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Garden Party!


Welcome to my Garden Party!  I know.  I know.  I promised a bug theme, but it didn’t work out.  For some reason, the theme that I originally envisioned didn’t come together the way I intended.  I wasn’t crazy about the colors or the designs.  I was stumped…UNTIL…I saw this…


I happened to be walking around Pier 1 and spied this beautiful canvas art.  AHHHH!!!  I immediately fell in love with the bright colors and floral design.  I instantly knew I had my inspiration for my next theme!


I envisioned butterflies and flowers in pretty reds, oranges, turquoise, greens, and yellows.  The colors are so cheerful and vibrant – the perfect combination for a happy classroom!

I decided to incorporate bugs here and there for an outdoor feel.  The end result was spectacular! 


Flowers, hanging daisies, bug jars, gingham, butterflies, and inspirational words sprinkled throughout make for a dreamy classroom environment.  I don’t know about you, but I could stare at these colors all day long!  This would definitely be one classroom I would never want to leave!





Pretty butterflies can be purchased in the Schoolgirl Style Shop!


DREAM inspirational print available in the Schoolgirl Style.



Cute gingham nameplates created in every color…


Inspirational prints for your pretty desk, along with an adorable Welcome door sign, number tags, butterfly cut outs, and butterfly tags to add a touch of cuteness to your classroom.


INSPIRE print available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop…


Okay.  I know what you are thinking.  REAL flowers?!?  Yes and no.  Realistically, real flowers won’t work in a classroom.  However, one of our teachers in our building had real flowers on each table during Parent/Teacher Conferences and it was beautiful!  This would be a nice touch during Open House as well.  During the school year, artificial flowers are a MUST with this theme! 


Aren’t the inspirational garden tags adorable?  You can purchase a package of inexpensive dowels to tape on the back of your tags.  Stick tags in flower arrangements or containers around your classroom.  The little details make all the difference when you decorate!





The picnic basket is a nice touch to your garden themed classroom!



Pennants are a “must have” in a garden theme!


Pretty butterflies available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop!


Hanging daisies are adorable over tables!


Daisies are available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop!




Letters are available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop to create bulletin boards or custom banners.  I love the cute gingham pattern! 


My garden themed WELCOME banner!  So adorable!


Multipurpose labels were created in a cute gingham pattern…



More labels!  Baskets are from Really Good Stuff.  Mason jars are filled with fake grass and cute bugs for an adorable outdoor look!



Book basket labels coordinate with the entire theme…




Coordinating Word Wall labels…


A gingham tablecloth is perfect for your outdoor theme!



I love how the table caddy looks like a picnic basket!  Nameplates are available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop!




Shopping Guide

*Printable labels, tags, nameplates, butterfly cut outs, table signs, banners, inspirational prints, number tags, garden stakes – Schoolgirl Style

*Paper daisies and hanging butterflies – Available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop!

*Beautiful pictures are from E.C. Campbell Photography in Rochester, Michigan

*Pretty borders in orange/red and yellow from Creative Teaching Press

*Baskets – Really Good Stuff

*Green rug, galvanized pail – Target

*Colored wicker baskets – Hobby Lobby

*Yellow garden planters – Joann Fabrics

*Gingham tablecloth, mason jars – Meijer

*Bug jars, bug nets, insects – Dollar Tree

*Floral canvas art – Pier 1

*Polka dot wrapping paper on bulletin board – Party City

*Table, chairs, desk – Pottery Barn

*Tags will be available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop on June 16th.

**Large gerber daisies can be purchased for $66 (set of six flowers) through the Schoolgirl Style Shop. Picture frames can also be purchased for $15. Additional shipping fees are not included. If you are interested contact Melanie at:


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  1. Heidi says

    This is such a cute theme! The bright colors are so happy! The butterflies are adorable. I wish I can do hanging things like the butterflies and paper daisies in my classroom, but we have motion detectors as a part of our alarm system. 🙁 However, I really like the green and white polka-dot wrapping paper for the bulletin boards. Now that I know that wrapping paper like that is out there…I’ll have to keep my eyes open!

  2. mary says

    What a great source of inspiration! Everything looks bright and cheery. (Hey, there are bugs scattered about – close enough!)

  3. Kacia says

    So adorable….now how will I ever decide between the rainbows and the garden themes for my new Kindergarten classroom!!! I love all of your stuff!!

  4. Jami says

    fantastic as usual 🙂 I love the hanging flowers! Your rooms are so cheerful! I know that you are going to miss teaching but you are truly an inspiration to all of us! I always look forward to reading your post and seeing your creativity! 🙂
    *A cute idea to go with this theme would be flower pots that have chalk spray painted on the outside so that you can write on them! Ohhh and it would be ADORABLE to add those flower pens that everyones always making! Thanks for sharing yet another beautiful room!
    (You still have at least one more up your sleeve between now and the end of the summer right? Just wanted to check before I purchase my theme from schoolgirlstyle!)

  5. Christina says

    Love it!! I’m so inspired to make my classroom the absolute best it can be next year!!! I’m thinking about a Hollywood theme….any chance you might put together that as your next theme?:) doesn’t hurt to ask….right?:)

  6. LaTosha says

    Sooo beautiful!!! After having a star theme last year, I decided to do a garden theme next year. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Sooo beatiful!!!

  7. Susan says

    Beautiful! Wish I hadn’t already purchased and started on the bluebird theme! There is always next year! I love to decorate…just need a way to fund my habit!

  8. Jennifer F. says

    Love this theme! Very bright and cheerful, it would definately help the moral in a windowless classroom!

  9. Cheryl says

    wow…I’ve been trying to come up with a GREAT classroom theme for this coming year….Well, just so you know–I’m getting married—IN MY CLASSROOM—with my little kindergarten kiddos as the guests. Now I have all my ideas–a Garden Wedding–with the class to match…It’s gonna be so beautiful…thanks for the great ideas.

    • SchoolgirlStyle says

      No way! I have goosebumps! That is the BEST idea EVER! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me pictures!!!

      • Cheryl says

        Yes…pictures will be sent. The wedding is planned for October.
        Could you give me the item numbers of the borders that were used–red/orange and yellow from Creative Teaching Press..I looked on the website but couldnt find them. Also, how do I order all your stuff? Is it listed under “Garden Party?” Or are the items in different places?
        Thanks…trying to get stuff done before the “I teach Kindergarten” conference at the beginning of July….

        • SchoolgirlStyle says

          I would love pictures to post on my blog. I wish my husband and I would have done the same thing. We worked together, got married before school (at the courthouse) with our staff, then went back to work that day! 🙁 We want a “do over” for sure!

          The Creative Teaching Press #’s are #1044 and 1103. Its called Lots of Dots Red and Lots of Dots Yellow. The items should be up this weekend. I am working on trying to make the tags editable.

  10. colleen says

    tried to look up this theme, but nothing was there? would love to order some things, but nothing stil posted yet or am I missing it!

  11. Jenny says

    I am wanting some things from the garden theme and I can’t find them in the shop either. Do you know when they will be for sale? Thanks!!!!

      • colleen says

        does that include the daisies that hang from the ceiling being available, do youknwo when those will be ready? I would like to order everything at once if could, and get those to match colors!

  12. Caroline says

    I love this theme! Absolutely gorgeous. I linked to it on my blog at! I am about to start student teaching and cannot stop my eI picture something Schoolgirl Style-esque! Creative, cute, organized, and functional. Thank you for your inspiration!

  13. Erica says

    I had a garden theme in my classroom last year, and I’m going to use it again this year because it was so cute! We had flowers and butterflies and bright colors everywhere. I’m so glad to see that somebody posted a garden themed classroom, because there aren’t many out there for inspiration! Thanks so much! I think my favorite part was the basket for the table caddy- I guess I’ll be out shopping today looking for something similar! 🙂

  14. Normita says

    I LOVE THIS THEME!!! really !! Congratulations your creativity is awesome!!! and your page is wonderful and your name too( because my teens name daugther is similiar to you her name is Maleny =) blessings!!!

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