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The Rainbow Collection

I absolutely adore my newest rainbow theme!  The colors are just so fun and HAPPY!

When you think of a rainbow, I automatically think of primary colors.  I wanted this theme to be a little different though, a little softer than your typical color combination.  Pretty greens, lavenders, pinks, yellows, oranges, and blues make up the gorgeous stripes in this collection!

Besides being beautiful, rainbows are inspirational and have a deeper meaning.  Rainbows symbolize HOPE and PROMISE.  How fitting for a classroom full of children!  Most teachers go into teaching because we believe in the greater good.  We want to make a difference.  We believe that each child can positively impact society.  We see HOPE and PROMISE in each student we teach.  The rainbow symbolizes each child and how their existence can make our world a better place.

Before I posted my rainbow theme, I started searching the internet for “rainbow collections” just to make sure my idea was original.  In my search, “The Rainbow Connection” popped up.  Instantly, memories of my childhood came flooding back.  Some of you may remember the song “The Rainbow Connection” from the Muppet Movie.  I am probably dating myself for sure, but it was such a great song!  Although Kermit the Frog sings it, the song still holds so much feeling and emotion.  It is one of my “feel good” songs and makes me so happy! 

What better way to introduce this beautiful rainbow theme than with beautiful rainbow music.  As you stroll through the pictures, I hope you enjoy going back in time with me (and Kermit the Frog)!


The Rainbow Collection








Gorgeous Schoolgirl Style rainbow striped labels, wrapper, and nameplates…


Multipurpose rainbow labels, banner letters, and cloud/raindrops/sun available in the Schoolgirl Style shop!


Cute “Welcome” sign and rainbow striped tags…

Clouds are from Creative Teaching Press


Rainbow nameplates…


Cute rainbow tags…


New inspirational print from Schoolgirl Style and my Erin Condren rainbow stripe planner!


Pretty Word Wall labels…


Rainbow stripe table and center signs available in the Schoolgirl Style shop!

Inexpensive caddies are from Target!


Don’t forget to decorate your pretty desk!


Seriously gorgeous!  Pennant banner is so so pretty!


Inexpensive daisies turn this room into a show stopper!



Striped book basket labels…very cute!  Pretty baskets are from Really Good Stuff.


More colorful baskets from Hobby Lobby


Striped letters to create your own banner or bulletin boards…




Pretty tags…


Pretty signs for your classroom…




The Rainbow Collection Shopping Guide…

Striped letters, pennant banner, wrappers, table signs, nameplates, inspirational quote, Welcome sign, tags, labels, Word Wall labels, sun/raindrops/large cloud – Schoolgirl Style Shop

Photography – E.C. Campbell Photography

Cloud cut outs – Creative Teaching Press

Colorful Baskets – Hobby Lobby and >Really Good Stuff

Caddies, galvanized/colored pails – Target

Daisies – Joann Fabrics

Picture Frame – T.J. Maxx

Poms – Schoolgirl Style Shop

Planner – Erin Condren

Boots planter – Michaels

Sky paper and Bordette – Pacon




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  1. You’re just toooo FUN Melanie!!! I LOVE the “vibrance” of the colors. Definitely buying this one!!! I need about 6 classrooms now!!! Well done Missy!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE your Rainbow Collection!! This is seriously what I want my classroom to be! No way can I pick only a couple colors when there are so many amazing ones!! And I definitely already have the Really Good Stuff baskets and the EC striped Teacher’s Planner!! I have Chinese lanterns in my room right now, but I’m thinking about maybe going with some colorful poms for next year! And your labels are so fun! I’m so excited about this!!

  3. I love the color scheme! Reminds me of the cheerfulness of Doodlebug Designs. Though, when coming back down to earth I wonder how much mulah is spent on all of these items to make displays in the classroom. The average teacher has a hard enough time being able to provide the necessities….?? How much time is spent on decorating ? I love all of the set up pictures, but I was wondering what your classroom looks like after the kids have “lived in it” for awhile. :)) Inquiring minds want to know…

  4. How fun! I logged on to not only see the gorgeousness, but to also tell you that ever time I saw a FB or Pinterest post about this collection my mind automatically started hearing Kermit singing The Rainbow Connection. Then I opened this post and there it was! 🙂 Love, love, love this. I may just have to scrape some pennies together to re-do my room with this one. Well, pennies AND energy! End of the year brings thoughts of newness for the next year but also exhaustion in even considering it! You know what I mean!

  5. Gosh . . . This year isn’t even half way through and you already have me planning my classroom for next year! Now……. back to reports {ugh!}

  6. This is so cute! I completely love this theme! Everything seems so cheerful. 🙂 I think I would walk into a room decorated like this with a smile on my face….every time! I enjoy the symbolism of the rainbow as well. Instead of a Kermit song, I thought of “Over the Rainbow.”

    PS I feel like I’m famous because my name is on a name plate! Yay! I rarely see my name in anything, so that was really fun to see! 😀 Thank you for a double bonus!

  7. I absolutely love this one! I think it is my favorite yet. I love the colors, it makes me happy!

  8. Seriously! How much cuter can you get! I love this one sooo much! I wrote about it on my blog! Thanks for coming up with this! I’m in love!

  9. I ALWAYS have a rainbow somewhere in my classroom and am absolutely in LOVE with this theme! My classroom has a very dark purple accent wall that all of these pretties will help to brighten…bring on summer, so I can plan, prep and decorate! Can’t wait to stop back by and SHOP! So pretty!

  10. I found your classroom design on Pinterest and I LOVE your ideas! You have inspired me to redecorate my classroom for next year! I was wondering, how do you suggest coming up with a color scheme? I want to do apples but in a more trendy way. I was thinking of either doing apple red, baby blue, and brown or apple red, lime green, and black or red, teal and brown. Right now I am using the Teal Polka Dots borders from Creative Teaching Press and the Chocolate Paisley pattern. I was thinking of possibly incorporating that as well. Basically, I don’t know where to begin! I am so confused! I also LOVE polka dots on anything!Any suggestions? THANKS!

  11. Hi Melanie,
    Sometimes I stop by this post just to stare at how pretty everything is. I mentioned this beautiful collection in my blog post today.


  12. I love all your designs and I follow you on pinterest also. My classroom is a beach theme, blues, lime green, and hot pick. I am able to incorporate some of your current desings but I was wondering if you had future plans for a beach theme! 🙂

  13. Ok, so I read further on the classroom themes page on saw your future themes planned….can’t wait! and thanks for all the inspirtation!!!! 🙂

  14. Where did you get the paper that is wrapped around the can (soup can)? Love your ideas!!

  15. I love the colors!! I am thinking about using this with a Wizard of Oz, “Over the Rainbow” theme. I contacted you with some questions I have! I look forward to hearing from you! Also, where did you get the rug? I love it!

  16. This is gorgeous! I am wondering where you found the “center sign holders”. They almost look like spiral paper clips.

    Thanks for sharing!


  17. I can’t find the poms that are for sale in your shop. Would you please direct me? I am thinking about doing the Rainbow Theme next year.

  18. Hey! I love this idea!!! Im a teacher and would love to do a theme like this next year. Do you have downloadable templates????



    • Melanie sells her printable items at

      Schoolgirl Style~Kandin


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