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Primary Apple Theme

I’ve had a ton of people ask me to create a primary colored theme!  There are so many of you, especially at the lower level, that have bright primary colored rugs, shelving, and tubs.  I know that when I taught Kindergarten, my tables were primary colored as well.  This didn’t allow me to necessarily decorate the way I wanted to and it really trapped me into a color theme. 

So…for those of you that have all of the primary “stuff,” I have created an updated and stylish version of an apple theme just for you!  I used multi colored polka dots and a chevron pattern throughout my design.  Chevron is ultra trendy right now!  As you can see, pairing a polka dot with chevron creates a simple, yet modern approach to decorating with primary colors!

I am in LOVE with this design!

Here are the beautiful details…




This is one of my favorite parts of the room…the pennant banner!  This really sets the tone for the entire room.  I love how it swings from tree to tree in the photo!


Here is a close up of the banner…


Your door WELCOME sign…


Just like the traditional apple theme, I made 3D apples hanging from the ceiling.  I used yellow and green apples as opposed to the traditional red.  This gives the theme an unexpected twist!  Very modern and trendy!


I bet you were expecting traditional green leaves!  Nope.  I cut out leaves using the coordinating polka dot design.  Again…unexpected and very stylish!


Table signs hanging from the apples…


The coordinating nameplates, multipurpose labels, and Word Wall labels…


The caddy on the table is from Target!  Look at how perfect this coordinates with the theme!




This is my 3 inch scallop tag.  I didn’t use my scallop punch for this particular photo, instead rounded the corners and slipped over a jar filled with school supplies.  Displaying crayons and colorful supplies is a MUST with this design.  Turn your supplies into pretty décor!



A close up of this super cute WELCOME banner!  I love the apple end pieces.  You could also frame the apple end pieces and use it as desk or wall décor!



Baskets from Really Good Stuff coordinate perfectly.  Book basket labels create a cohesive look throughout your entire classroom.


Cute print for your desk!




Trees are from Creative Teaching Press


The little details make such a huge impact!


This is THE perfect design if you are looking for primary colors!

This is definitely one of my new favorite themes!


Labels, pennant banner, WELCOME sign, tags, nameplates, apple print, and lanterns available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop!

Photos are courtesy of E.C. Campbell Photography in Rochester Hills, MI

Apple trees and little yellow worms are from Creative Teaching Press

Polka dot caddy and white shelf are from Target

Primary baskets are from Really Good Stuff



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  1. I LOVE it! I just wish I had the EXTRA money to make all of these changes I am dreaming of! 🙁

  2. I love this!!! You are the BEST! My rug is done in primary colors….this will be perfect!!!

  3. Hi,
    Love the apple primary theme! I went to the Teachers notebook and didn’t see any of the items listed ? Where do I purchase them?
    Tonia Vento

    • Some of the items are up, the others will be listed by the weekend! 🙂

  4. Love it! New classroom, new grade level and I’ve decided to use primary colored polka dots. Saw this and think it will be perfect! However when I go to your store at Teachers Notebook, I can’t find it! I’m sure I must have done something wrong!! Thanks!

  5. LOVE the chevron and polka-dots … so on-trned! The polka- dots remind me of Eric Carle. I agree with Criston – worm or hungry caterpillar 😉 So cute.

  6. Love what you have done. I am still thinking of using your granny smith green, powder blue and brown for my new classroom. If you get a chance would you go to my website and see pictures of my room and help with a color scheme. I love what you do!

    • Are those carpeted walls? I love the size and all of your storage! That carpet color is very similar to mine in my classroom…

      • It is kind of like carpet on the walls. I thought I could use it as a bulletin board, but today when I tried to use a push pin it hardly went in at all. Will probably have to use staples. With the brown on the walls and the blue carpet I was thinking using your color coordination of granny smith green, light blue and the brown. Other than that color scheme do you have any suggestions? I was in today trying to set up class arrangement, ugh, it didn’t go well. Will return tomorrow for another attempt. I have an Elmo so I can’t block the kids from seeing the front wall. Wish me luck!

  7. I have never really been excited about an apple theme, until now! I love the bright colors!

  8. Very cute! I love those giant worms on the bulletin board! The name plates with the dots around them are very cute, too!

  9. I love all of your themes, but I’m moving from third grade to Kindergarten with lots of primary bins in my new room and this one is my new favorite. The black and white theme I was trying was just not working with all those primary colors, and this one will be perfect!!! Thank you!!!

  10. I love this! Is it editable? I would like to edit the apples out since I have a primary colored Dr. Seuss theme in my room.

  11. How hard would it be to convert the rainbow theme into a primary color? That’s the one I was going to buy until I realized it was rainbow sherbet colors. I saw you did the apple theme in primary. How about the rainbow theme. It would be tooooo expensive for me to repaint my bookcases, baskets for Really Good Stuff, etc….

  12. This is a beautifully styled classroom. I like the creative ways you have to incorporate primary colors.
    Thank you for sharing your talents!

  13. I love this!!! I was going to do the Rainbow Collection, but thankfully I do not have too much invested yet. Can you tell me if the bins from Target are new or older? Going crazy looking for them but haven’t made it to the store yet! Thanks so much!!

    • They are new, but you better hurry, they are on clearance in my Target! 🙂


    I really want to purchase the table numbers for your primary apple theme but could not find them online anywhere to buy. Could you please let me know where I can find them?


    • Hi Kellie! I am working on these. I am in the process of making them editable, so you can write it whatever you would like! Keep checking! 🙂

  15. First, I absolutely love this design. I’m a first grade teacher and my room is full of primary colors. This will go great! I went to Target today to get the table bins. They have them but I wanted to ask a question the ones I saw at Target are kind of muted polka-dot primary colors. In your picture above the polka-dots look brighter, I was wondering if they are really bright or muted? I didn’t buy them because of this. I thought I might come home and see if I could buy them online.

    • Yes, you are right…the outer circle on the design is bright, while the inside of the polka dot is muted. At first, I questioned it as well, but once I put it all together it looked FANTASTIC!!! Sometimes it is good to not be so matchy matchy! You better pick it up quick though – at my Target, they have put these items on clearance!

      • Thank you so much! I went and picked the bins up this morning. Too bad my store doesn’t have them on clearance though. I sure do wish they were. I love all the things you added to the collection! I can’t wait to start printing and decorating my classroom.

  16. I just purchased most of this set and I love it! Congratulations on your new venture. I checked out the catalog pages and they are wonderful. I printed the pennant on card stock and I’m wondering if I should laminate it? I know it would last longer. Any thoughts??

  17. Hi Melanie!!! Love, Love, Love the primary collection!!! Just wondering if you will add a first day (editable ) procedure powerpoint in the same pattern as this collection. This will all seem so cohesive to have an open house powerpoint, first day of school powerpoint, binder coversheet (all editable) and a welcome back letter or postcards in the same print. I can hardly wait to shop your store. I think you are so creative!!!!

    • Hi Melanie and Tamala,

      I too would love an editable power point with this them. Great idea Tamala!!!


  18. Love this collection! You are very talented, Melanie. Thank you for sharing your gift with the rest of us!

  19. Hello,
    I am very excited about the primary set. I love the apple lanterns, but did not find them in your shop.
    Are the apple lanterns coming soon, or did I miss them?
    Thank you!

  20. Oooohhhhh! I love this! I was totally sold on completely re-doing my classsroom with the Owl theme, but I already have a ton of primary colored stuff in my room. I teach elementary special ed and divide my kids in groups based on levels. In the past I’ve color coded everything red, blue, green, and yellow. This would go perfectly. Any advice on where to find coordinating alphabet charts and calender?

  21. Love the theme but was wondering where or how I can get the big colorful worms?????

  22. If anyone is still looking for the container from Target, HURRY! I went to two targets and they have the line on clearance at 50% off. In addition to the containers, I also bought a table cloth to make curtains and a galvanized tub to use in my library. Happy Shopping!

    • I bought the tub too- couldn’t find the caddies- so I will stick with the primary color caddies I normally get. How are you making curtains from the table cloths? I bought one circle table cloth in the clearance section for my writing center table. Please let me know soon- I may go buy the rest of them here. Thank you!

      • The table cloth I bought was rectangular. I plan on just cutting it in half and sewing a slot to slide a tension rod through. Also, Walmart has a bunch of cute stuff that matches perfectly with this theme for 88 cents. I got border, file folders, sticky notes, and small square primary colored baskets.

        • Awesome! Thank you!!! Will have to go look at Walmart. Went to Target today and no more table cloths 🙁

    • I also bought the table cloth from target to go with the primary color theme… I’m going to drape it over by my kiddos hooks to add a little something over there 🙂 Can’t beat half off. It was much cheaper than purchasing fabric for that spot for sure.

      • Yes I definitely use curtains/cloths/fabric over my shelves too. Wish I could find it- will look at walmart.

  23. Did you say we could get the yellow picture frame in the shop? Having trouble finding that. I am doing this theme this year in my classroom. I love it!!!

  24. Hi Melanie! I just discovered your site. I love it!!! I was wondering where you purchased the yellow picture frame as well as if there will more apple lanterns to purchase… thanks! And, thanks for sharing your creativity! Keep up the excellent work!

  25. I love the primary colors but love the owls. Is it possible to change the owls to primary colors?

  26. My wonderful daughter is graduating in two weeks with her Bachelors in Elementary Education. Would this theme be appropriate for a graduation party for her? She is teaching Kindergarten and I thought she could then use the decor in her classroom next year.

  27. Question – What color green boredette did you use? Canary, Red, and what color green?

    Thanks! I LOVE this theme!!

  28. Hi Melanie, i purchased this theme and I love it! Could you please let me the know the font that you used! Thank you!

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