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The Animal Adventure Collection

details_safari Inspiration for this theme came from these amazing animal silhouettes… 


I loved the simplicity and the sophistication of the designs.  I am often turned off by goofy art on classroom décor.  It can often pigeon hole you into a particular grade level.  This design is appropriate for Kindergarten students as well as high school kids!


Animal prints paired with soothing blues and greens creates a calming and exotic environment for your students.


An abundance of greenery creates the perfect backdrop for your animal prints and animal silhouettes! 



Animal print lanterns and the words “Adventure,” “Discover,” and “Explore” sets the tone for the classroom theme.


I made a large giraffe silhouette as the focal point of the room!


Grasses, ferns, and greenery were purchased at Michaels and Dollar Tree.  It was an inexpensive design element that created a huge impact! 



Don’t forget your desk!  There are so many great options out there to create a beautiful desk.  I bought the zebra desk accessories, globe, vase, and picture frame from Hobby Lobby.  The pretty green lamp is from Target.  Animal cards and stationary were in the dollar section at Michaels.


Michaels has a fantastic National Geographic line of animal items and décor in the dollar section of their store.  There were so many things to choose from to pull the theme together!


The animal cards are from Michaels.  I would even frame some of these cards for additional classroom décor.  The lamp from Target is the perfect shade of green for this theme!




What a beautiful print for your Animal Adventure theme!  The print is available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop!





This is one of my favorite décor items…a Welcome sign for your door!  I used a cardboard frame from Lakeshore and twine to hang my sign!


I love the maps on the bulletin boards.  The maps give an exotic feel to your classroom and it also pulls your color theme together of soothing blues, greens, and browns.


I used another map on this bulletin board.  Using maps of every shape and size is such a clever way to cover your boards.  My boards are small, so the map covers it perfectly.  I would actually prefer to overlap several maps.  It gives it a more eclectic look for this theme.  Don’t be afraid to overlap and create a quilt like effect to your boards.



Table signs can be added to tables or hung from the ceiling.  This particular table sign is in a zebra gable box that was transformed into a planter.  I added a piece of Styrofoam, greenery, an earth cutout, and a sign for an amazing table decoration!  If you can’t have items hanging from your ceiling, this is a great alternative!  Can you imagine walking into this classroom on Open House night, Parent/Teacher Conferences, or even on the first day of school and seeing these on the tables?  Amazing!


Animal Adventure nameplates, book basket labels, multipurpose labels, passports, and luggage tags from Schoolgirl Style.  All of these items are EDITABLE!  Customize with your own students names.  Perfect writing every time!



Old suitcases gives your students the feeling that they traveled to a faraway place!  You could even create your own suitcases with old shoeboxes!  Wouldn’t that be super cute to hold their independent reading books?!?  They can even have their own customized luggage tag tied to their suitcase!  Let them decorate their own suitcases at the beginning of the school year!


Passports can be customized with your student’s names.  These are perfect for field trips and when you have a substitute teacher in your classroom!


Binoculars from Dollar Tree are a cute addition to your Animal Adventure theme!



Luggage tags are EDITABLE!  Green wicker baskets are from Target.


Nameplates are EDITABLE too!


Zebra gable boxes are used as a crayon/supply container by adding an empty wipe container inside!  The wipe container fits perfectly in this box and keeps the zebra box from being torn or bent!  Love this idea!



Animal print boxes from Michaels



Animals from Michaels are adorable hot glued on to the top of my favorite containers!  Containers are from Michaels as well.  Multipurpose labels are attached with twine.  I love the authentic look of twine as opposed to ribbon in this theme!


Lanterns are from Oriental Trading



More animals and containers from Michaels.  Tags by Schoolgirl Style!


I used the apple tree from Creative Teaching Press in a non-traditional way for this theme.  Instead of using the trunk, I only used the branches with an abundance of leaves.  Look how I stuck the branches underneath the borders and draped the top of the bulletin board!



I used the cluster of leaves that came with the apple tree from Creative Teaching Press to create a border of lush foliage!  This look is amazing with this theme.  I also used a grass table skirt to line my cupboards. 


Word Wall labels that coordinate with the Animal Adventure theme.  Labels come editable in case you would prefer a more traditional font for your Word Wall!


Shopping for this theme was extremely easy!  Everywhere I went, I found accessories that would coordinate perfectly.  The baskets are from Dollar Tree, the planter is from Rite Aid, and the globe is from Kmart.



Animal Adventure Shopping Guide:

Printable tags, labels, banner letters, Word Wall labels, door sign, luggage tags, passports, table signs, earth cut out, animal silhouette prints, and nameplates from Schoolgirl Style

Photos courtesy of E.C. Campbell Photography in Rochester Hills, MI

Tree branches and foliage from Creative Teaching Press


Animal print containers, clear paint cans, animals, craft paper for bulletin boards, greenery, feathers, National Geographic cards and stationary from Michaels

Binoculars, safari hats, baskets, greenery, grass from Dollar Tree

Dark brown baskets on shelves, green lamp, green wicker baskets are from Target

Animal print lanterns are from Oriental Trading

Zebra desk set, black vases, picture frame, suitcase, and little globe are from Hobby Lobby

Large globe is from Kmart

Green door sign frame is from Lakeshore


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  1. Yay! I have been waiting all summer for this one! Thanks for inspiring once again. I will be heading to Michaels tomorrow because I didn’t realize they had so much for this theme.

  2. Melanie,

    I love all your classroom themes. I love your new one with the primary apple theme with the polka dots. I am decididing on a theme for my classroom this year. Last year I made one of those palm trees for my classroom and I would love to use it again. Do you have any suggestions what theme I can incorporate it in? Will you be doing an ocean theme at all?
    Antoinette Arezone

  3. I love this theme! You are making it such a hard choice for me! 🙂 Keep up the awesome work! We all love it and appreciate your hard work.

  4. So cute! And, adventurous! 😉 As a kid, I always wanted a ‘safari’ room in my house when I ‘grew up.’ I would walk through Pier 1 and dream about all their globes, old-style fans, and other safari decor….I never would have thought to bring those ideas into the classroom! You did it in such a sophisticated way, too! I really like the idea of the maps on the bulletin board. Where have you found them for an inexpensive price? Is that the craft paper from Micheal’s? I love this theme! Great work again, Melanie! 😀

  5. I love this theme. Especially with all the green, it is very jungle-like. The black animal graphics add to the theme without being overpowering.

    I’m using a variation of your apple theme for my classroom this year.

  6. Amazing and inspiring! What a beautiful room you’ve created. I think I can use some of these ideas with my camping theme this year.
    Thanks! Stacey

  7. Thank you, Thank you! This is exactly what I’m doing this year. Now the ideas have been completed!

  8. Melanie,
    I love all of your designs, but finally settled on polka dots and bees (although it would have been a hard decision if I’d seen this first!). I have a question, though. The Honeybee Collection seems like such a bright, springy, theme… I wondered if you had any ideas about how to incorporate some snow/wintery elements so there can be a small transformation into and out of winter? Thanks, again, for all of your ideas! So excited about your winning the Really Good Stuff competition and the CTP partnership! Love to see a talented teacher recognized for her gifts!

    • Honestly, I don’t think you need to worry about that. When I had my bird theme, I added Christmas and Halloween to it. I think the theme is just the backdrop of the classroom. The kids work and projects should be piled on top of it. Hope that makes sense! 🙂

  9. Love this one Melanie!! Awesome job! I really liked your reply to Lori about “the kids work and projects should be piled on top of it.” I was actually in my classroom today organizing and going through things and had that same thought. Thanks again for the awesome inspiration you give!!!!

  10. Yay!! I have been waiting to see your “wild” side 😉 Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us. I have a question though, the bulletin board with the giraffe (the one that does not have a map as a backdrop) what kind of paper did you use?
    Thanks again!!

  11. Thanks Melanie! The pictures are amazing. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing it with the world!

    • They are in the Schoolgirl Style Shop! Just go to my home page and click “Shop” and it will take you there! 🙂

  12. Dear Melanie,
    I love all your ideas and purchased many of your items from “The Animal Adventure” collection. I am very excited to put together a very unique classroom environment using your ideas. I have one question though, I was personalizing the welcome sign and some of the luggage tags today and I was wondering if you could let me know what fonts you used for “Welcome to Kindergarten” and “World Traveler.” I would really appreciate it – thanks so much for all you do to make teacher’s lives easier and children’s lives a lot more exciting and fun! You bring back the joy of teaching and learning!

  13. I love the tree from Creative Teaching Press, but how many did you need to purchase to get all the leaves you needed? I want this tree to go with the owl theme I recently purchased from you…cant wait for September now to start my first teaching job!

    • I used leaves from about 2 or 3 trees. The desk lamp was purchased in the spring. I just saw it recently at my Target.

  14. How many trees did you need to get from creative teaching press in order to get all that lovely foliage? I would love this tree to go with my owl theme that I recently purchased…Cant wait for my first teaching job in September!

  15. I need your help!! I recently painted my room BRIGHT green and all the doors, book shelves, etc. black. I’m just not happy with its look at the moment and have invested so much time, money, and effort for it to not look the way I want. 🙁 Can you look at a few of my pics at this link ( and make suggestions, please? I feel like some of it’s way too busy. I am open to ANYTHING and have a limited amount of time to put it together. Do I rearrange, change bulletin boards, what? Thank you!

  16. Thank you! Thank you! This is just what I needed for my classroom. It fits perfectly with my theme and colors. I especially love the map on the bulletin board and luckily I have one I picked up at a garage sale. Thanks for making all the chaos in my head make sense and look beautiful. Can’t wait to see my student’s reactions.

  17. Thank you for creating this awesome animal adventure theme. I will be using it in my reading class this year. I love the exotic look and feel of the theme. How did you create the large giraffe silhoutte? Someone asked the question in a previous post but I didnt see an answer. Sorry if you already stated the answer.

    • I printed out an image of the giraffe and placed it on the overhead projector. I then projected the image on the wall and hung up a large piece of white bulletin board paper to trace the image on to. I then cut it out and painted it with black paint. You can also use cut it out and trace on black bulletin board paper for the same end result. 🙂

  18. This question was already asked above but I did not see a reply. I recently bought the table number signs and the welcome sign. I want to use the same font that you used but am having trouble figuring out what it is called. What font did you use for these signs?

  19. Melanie – I don’t know if you remember me or not – I was one of your design finalists for the contest you had last year – I had so much fun. I just wanted to let other teachers know that I loved the animal adventure theme so much that I am going to use it again this year. I love how it goes right along with the new common core standards for second grade! I am back on your website to visit your store and add more items to my collection for this year! Thanks so much!

  20. I love this theme and I want to purchase it for the upcoming school year. I have a question though. Can I change the border from the green that is pictured to a more emerald color green on the editable labels or is only the font editable? Thanks so much!


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