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Cute Classroom Inspiration – Shaunna Page from Payson, Utah

Shaunna Page is from a small town called Payson, Utah. This is her 6th year of teaching. She has taught 2nd grade until this year when she moved down to 1st grade. Shaunna started cartooning at an early age and is in the process of creating her own website to sell her original artwork.

I was so excited when Shaunna sent me pictures of her dinosaur classroom! I was very impressed with the organization, her amazing dinosaurs, and most of all…the volcano! I have never heard of anyone doing a large volcano in their classroom, but what an AWESOME idea! Can you imagine those little Firsties walking into her room and seeing that!

I hope you enjoy taking a peek into Shaunna’s classroom…


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  1. How original and fun is that volcano! Shaunna is a gifted artist. Her students must be delighted every morning walking into their room.

  2. Shauna and I were teaching partners in a preschool in high school and she did some amazing art work on our bulletin boards then too. Good for heer she us not only artistically talented but an amazing teacher as well.

  3. I love your site! I’m only in my second year of Uni studying teaching and all this inspiration makes me wish I had my own classroom right now! I love this dinosaur themed classroom, the teacher is such an amazing artist.

  4. WOW!! What great decor. I love all the great colors and how positive all the bulletin boards are. I feel your website will be very successful.

  5. You website is wonderful and creative!!! I think because of the testing many teachers forget how much fun it used to be.

  6. Hi! I know this was posted a long time ago, but I stumbled across this on pinterest. I really want to create a volcano for my classroom (dinosaur theme week), but do you or anyone know how this volcano was created? Or anyone can help me create something like this that doesn’t require to many hard to find items hehe. thank you!