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Sprinkle Teaching Magic Interview

When Sheila from Sprinkle Teaching Magic asked to interview me, I was really excited!  I love Sheila’s blog and her super happy, bubbly personality AND I really love her blogger video series!  I was so honored that she asked me to do this.

When I heard Sheila released the video, my heart dropped…I was terrified that I said something dumb!  I literally watched the entire video with my hand over my eyes!!!  At the end of the video, I found myself laughing at some of the things she included…especially a few candid moments before and after the video!

Here it is!  Hope you enjoy!


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  1. That interview was wonderful! I feel like your my friend in my head. LOL I am going to pass this on because I think that this will help people who don’t know where to start.

  2. I love the interview! I am a “follower” and have the ebook, but let’s face it…some us are just challenged. You are so right about the bordette. I did try using it and love it. And my 3 bulletin boards were the same color! I teach PreK and used black fabric. I just felt it needs to be a little brighter. And again, so true…it does not matter what I love, I need to work with what I have. Soooo….I have purchased a few of your classic apple/red gingham type products. Here is my question: My daughter says do red bulletin boards. Would they be too “loud”? I love a pretty green. Which color bordette? Green, red and white? (with a little black?) I think your apple labels would be crisp! Thanks so much…just like the children, some of us need more help than others in some areas!!!

    • Hi Kathy! I like green. Green is more of a calming color. You can do a pretty red and white polka dot border to go with it. You can also do a black polka dot border- then add a touch of red bordette underneath it. I love this combination!

      • Thanks so much! I know you like to layer. Would that be red and white polka dot AND black and white polka dot on the green paper with red bordette under it? OR just choose one…red/white OR black/white border? Sorry. I told you I need help! Which green paper… apple or lime? THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope this helps someone else out there who is just as challenged as I am!!!

  3. Your video was fabulous! I thought it was really great. Even though I’m down to my last two weeks of summer break, I’m now excited to go back to my room and look at what I’ve done with fresh eyes. I use your Dog Days collection (labels and silhouettes) with black, grey, white, and lime green. Then I felt like something was missing, so I added pops of hot pink to my room. Now it feels complete. Every time someone says something about my room I ask them, have you ever heard of Schoolgirl Style?!

    Now we’re starting to decorate our nursery at home and I saw a picture online of poms and lanterns above the crib! So I may be ordering some in the near future. I can’t hang them at school, so hanging them at home is very enticing!

    Keep up the fabulous and beautiful work! 🙂

  4. Your video chat was fabulous! Practical tips and your growing product line help many. (However, I can only imagine I would be watching from behind my hands too.) I completely agree with you regarding store-bought vs teacher-class made anchor charts. Not only from a decorating standpoint, but most importantly an educational one, students will reference charts that they participated in creating.

  5. I loved this so much! Working with the furniture we have inherited can be hard! I was so lucky that my principal let me paint my book shelves black last summer. But then of course I transferred and I’m back to the dingy wood ones. I know my new school doesn’t allow teachers to paint, so I’ll just have to deal with them. But luckily my bulletin boards and hanging lanterns look so good, no one notices the shelves 😉

  6. I am so proud of you and think you are amazing!!! I am anxiously awaiting to hear from you. I sent you an email a couple weeks ago with specific questions regarding my baseball / yankee classroom & decor. I always admired you as a teacher and congratulations on Schoolgirl Style. My colleagues love it too!!!