Chisholm’s class from Myers Elementary before school started.  Well, while I was there, Lisa asked me to stop by her classroom and take a look.  To my excitement, Lisa had the Creative Teaching Press catalog out and turned to this page….

This is one of my favorite rooms that I styled for CTP!

monkey room from ctp

Lisa and Paige were using this collection as their inspiration for their 4th grade classrooms.

They used all of the Creative Teaching Press items that coordinate with the monkey collection, but paired it with my zebra print tags and labels, as well as my zebra print poms from the Schoolgirl Style Shop!

I adore this color combination and think it is PERFECT for their 4th grade students.  They also had some really great elements in their rooms that I can’t wait to share!


familyandclassrooms 045

The Creative Teaching Press calendar with coordinating numbers, monkeys, and bananas.  The Schoolgirl Style zebra month header…

familyandclassrooms 046

familyandclassrooms 047

Creative Teaching Press monkeys and zebra print labels and poms from the Schoolgirl Style Shop.

familyandclassrooms 049

This is their incentive system.  Their students can earn money to purchase items from a store.  The children are required to take care of their own money and have their own checkbook to keep track of their earnings and withdrawals for purchases.

familyandclassrooms 048

Creative Teaching Press monkey border in the background…

familyandclassrooms 050

familyandclassrooms 051

Schoolgirl Style zebra print nameplates

familyandclassrooms 052

familyandclassrooms 053

familyandclassrooms 054

Creative Teaching Press monkey and Schoolgirl Style labels/nameplates

familyandclassrooms 055

Creative Teaching Press Lots of Dots border in green, banana, and monkey charts

familyandclassrooms 056

familyandclassrooms 058

familyandclassrooms 060

familyandclassrooms 061

familyandclassrooms 066

familyandclassrooms 067

familyandclassrooms 068

familyandclassrooms 069

Lisa used the Creative Teaching Press monkeys to display the writing process…

familyandclassrooms 073

familyandclassrooms 074

Schoolgirl Style zebra print poms and Creative Teaching Press monkeys

familyandclassrooms 075

Monkeys, bananas, and palm tree from Creative Teaching Press.  Zebra print labels from Schoolgirl Style

familyandclassrooms 076

familyandclassrooms 077

Monkey from Creative Teaching Press and labels/nameplates from Schoolgirl Style



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  1. Wow these are great! I have a question Do you have safety guidelines for pencils in their boxes? In Arizona we have been instructed to never put our pencils with points sticking up.

  2. The room looks fabulous!! My daughter just redecorated her bedroom in zebra with green and purple accents…looks great in a classroom! Any idea where the neat accents on the lamps are from?

  3. I LOVE this! I’ve had the monkeys for about 2 years. I used the purple and green color scheme this year after seeing your ideas. I’m working this summer on making it more cohesive and organized. Could you share which purple poms were used in this collection? It’s hard for me to tell. Also, I’m considering the organization station. Would it work or not? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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