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When I told my students that I planned to work on a pirate theme next, they immediately started screaming with excitement!  They LOVED the thought of having a pirate classroom!  With the popularity of Pirates of the Caribbean, I am seeing many parties and classrooms all “decked” out with this super fun theme!

When I envisioned my pirate theme, I knew I had to use red and black for a striking color combination.  I wanted to create a kid-friendly environment, so I chose fun prints of polka dots, stripes, and not-so-scary skull and crossbones. 

I think you will agree that this room will be a favorite for many children!



Now, I am sure you’ve figured out by now that I love things hanging from my ceiling.  I chose round lanterns to mimic the polka dot patterns used throughout my room.  The skull and crossbones were purchased at Michaels and hot glued on.



Metal buckets from Target are a great addition to your pirate themed classroom!  Use the buckets for school supplies and storage to coordinate with the theme.  Nameplates have three different designs; anchors, pirate boy, and pirate girl – use your favorite design or you can use all of them!


Pirate fancy labels used for name tags!  Notice the twine instead of ribbon?  Gives it a more authentic look, doesn’t it?


Polka dot boxes from Polka Dot Market.  Attached is a pirate patch and a 3 inch scallop pirate tag from Schoolgirl Style.  Wouldn’t this be cute to have sitting on your student’s desks when they walk into their classroom on the first day of school?


A pirate table sign is a perfect way to label your tables or centers!  The pirate flag was designed with table numbers in the left corner.  I have included an additional flag with a blank circle to customize your own classroom any way you would like.  I have also created an empty rectangular box on the bottom of the flag to customize with your student’s names or to make a “Welcome” sign for your classroom door. 

Do you notice the red ribbon?  This was used to mimic a pirate’s sash.  Little details make all of the difference when you decorate!


A fish net and burlap gives your pirate themed classroom a more authentic look!  Drape it over a table or attach to a bulletin board to create interest in your classroom!


I am so in love with this next bulletin board!  Take a look…


Isn’t this a fabulous bulletin board?  The letters remind me of pirate flags or sails.  Use twine to hang your letters for a fun pirate look!  I created every letter of the alphabet for you to use for your own custom pirate banner.  Create pirate words, phrases, a “Welcome” banner, or even your name!  How cute is that?!?!  A “must-have” for your pirate themed classroom!


More polka dot boxes from Polka Dot Market with 3 inch scalloped tags from Schoolgirl Style!


Every pirate themed classroom needs pirate treasure!  I created the ship out of a plastic tub (spray painted it black), two wooden dowels, a piece of styrofoam and two patterned sails.  A cute focal point for only a few dollars!  *Sails can be purchased in the Schoolgirl Style shop


More boxes from Polka Dot Market photographed with my pirate fancy labels and numbered 3 inch tags. * I always number my students.  Their book baskets and mailboxes are numbered as well.  I also have the children line up in number order whenever we leave our classroom.  Number tags are sold in the Schoolgirl Style shop.

Collage 6


Black utility baskets from the dollar store are perfect for your classroom library.  Book basket tags from Schoolgirl Style were created to fit perfectly on each basket.  Red and white polka dot banner is from Polka Dot Market.  Black scalloped border is from Creative Teaching Press.


You know how much I LOVE bags!  This is my other school bag that I use.  I bought this from Target.  I added the red ribbon to mimic a pirate’s sash.  Isn’t it cute?  I think the red, black, and white is such a stunning color combination!


I LOVE this bulletin board!  I used Dots on Black border and Spumoni letters from Creative Teaching Press!


Pirate Word Wall labels from Schoolgirl Style



Collage 2




Pennant banner in several patterns sold in the Schoolgirl Style shop!  Use twine to hang your banner for a fabulous, authentic pirate look!


Every pirate classroom needs a treasure chest from Creative Teaching Press!


Striped paper from Party City set the tone for our theme.  Polka dot wrapping paper, red bordette, and Black on Dots border from Creative Teaching Press were used throughout the entire room.


Shopping Guide

Labels, banners, book basket tags, nameplates, boat sails, name tags, number tags, pirate flags, Word Wall labels, polka dot boxes, and lanterns – Schoolgirl Style *Everything can be purchased in the Schoolgirl Style shop on February 15th.

Black on Dots border, Spumoni letters, treasure chest –  Creative Teaching Press

Wrapping paper , fish net, gold treasure, pirate hats, pirate patch – Party City

Book baskets, black tub, styrofoam – Dollar Tree

Red crayon caddy, metal pails, black and white polka dot bag – Target

Skull and crossbones, ribbon, black crow – Michaels

Photography by Amie Akers from AAkers Imagery –




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  1. I love this theme. I am working on a LOVE theme for seminars i want to give in africa. it is the same color scheme,red, white, black and i am going to add pink to it but i am not sure.I am just gathering alot of hearts design since Valentine is in the air. I think i will add some red poka dot or stripes.Great job

  2. This is so cute! Black is my favorite color, and red is close up there too! I’m not sure if you take ideas, but my classroom theme is dogs! 🙂 They’ve been my favorite animal since I was little. So far, most of my ‘dogginess’ is in classroom management: my tables are named by dog breed (poodles, dalmatians, etc.), we can earn dog bone 🙂 or dog house 🙁 points on our class scoreboard, elbow partners are kibbles and bits, and last, but not least, our class mascot (Baby Bella) is named after my owned dog (Bella). 🙂 I could use some extra inspiration for the decor. As a new teacher, I am focusing on collecting items with a certain color scheme (mainly black and white with pops of bright green), just in case things change in the future and with my small budget! Anyways, I love looking at your styles because it always looks so happy!! I would luuuuuuuv to be in your classroom if I was at a firstie at your school! 🙂

    • Hi Heidi! Well, you are in luck…I have a dog theme in the works!!! Hang tight…it will be coming soon! 🙂

  3. I love all of your designs and was thrilled to find your site!! I especially like this one because our school colors are red, white, and black. Although I think everything you’ve designed is AWESOME, I teach middle school and need a little more grown-up look. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Hi Jayme!
      Thanks so much! What about the black and white polka dots? I also created a Classroom Couture collection. Check that out as well! 🙂

  4. I used a Pirate theme several years ago. The kids loved it! I had a huge pirate ship kite I bought at the beach hanging from the ceiling, I had fishnet draped across the windows, I had labels above each table group and the kids named their own group. There were names like “Treasure Island” and scarily, “Island of Death”. I think I had them change that one. I had pirate flags everywhere, it was by far my most popular room. I’ve also done “Where the Wild Things Are”, “Alice in Wonderland”, and this year is it Medieval. I have a suit of armor courtesy of my husband in the corner and shields, etc. everywhere. Everyone else says it seems like so much work to make a themed room, but I love it and the kids certainly do!

  5. We celebrate “Talk Like A Pirate Day” every September! This is perfect for our little pirates!!

  6. I love this theme and you have made it gorgeous! Any ideas on how to incorporate blue into the theme? I want to lighten it up for me. Although, I think the kids would like yours better 🙂 Thanks.

  7. You are a huge inspiration! I can’t wait to get started with the pirate theme in my classroom. I will be borrowing a ton of your ideas. Would you be able to tell me if the pirate font on the word wall cards is bought or made by you???? I love it all!
    Thanks a bunch!

  8. Thanks so much for all of your wonderful ideas. I appreciate you sharing and know that my students will love the exciting theme.

  9. I love this idea!!!! I’m a music teacher and our big 3/4 grade music program this year is Pirates!!! 😀 You are amazing! You could be on Extreme Makeover: Classroom Edition!!! :

  10. I am gearing up for a Pirate themed classroom! I can’t wait! Thanks so much for your ideas.

  11. I love the room! I have already begun creating my classroom with the pirate theme. I did have a question about the pirate clip art. I have a few things I have created for my room that I wanted to add the pirate pictures to. Where did you get the clip art? Did you make it? Thanks so much!

  12. Love your pirate theme! Really loved seeing my name on your web site! You have amazing talent with decorating!

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