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The Owl Collection

I had so many requests from my fabulous followers for an owl theme.  Never one to disappoint, I created the cutest Owl Collection.

This theme was so much fun to design!  You can walk into any store and find something related to owls, so shopping for this fun theme was very easy.  The possibilities are endless!  The color combination of turquoise, hot pink, orange, and lime green makes a cheerful, happy, and fun environment!  This combination is one of my personal favorites!

The Owl Collection includes bright pennant banners, book basket labels, nameplates, cute cutout owls, a “Welcome” banner, number tags, multipurpose tags, signs, and caddie labels.

I hope you love this collection as much as I do!  Enjoy all of the beautiful photos…


The Sprinkles letters from Creative Teaching Press coordinates perfectly with the Owl Collection.  I used hot pink fadeless paper, lime green, and orange Bordette from Pacon.  Aren’t the pennants cute?!?  I used polka dot orange ribbon from Michaels and pink ribbon for a gorgeous banner!


How cute is this?!? 


Baskets are from Hobby Lobby.  If you walk down the party aisle, you can find SO many things to coordinate with this theme!


More cute cutout owls…


More adorable pennant banners!  Use these to frame your whiteboards, pin along your clothesline going across your classroom, drape along your windows or even your desk!


Use this cute owl décor as locker tags or tape a lollipop/craft stick to the back and use for children’s names!



Coordinating lamps from Target…


What about these trees?  I LOVE them!  I used three trees to make a large impact in the space.  If you looked at my bird theme, I created 5 trees out of fadeless paper for my classroom.  It took me about 12 hours to make those trees.  This creates the same impact, but only took me minutes to assemble!  These trees are from Creative Teaching Press and they make the perfect addition to your own owl themed classroom!



Pretty owl labels…


Pretty ribbon from Michaels and Hobby Lobby!  There is so much to choose from to match this color combination!


Cute cutout owls and more book basket labels.  Baskets are from Really Good Stuff.




My favorite part of the room!  I love the polka dot lanterns and the hanging pennants.  Pennants come labeled with Table numbers, Center signs, owls, and even blank to personalize your own classroom!


These gorgeous lanterns will be available in the Schoolgirl Style Shop very soon!


Cute number tags for caddies.  I use these for my individual book baskets.  I laminate the sheet then punch with a 3 inch scallop punch from  I use a metal ring to attach the number to each child’s book basket.  No need to change tags each school year!


I can’t get enough of hot pink and orange paired together!



Nameplates and Owl Signs…


Use as a sign outside your classroom door, add to chairs, or to label bathrooms or closet doors in your classroom!








If you like this, there is MORE!  Stop by the Schoolgirl Style blog tomorrow to see Part 2 of the Owl Collection.  Items will be available to purchase on April 4, 2012.


The Owl Collection by Schoolgirl Style – Pennants, banners, tags, labels, cutout owls, owl signs, number tags, book basket labels, and nameplates

*Polka Dot Lanterns – Schoolgirl Style Shop

Photography by E’lisa Campbell from E.C. Campbell Photography!

Trees and Sprinkle letters from Creative Teaching Press!

Pink fadeless paper and Bordette from Pacon!

Polka dot wrapping paper – Hallmark

Blue rug, lamps, table caddies, pencils, white shelf, placemats – Target

Colored baskets, ribbon – Hobby Lobby

Orange flowers, polka dot tablecloth – Meijer

Colored book baskets – Really Good Stuff



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  1. I love this theme SO much! I think it would be great for a birthday party too. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your talent with us Melanie!!!

  2. I am so excited about this theme! I am just finsihing up my student teaching and I am sooooooo excited to get my own classroom and go all “owlly” ( is that a word? lol). I have been in school for 10 years, having babies in between and I have 20 years experience in the classroom and childcare. This is a great way to start my new journey! BTW, the Dollar General has tons of stuff in this color combo 🙂


  3. It’s even better than I had imagined! Let’s get this year over with so I can start decorating! Thanks Melanie! Meta, Third Grade, Mt. Juliet, TN

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! I think I may have my theme for next year right here!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks Pam! I think you are one of my biggest fans! I SO appreciate you! 🙂

  5. I am so excited to see the bee themed items you are doing!! I can hardly wait. And seeing these adorable owl things has me more excited then I was when I first heard you were doing a bee theme!!!

  6. WOW! I’m so pumped about this theme. I ordered book baskets from Really Good Stuff last week hoping they’d get here by the end of the year so I can start decorating. I also wanted to share that there is a smaller tree from Carson-Dellosa. It comes with brown owls, but might work better for cramped/small spaces. I have a lot of those since I have a super strange shaped room (NO right angles!!!)

  7. Cam you share final cost with us? I’d love to redecorate my room but I’m scared it’ll cost too much. Here in NC, teachers haven’t gotten a raise in 4 years :/

    • Well, to purchase my entire owl collection is $50 and the trees are $11.99 from Creative Teaching Press. I can relate about the raise thing. If you email me through my Schoolgirl Style site, I will see if I can help you out with the price!

    • No doubt! It’s hard to make it all look good enough to live in when I haven’t had a pay increase since my 4th year! It’s my 9th teaching!
      How do you get the trees to hang/stand. I already have one of those. I’m all trees!

        • I just got my first job as a kinder teacher and I LOVE your blog! So many great ideas. Since I won’t get my first paycheck until sept I am going to try and slowly acquire things all summer. Anyway can you explain how you used the foam board? And I love that pink polka dot paper, is that the wrapping paper from hallmark that is listed?

  8. This is so cute!!! It was really fun looking through all the pictures! Have you read the book, The Little White Owl? It is exactly what I thought of when I saw the pictures! You have to read it, and you’ll know why!

    Awesome, fantastic work once again! You are so talented! 🙂

    PS I will be sending you a picture of the bag shortly, but I want to ‘stage’ it with the things I actually will be using it for! 🙂

    • Awwww! Thanks so much, Heidi! No, I haven’t read it, but I will now! ~Hugs~

  9. I absolutely love all of this owl stuff! My little girl’s 1st birthday is coming up at the end of this month and all of this is perfect for her party! And not to mention I am one semester away from being a teacher as well! 🙂 I would love to order from you. I went to your shop and it said the lanterns were not available yet. Do you know when you can get some in? And also the trees. I went to the website and the only trees listed had apples on them. Are they the same ones pictured? Just let me know when you get a chance, and so sorry for such a long message!

    • Hi Brittany!
      I was going to sell the lanterns, but I am so swamped right now, I don’t think I can add another thing to my plate! You can purchase the lanterns from Polka Dot Market as well. Yes, the trees are the apples trees from CTP – I just didn’t use the apples. 🙂 The owls are PERFECT for a party! My daughter’s 2nd birthday is next weekend and I want to keep everything up for her party because it is so darn cute!!!! I already have my Rainbow theme scheduled for next week, so unfortunately, I have to take it down. 🙁 My daughter has to have a Rainbow party now! 🙂

  10. I want your owl theme so bad, I have been hunting down the owl desk lamp from Target and can’t find it. How will I get my kids names on the labels?

  11. I love all of your ideas!! I will be moving into a new building next fall so I am going to redo all of my room and I am pretty sure it will be this adorable owl theme. I do have one question though, will I be able to type my own names onto the bookplates, nameplates, etc? Thanks for your help =)

  12. This is absolutely perfect! I already have a color scheme similar to your Bird Theme, but our school is the Oak View Owls, so I am always looking for owls to add to it! Love it all and especially how you put it all together! Soooo exciting!

  13. I think I’ve died and gone to (teacher) heaven!! I started to like owls when Target came out with Valentine placemats that had owls and read “Owl always love you” –couple years ago. Then they had a cute owl pillow for little girls’ bedrooms. I wanted to “do” owls but could find what I wanted–NOW I HAVE–Owl say I have! Let’s give a hoot! Thank you, you lovely darling girl.

  14. I LOVE all of you creative talent! This is my last week of student teaching, and I am so excited to get a classroom to decorate in owls!! Do you buy these things from your site? Thanks!!

    • Thank you so much, Christen! Yes, you can go to my shop on my website and purchase my items. 🙂

  15. WOW! This is so beautiful. I was looking for new ideas for next school year and I have definitely found it. I wanted to start early so that I would be prepared. I love ALL of this. I’m not doing an owl theme though. I am going for just polka dots, but the owls are so freaking cute.

  16. I’ve just sat here and read your blog from the beginning! I love it and i LOVE your style! I’m thinking of buying your owl theme…it is too cute!

    What is the name of the font you use on their nameplates? Do you change each letter to a different color each time? I just think their names really stand out in that style!

    • Hi Katie!
      Thank you so much! You read it from the beginning? Wow! That means a lot…:)
      Unfortunately, you can’t add text to the tags. I am trying to figure out a way to add that to my printables. Since it is a pdf, you can’t edit the file. I used the font called “I Wish I Were Taller” though. Yes, I changed the color each time…

      Thanks again!!!

      • Ok, thanks for answering! I guess I could always print labels with that font and stick them to your printables. I have ok handwriting but I like how cute that font looks.

  17. Is there anyway you could tell me how to get the font and text on the name tags. I purchased the owl theme classroom items, but I can’t type my students names in them. Please HELP!

  18. Do you sell the letters you used for Look Who’s in our Class board? (The first picture) If not where did you get them? Did they come together or did you just buy letter of different colors? I’m doing this theme in my room next year for my 5th graders and I’m really excited. I’ve shown your website to all the teachers at my school and my friend Melanie is doing your rainbow theme.

    A tip: my target lets teachers take displays they use when they are done with them. Target is giving me a two HUGE cardboard trees for my classroom in July when they take them down. They just throw that display stuff away, so it might be something to ask about if you see something in a store display you like.


    • Hi Bethany!
      The letters are from Creative Teaching Press.
      You are so lucky…Target won’t give away any of their display stuff around where I live! They said they have to throw it away. It just makes me sick!

      • Target told me they used to give it to people and then those people would try to sell it online and make money off it so my target stopped for awhile. But I really sweet talked this lady into giving me those trees. Maybe you could stake out their dumpster every now and then 🙂 Other teachers could give their Target a try!

  19. I’m having trouble finding these trees. Are they the apple trees shown on CTP? Thanks!

  20. I purchased the tags and nameplates. How do I get text on them? I printed text off and then taped it onto the nameplate or owl, but I know it would look better printed on there. I hope this makes sense.

  21. Thanks for all of the cute ideas! Where did you find the font used on name tags and owls? It’s precious! Thanks!

  22. I just scrolled up and found where you got those cutes fonts….thanks! I ordered the entire collection and can’t wait to decorate my classroom!

  23. I just bought this collection and I am in love! What font did you use for the name tags? I love it and want to put my students names on them.

  24. Oh my, Oh my!!! I am in love with your owl stuff! I have been looking for a new theme since I am changing my teaching position this year and this fits the bill. Put it all in my basket and let’s get to makin a cute learning space!! You are awesome.

  25. I LOVE your Owl theme! I am a first year teacher and have been trying to pick a theme and when I stumbled across your shop, I knew it had to be this! I am planning on purchasing one of everything! 🙂 It will also coordinate with some of The Lorax items I want to incorporate! Thank you so much for selling this awesome stuff!

  26. Oh gosh, I think this is just wonderful and would love them in my classroom. What can we do about payment and shipping to England do you think?
    Many thanks x

    • Hi Sarah!
      When you purchase the items, you download it on your computer and print. No shipping necessary! 🙂

      • I have done it and paid with paypal which converted the $ to British pounds for me . I’m so happy with them. Thank you so much x

  27. I LOVE the owls and am so excited to make over my new classroom! Which color is the green Pacon border, nile green or apple green? Thanks for the inspiration! You are fabulous!

  28. I NEED the owl desk lamp from target but can’t find it on their website – did you get it a long time ago?

  29. Hi,

    I really like the Owl collection and I want to do my entire classroom in this collection. I just have a couple of questions. How would I order the entire collection?

    Also, how would I print on the name plates?

  30. Love the owl theme. I’m going to buy some of the items. My classroom colors are the pink, green, and blue you use. would i be able to buy nametags, pennants , tags, labels etc only in those colors or does it come as a set with the orange. Thank you looking foward to hearing from you. Thank you

  31. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Is there anyway to get it so you can put text on it? Or does anyone have any great/easy ideas on how to do it. I love how colorful the font is and don’t want to run the cuteness with my handwriting 🙂

    • They are all editable! If you scroll down to the bottom of the file, you will see the directions! 🙂

  32. Hi,
    I love, and have purchased much of your Owl collection! I have seen the same style owl for purchase on Tpt, and wondered if it was available as clipart. Could you let me know?

  33. I really want the Welcome banner that is shown in the Owl theme but can’t seem to find where to purchase it since its not in the owl package. Can anyone give me a link?

  34. Are all of the items that you have labeled editable, such as the book tags, chair labels, center names, etc….? Thank you

  35. I love the owl collection 🙂 I purchased it last year along with the lanterns that you sell as well. Is it possible for you to print the matching pendants? There are 6 lantern colors, and 4 owl pendant colors. They look adorable in my class and would love the other two colors for my tables if possible 🙂

  36. I recently purchased this collection and I love it! For my classroom management, I am going to be using hand signals (raising 1 finger means you need a pencil, raising 2 means you need to go to the bathroom,etc.) Do you know of a way for me to paste a picture showing a finger being held up on to the one of the owls in the collection? Not sure that makes sense. I would like 5-6 different images, ie,. one showing 1 finger being held up,another with 2 fingers being held, up etc.. I thought since some of the owls in the collection are editable that maybe it could work.

  37. I have been using this owl collection going on my 3rd year!! I really need stationary to match! is there any that I may purchase right away?

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