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St. Patrick’s Day Fun!

I know that St. Patrick’s Day is over, but I want to share this photo that Cheri Dunn sent me…


Huge mess, right? You can imagine her student’s reaction when they walked into the classroom and saw the disaster. Well, it gets better…




WHO MADE THIS HUGE MESS?!? Cheri decided to check the “security camera” in the classroom and find out!  To their amazement, they saw the naughty culprits with their own eyes…LEPRECHAUNS!!!

I literally gasped when I saw this image!  How stinkin’ clever is this?!?  I would have hated to be Cheri after they saw this!  Can you imagine how excited her students must have been?

I bet her students will never forget this day EVER!  Fun!

*Here is Cheri’s explanation of how she created the image…

I used print artist platinum 23. I first inserted the pic of my classroom as the background.  I then googled pics of real leprechauns and saved them to my computer.  I inserted the pics & using the cropping tool on  the print artist, you can cut out around the pics of the people & simply move them into the picture wherever you want, resizing as you need to. I then just made a black & white copy so that it appeared to be from the security camera. The kids LOVED it. At the end of the week, I drew a name from our caught being good bucket (which is a mini trash can from the dollar tree that the kids put tickets in throughout the week when caught doing good things by myself, my student teacher, other teachers or our principal) & that lucky kiddo got to take the photo home. It was really quite easy to do & didn’t take more than 15 minutes to make.

Make sure you remember this for next year! Smile


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  1. tina says

    I am so glad there are brilliant people out there so I can use their ideas in my classroom. Thank you Cheri! And you too Melanie, for sharing!

      • dillon says

        While this is fun . . . you need to be careful . . . as I did way less one year (a few footprints, glitter, chairs, doll furniture, etc) and found out that one of my sweet little students had been having ‘nightmares’ about the leprechaun visit. Needless to say, after a few sleepless nights with her child, her mom wasn’t very happy. (*and thinking on it now, I couldn’t blame her)

  2. Dena Ball says

    This is so Cheri – she is such an incredible teacher and so talented….know the kids love her so much…

  3. Brandi West says

    And the whole time the kids are cleaning up the mess they are giggling and talking about the leprechauns. It would be so fun to hear their chatter and hear the laughter.

    • Teresa says

      I do this also, and my kids from past years always stop by to check if the leprechauns came back! It’s awesome!

  4. Teresa says

    I LOVE THIS!!! I am so happy to see that I’m not the only one that does this! Each year “leprechauns” break into the classroom during the week leading up to St.Patties day. He plays tricks (random pranks like moving all the chairs into the bathroom, flipping the desks backwards, turning backpacks inside out, etc….) and leaves treats (I started the treats after the tricks brought tears!). This is awesome! Love it! Try using the side of your fist to leave little green feet too!

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