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Rock Star Theme!

I’ve had a ton of teachers email me and ask me to do a room that is geared for older students.  I knew that I wanted to do a Rock Star room, but it couldn’t be just some TYPICAL and PREDICTABLE Rock Star room.  What I mean by “typical” and “predictable” – when you think of Rock Star you think of music notes, records, and guitars.  NOPE.  Not for this girl.  I wanted to throw all of the cutesy stuff out the window.  I wanted it to be a ROCKIN’, over the top, older looking Rock Star theme.  I envisioned a Bret Michaels (Poison lead singer and reality T.V. star from Rock of Love – just in case you are too young or too old to know who he is!  Hahaha! ) inspired theme.  I wanted glitter, sequins, zebra/cheetah prints, rhinestones, and tattoos! (Clip art tattoos, by the way – NOT on your students! )  Plus…I’ve been to a couple Poison concerts in my day (wink! wink!), so I am pretty familiar with rock star glam!   *Insert 90’s era, big-haired Melanie here…


See?  I told you I know a thing or two about Poison concerts! 

I actually created two different rooms – one room is for you BRAVE souls out there who aren’t afraid to show your inner Rock Star!  Zebra and cheetah prints, glitter guitars and stars, rhinestone desk accessories, rhinestone studded ribbon, sequined pillows, gorgeous black picture frames, some rockin’  black, pink, and ruffled bags, and some hot pink poms – just because they are so darn cute!  All of my tags are cheetah, zebra, and glitter!  I created a MUST HAVE All Access Pass badge for your rockin’ students!  Perfect for field trips, when you have a substitute teacher, or for hall/bathroom passes.  I mean, seriously, they are SO stinkin’ cute!!!

If you are a more “reserved” teacher, but love the Rock Star theme, I created a subdued version using aqua and hot pink glitter, lots of rock star kid accessories, poms, and regular bulletin board paper.  You still get that AWESOME Rock Star effect, but it isn’t as “over the top” as the first theme.

Here is the first look…


Using wrapping paper is my biggest design secret.  Look at all of the options that are available to create the look that you want!  Bulletin board paper is fine, but wrapping paper comes in so many designs and colors and does the same thing as bulletin board paper.  This gives you the “WOW!” you want in your classroom!


This paper is wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby.  It is actually called “flocked” paper.  Flocked paper has a raised affect and has a furry/soft feeling when you touch it.


Zebra and Cheetah print book basket labels!  Notice the glitter and rhinestone studded ribbon!  “Must haves” for your Rock Star themed classroom! *Use metal rings to hang your tags.



My “Keep Calm and Teach On” print with a rockin’ gorgeous black frame.  Notice the glitzy lamp and pink peonies?  Can you say L.O.V.E?!?!  Make your desk your favorite spot in the classroom!


Rhinestone desk accessories from Hobby Lobby!  Every Rock Star needs rhinestones!


Gorgeous ribbon, glittery stars, and sequin pillows – perfect for your Rock Star theme!


The Jewel from Hobby Lobby!  Keep Calm print is available in my shop for only $3!  You get several colors to choose from to match your classroom décor!  Did you notice my “All Access Pass” badge?  Zebra, glitter, and tattoo looking clip art to tie into your theme.  How cute is that?!?!



My All Access Pass badge!  Print and cut out badge.  Buy plastic badge protectors from Staples – they are super cheap for a package OR you can laminate.  Add a ribbon or lanyard to look like a real backstage pass for your Rock Star classroom!



Scalloped tags in six different designs.  Print out and either use them “as is” or purchase a 3 inch scalloped punch from to give them a scalloped appearance.  Use tags to label anything in your classroom!


Fancy labels in pink and aqua.  I love the how these tags look like glitter!





“First Grade Rocks” print available in my shop!  Every grade level is available!


The boxes are from and are a huge part of my design.  They are perfect for storage and are extremely inexpensive for a huge design impact.  I love using these in all of my classrooms for their functional use, but they are extremely stylish and decorative as well.  Even if I didn’t have anything to put in the boxes, I would still use them as an inexpensive way to pull my design together.


Guitar templates and glitter wrapping paper from Michaels.  I used guitars to trace on glittered paper.  Star templates are also sold in my shop to use as tracers to create different sized stars for your classroom. *Round zebra letters are available in my shop – you get 7 table signs, a blank sign, and a “Rock On” sign.


Lots of kid “rock star” accessories to pull your theme together!


All Access Pass badge in aqua!



“Welcome” banner in a zebra print sold in my shop!


Aqua/cheetah glitter nameplates!  Cute!



Hot pink glittered nameplates!  You have four different nameplates to choose from.  Sold in the Schoolgirl Style shop.


Pink and aqua poms and my aqua fancy label!









Shopping Guide for your Rock Star themed classroom!

Poms, zebra print boxes, printable tags, labels, and banners – Schoolgirl Style

Photography by Amie Akers from AAkers Imagery –

Desk, umbrella stand, headphones – Pottery Barn 

Wrapping paper – Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, Party City

Glitter wrapping paper – Michaels

Black utility baskets – Dollar General

Rhinestone and glitter ribbon – Michaels

Pink flowers/feathers – Hobby Lobby

Desk accessories – Hobby Lobby

Sequin pillows and rugs – Target

Black frame – Homegoods

Lamp and cake stand – T.J. Maxx

The Jewel, zebra pails, “Rock On” letters, pink/black damask ribbon – Hobby Lobby

badge protectors – Staples

Lanyards – MC Sports

striped bags, pink ruffle bag – thirty-one

kid “Rock Star” accessories – Michaels


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  1. Um, that is freaking amazing!! LOVE IT! I am already planning my room for next year!!! Keep up the fabulous work!

  2. Love this idea!!! I teach First Grade & sell Thirty-One! Great ways to implement the products & color scheme!!! LOVE!!!

  3. OMG, this is beautiful! You are so talented. How about you come to Long Island and decorate my office? Bring the kids in the summer and we will go boating.

  4. WOW!!! I am in LOVE!!!! You are so creative and wonderful.

    Ohmyword. I’m in love with your picture!! 80’s glam!

  5. I L.O.V.E. this ideas….and the Thirty-One bag that you have in there!! I sell Thirty-One:)

  6. I love this, needed ideas for my daughters rock star themed birthday party and you gave me soo many thank you!

  7. I “liked” you on Facebook a long time ago! Love getting the updates at school, at home and on Facebook!

  8. Melanie, I really LOVE them all!!!! I suppose if I had to select just one it would be between the black and white daisy….because I could use it all year long. Or, the gingerbread theme because I love the chocolate brown and red. Keep up the AWESOME work! 🙂

  9. WOW WOW!!!! I am huddled in the basement with my family and my friends family waiting on my husband to get home from work while there are tornados ALL around us. Boy you sure know how to keep a girl distracted. I have had a pink and zebra them in my room for years and I just got a new job as a Math Intervention teacher I was ALL set on your owl theme but now i have decided that I am going to keep my zebra stuff and add to it with all your amazing things. Plus with all of the awesome owl ideas I have in my head and all the inspiration I am geting from you I think i might change up my theme every quarter or maybe every semester. Can you tell i ramble when i am scared to death!!

    • I hope you made it through the tornados okay! Your message made me smile! Thanks for taking the time to write me – it means a lot! ~hugs~

  10. Love each theme that you have. However, I don’t think I could get my room to look as good as you do. Your school room doesn’t look like the average cinder block school room. This isen’t really a picture of your room is it? Or is this just a “showcase” room for ideas. I would love to do the rockstar them and I love your awesome furniture that you use I just don’t think its realistic in a school classroom. I wish I could make it work and I would LOVE to however how would you keep the pristine white furniture that clean with second graders? How often do you switch your theme out? Does it not cost a lot to do this?

  11. I cannot find your “First Grade Rocks” on your shop. Is it still available?
    Thank you

  12. Where did you get your pink and black zebra pencils??? I can not find them any where! :(. Also, are these pics of a classroom? Finally, if I purchase your round zebra letters, do you get the ones to spell out school rocks? I love what you’ve done and have already started buying and planning to do this to my classroom next year!!!!

  13. Hi, i love the Rock Star theme and am planning this for the upcoming school year:) I have been searching Michaels website and can’t seem to find the guitar templates, wondering if anyone else found them.


    • In reference to the guitar template…..What I found is actually a wooden guitar picture stand that you can trace around. It si in the section with all the wooden items you can paint and decorate! Hope this helps!

      Kelli Carr

  14. also, couldn’t find the print, First Grade Rocks in your shop, says its available for all grades. I need it for 3rd.


  15. THANK YOU! I needed to see this! My room is never decorated properly (my perspective)…. lol. I actually ventured here looking at my coworkers possible theme (green/brown polka-dots), but then I see this and… *angels singing* Oh.My.Wow. I’ve been looking for a theme for my business cards! A theme that is unique, but still appropriate, but again… still me. Heck, part of my tag line is that “I’ll have you punctuating paragraphs properly and quoting Longfellow eloquently all while in platform pumps, eyeliner and a smile.” Yes, my students call me sassy. LOL

    Thank you, thank you, and rock on!
    *a new follower*

  16. Melanie: I jsut wanted to tell you how much I love your style!!!! I am deciding to change my theme to a rockstar them this year:) Boy have I found AWESOME STUFF!!!! I have been trying to locate in your shop your round zebra tags that you use for you School Rocks signou tell me …..but i have not been able to locate them. Can you tell me where they are in your shop!!! I am wanting to use them for my Word Wall ABC letters. Thanks so much!

  17. I couldn’t find the “Third Grade Rocks” sign in your shop and I LOVE it and I MUST HAVE IT! 🙂
    Am I missing it somewhere?


  18. I love the room! But just have to say there’s nothing wrong with knowing alot about Poison concerts! I have been listening to Poison since the 6th grade I am now 37 and still go to their concerts and my 10yr old daughter loves them also and She went to a concert with me when she was 8! She loved it! 😉

  19. This is amazing! I have already started collecting things for my room for next year! I can’t wait to blow my students away with this new look! I am going to do “Rock Star” in Kindergarten! They are going to be wild about it….lol I am looking for the “Kindergarten Rocks” Print to put into a frame. Can you help me? I would like it in the Zebra print. 🙂

    • Hi Kathy! That file was ruined, so it’s no longer in the shop! Sorry! I LOVE your ideas though! 🙂

  20. I am too hyped! I am doing the rock star theme for the new school year and I am incorporating zebra with it. You have given me some great ideas. I am happy that someone shared this site with me.

  21. This is exactly what I wanted! 😉 Do you have any ideas for a PowerPoint theme??

  22. Hey ! Where can I find the first grade rocks print? I really want it!
    I love your ideas!!!! Thanks so much for creating a site that makes our lives easier!

  23. I love this theme and want to use it in my own classroom, but I do not see the pink and white letters you used with the zebra print. Do you have them in your online store? Thanks!

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