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Apple Theme


A traditional apple theme continues to be one of my favorite themes for a classroom!

I have decorated my own classroom in an apple theme on and off for the last 14 years.  There is something about the crisp reds and greens that I adore!

Have you ever walked into a Pottery Barn Kids store in the fall?  They always have it decorated in their traditional red, green, and white décor.  You will see pretty baskets, containers, and their traditional red gingham accessories.  I swear, I can literally stop breathing when I walk in!  I know…that is probably strange to most of you, but I LOVE anything that screams “Back to School!” 

The Schoolgirl Style Apple Theme has that “Pottery Barn Kids” look.  Nothing too overdone.  The red gingham design is simple, yet very tasteful and stylish.

The details of the room…



You definitely need a sign outside of your classroom door that welcomes children and parents into your room!  I used a frame from Lakeshore to make my door sign more prominent when visitors approach.  I also added a coordinating apple and leaves (from my Creative Teaching Press apple tree) to the corner of the frame for an adorable look!


Lovely desk accessories!


How sweet are these little worms?!?  I have these little guys sprinkled all over the room as an adorable accent.  The worms are from Creative Teaching Press.


I used red and green lanterns to create 3D apples.  This is a great way to hang table signs or to establish a stunning focal point when you enter the room!  I hot glued the leaves from the Creative Teaching Press apple tree on to the top of the lantern to give the them an apple appearance.


An apple theme would not be complete without bushel baskets from Michaels!  These are great storage or supply containers for your classroom!


I actually had baskets with apples in my own classroom.  My students ate them for snack on the first day of school!


A little “shout out” to my old school!


The multipurpose tags are very simple and classy. 


One of my decorating obsessions is to display items in glass jars.  I can turn an everyday object into a piece of jewelry by encasing it in pretty reflective glass.  If some of you are worried about having glass jars in your classroom, this is an awesome alternative!  I found these plastic paint cans at Michaels.  Use these to display your crayons, markers, colored pencils, and other school supplies.  You can easily turn boring school supplies into pretty classroom décor!  It is all in the details…


Gingham nameplates can either be cut out or folded tent style.  Adding the worm is such a cute touch! Did you notice the berry baskets from Target?  They are great for holding supplies and coordinate perfectly with an apple theme!



A gingham tablecloth or curtains is the perfect addition.  I had a mentor teacher that used tablecloths on everything!  I have used them in my own classroom to cover tables that were designated for lunch count or daily classroom routines.


I used three trees in this particular classroom to make an impact.  Do you remember my bird themed classroom?  I had a total of 5 trees!  Doing things in odd numbers is a big design secret.  I also love the convenience of the Creative Teaching Press apple tree.  It is very easy to put up and it can be done quickly!  How about that “WELCOME” banner?  Isn’t it cute?  I adore the traditional school font and color theme!




Again, designs are very simple and stylish!  This is my center sign.  Tags are now going to be editable, so you will be able to customize them any way you would like!


Word Wall Labels…



I found cute gingham pencils at Target to coordinate with my theme!  I also created my 3 inch scallop tags to use as pencils toppers!  Isn’t the can adorable too?  Look at how I used the gingham paper and a piece of border from Creative Teaching Press to make a really cute pencil container!  The border is called “Grass Border” and I used it throughout the entire room.  I LOVE it!





Apples can be customized with my new editable tags!


Curtains were created with striped wrapping paper from Party City



Book basket labels are attached to baskets from Really Good Stuff.


Mini pennant banner…




Apple Theme Shopping Guide:

Banners, labels, tags, nameplates, pennants, signs, and lanterns are available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop!

Photos are courtesy of E’Lisa Campbell of E.C. Campbell Photography in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Grass border, worms, and trees are from Creative Teaching Press

Desk, table, and chairs are from Pottery Barn

Berry baskets and pencils are from Target

Bushel baskets and clear paint cans are from Michaels

Plastic grass is from Hobby Lobby

Green and white wrapping paper is from Party City

Red and Green baskets are from Really Good Stuff

Green frame is from Lakeshore



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  1. You are amazing!!! Love it!! You make it very difficult to decide on what theme to use, they are all adorable!! I decided on the bird theme and have already started purchasing items for the room, so I am going to stick with it! Are the tags to the bird room going to be editable? I already purchased some tags, but would repurchase if I could customize them myself!

    • It will take me a few days to make the tags editable. I promise I will get it up soon! 🙂

  2. WOW! Just…WOW! I love this theme!!! I have been racking my brain trying to decide which of your awesome themes to use next year and I have a question. 🙂 Can you give us an idea of what themes you will be sharing this summer? I know you mentioned some ideas awhile back but I’m not sure if those are still in the works. I hate to jump all over one theme and start shopping like crazy, just to wish I had waited a little longer for one that is better suited to my needs. I know you don’t want to give away too many details, but maybe just a few hints? Thanks so much!!

  3. I’ve never been a big fan of an apple theme but I could totally do this one. So adorable! I love the paint can idea! Thanks Melanie!

  4. You stole my heart with your apple theme. I have never been able to resist anything APPLES ! You just took it to the next level. Thank you !

  5. Wow! I am going to do an apple theme and you have such great
    ideas! I don’t like red so I’m doing green apples as an accent to
    Black and white dots. I found gray clip art and a song about an apple tree
    I will send updates as it all comes together of you would like 🙂
    ~ Kelly

  6. Melanie ~ Are the picture frames you used from Lakeshore plastic OR a heavyweight cardboard. I would like to know before ordering them. I looked them up on Lakeshore’s site/read the description and it doesn’t say if they are plastic or heavyweight cardboard. Can you let me know – Thanks!!! I really love this unit!!!

    • They are cardboard! I haven’t heard from you in a while! Hope everything is okay…:)

      • Thanks Melanie for the Lakeshore Picture Frame information!! Blessings on your new journey!! xoxo

  7. I loveeeeeeeee your creativity . I live all the way in the caribbean. This will be my first year teaching and I am planning on tsking your bird theme and tweeking it. Can you send or put more info on how you organize your class? And the daily routines you do, especially with the daily five?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Hey Melanie!! I KNOW you have had a SUPER busy weekend!! I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and COULD NOT find (Grrr!) the “grass” that your CTP little worm is sitting in!! I looked about 100 times “hoping” if I kept looking – it would just “fall off” the shelf on my feet!! I am SURE you know that feeling VERY WELL!! Well – it NEVER did (Waaaah!!) If you don’t mind (and I promise I’ll LOVE ya forever!!!) – EXACTLY what should I tell the clerk I am looking for!!!! Thanks a bazillion!!
    Laurie Ayers

  9. I just went to a workshop – themes are coming back BUT don’t just decorate your room with apples… Get fiction and nonfiction books to read to the students and leave them out for them to read later and to help them write stories… Also do math – charts/graphs, addition, subtraction, problem solving… Add Science to the mixture… Even Social Studies… One could even go into worms…

  10. Melanie,

    I appreciate all of your designs. I decorated a room for poetry cafe with the polka dots and daisies. I am currently decorating a learning lab with a safari theme. I have one more request. Would you have any ideas to decorate and brighten up my office? Your decorating is incredible! Keep up the great work.

  11. Just Finished up my room trying to imitate your apple theme although it didnt go as plan, I still love my room and your site gave me many ideas…. I dont know how to share pictures with you but I just wanted to say thank you!

  12. Hi there,

    I looked through your shop and connot find the printables for this theme. Are they still available?

    Thank you!!


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