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Giraffe Silhouette


So many of you have asked about the giraffe silhouette in my Animal Adventure theme!


I actually created that myself and I can show you how!  SUPER easy!


1.  Small giraffe silhouette or any animal silhouette purchased from the Schoolgirl Style Shop.

2.  Scissors

3.  Tape

4.  White bulletin board paper

5.  An overhead projector

6.  A pencil

7.  Black paint

First, print out the animal silhouette and cut it out.


Next, put him on an overhead projector and turn it on.  You will see the silhouette of the giraffe projected on the wall. 

Use a large piece of white bulletin board paper and tape it up on the wall and trace the giraffe image with a pencil. * You will need to play around with the size of the giraffe to fit your own bulletin board. 

Now, you can do one of two things here…

1.  Paint giraffe with black paint and cut out.  I did mine this way.  See image…


OR…you can cut out the giraffe and trace it on BLACK bulletin board paper for the same look.

TA DA!!!!

Stunning giraffe focal point for your classroom!


Told you it was easy!

Happy Decorating!



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  1. I have actually done this several times and love it. One of the reasons I refuse to give up my overhead. I claim it is for the kids but really it is for me. 😛


  2. I have done this on black bulletin board paper and it works great for this. One
    Less step too 🙂

  3. Hi Melanie,
    I purchased your Animal Adventure collection for my room this year. It is coming together and I was wondering what font was used for the writing and math centers. I want to use the same font for the other centers. I love this collection!

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