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I am so excited to introduce my new amazing product…


I love a good banner.  I think banners scream FESTIVE, HAPPY, FUN….it just welcomes you to any kind of space or function.  It fills empty spaces and can bring color and pizzazz into any environment!

Pennants are perfect for the classroom!  Use it on your desk, by your door, over windows, ANYWHERE!


You can label different areas in your room, create a name banner, a grade banner, or even a subject!


I’ve included every color you can think of in this product, so the possibilities are endless!


If you noticed, I tied coordinating ribbon between each pennant….this looks AMAZING!


To create the banners, pick out your favorite colors, print, and cut.

I created a layering effect with the center letters.  3D pennants are SO “IN” right now.  By using a large round circle, then layering a coordinating scallop circle, then topping it off with a letter, you have a banner that comes to life!

*Use glue dots from any local craft supply store to attach the center center circles/letters…this will make your banner POP!


Check out the fonts!  I included FIVE super cute fonts to choose from!  I’ve also included BOTH black and white backgrounds for the letters.  This is perfect if you want a more dramatic look, a chalkboard effect, or a clean and bright banner!  Whatever you choose, it is so easy to create the PERFECT look for any room or occasion.


The BOBCAT banner was created for my husband to use in his gym last year.  This is a great way to show your team spirit!


Create a banner  to hang over  your CENTERS in your classroom…


or you can display the subject you teach…


Create a banner for the different spaces in your school.  Here is my LIBRARY banner!  I also created one for the school office!


Banners are also perfect for dorm rooms!


or bedrooms!


Here is a side view of my banners.  You can see how great it looks to layer the centers and have them pop from the pennant!


I used all “brights” in this particular pennant – SO PRETTY!


I used primary colors in this pennant – this would look amazing in any classroom!


I created a customized color combination of lime, turquoise, hot pink, and black to create my name pennant.  Wouldn’t this be adorable in a girl’s bedroom?!?


I love the layering of stripes and polka dots!



This file truly offers you a lifetime of festivities!  Use for birthday parties, reunions, showers, holidays, and so much more!

You can find this new product in my shop for only $10!

Happy Decorating!

To purchase Build-A-Banner, click HERE!

*Photography courtesy of E.C. Campbell Photography


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  1. That is perfect for teachers who want to use their school colors, )which often don’t match). Lol I love all the options.

  2. J’adore votre blog que j’ai découvert il y a peu de temps!!!!!! Beaucoup d’idées et plein de charme pour décorer les salles de classe… c’est absolument magnifique!!!!!!!!! merci ! Carole

  3. Love this and I have already purchased this product!! Before I get started – do I need to use colored paper or do you already have paper colors, are the circles and layers part of the package or do I cut out circles? Thanks a million for your hard work!!