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Easter Inspiration

If you follow me, you know that I love to decorate for the holidays! With my big Back-to-School release around the corner, honestly, it was hard to even think about my house. Everything felt a little crazy with my deadline of April 21st. I really didn’t want to disappoint my kids and knew I had to make the time to do something in my home to make it feel festive, even if it was something very small.

So, I pulled out some greenery, some flowers, lots of bird nests, and green pillows and…PRESTO! We went from a Winter Wonderland to a fresh, “springy” transformation!

By the way, I usually buy all of my flowers from Pottery Barn. Did you know that using fake flowers is a big fashion faux pas? Well, I tend to forget about all of the rules and do what I want. Fresh flowers are difficult to find in my neck of the woods, plus I’m not very good at keeping them alive. I like to purchase all of my flowers from Pottery Barn. They are a little more expensive, but look real. I bought these flowers about eight years ago and they still look beautiful.

I hope you enjoy a little peak inside my home!



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  1. Oh! I want a nest of robin’s eggs! So precious! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home! Can’t wait for the B2S release!!

  2. Your decorations look simply divine. Was I just looking at a photo shoot from a Martha Stewart magazine? And may I just say, fake flowers may be a faux pas, but I don’t care. I DO have access to beautiful {EXPENSIVE} flowers here in Cali, but I use fake flowers too. Super convenient, cheaper than real, never have to water….I could go on and on. Never feel bad about using the fake stuff; no knows anyways. ; )
    Can’t wait until April 21!
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  3. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous pictures of your gorgeous Easter decor! Wow! Very inspiring.

  4. I love spring decorations, and yours are beautiful. Love the natural look with the bird’s nests and speckled eggs.

  5. I have died and gone to HEAVEN! It is like walking into my favorite store…and those bunnies!!! I must know where/when you got them-especially the little one next to the urn on the main table. You need to start a magazine!!!! I can’t wait for Monday! Thank you SO much for sharing.

    • You are so sweet, Laurie! Thank you! I’m pretty sure that bunny came from Homegoods last year. 🙂